Veterans County History

Shropshire have yet to win the Veterans County Championship, reaching two final in 1996 & 2010 losing to the British Parks and Cheshire respectively.

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County Veterans Team Championship

Group Four Qualifying Round – Thursday, 11th July 2019

Venue – Goodyear Pavilion, Wolverhampton (Staffordshire)

An impressive display in their third match saw Shropshire be the first team to topple reigning champions Staffordshire, however with a win, a draw and a lost game in their three Group Four round robin games, they once again were denied a place to progress to the final stages of the competition.

On a mild summer’s day, our squad of 10 players arrived at
the venue with high expectations to do well and got off to a good start in their opening match against North Midlands as both Keith Owen(21-20) & Martin Codd(21-15) before North Mids reeled off 5 winners of their own and our lead fell into an 11 chalk deficit as our lads were held, Derek Wright(20-21), Keith Walton(16-21), Tony Roche(17-21), Ian Foster(19-21), Cedric Bancroft(15-21), however, in amongst them our No.8 Mark Thomas(21-10) was putting together a fine run in the corners that proved just enough to earn us a drawn match that would keep our hopes alive, if we could win the next two matches.

Shropshire 150 – 150 North Midlands +0 chalks

After learning of the 17 chalk loss in their first match we began hoping to replicate the scoreline in our second match against Warwick & Worcs. But how wrong we were as the opening pairs fortunes were reversed with wins for their two and losses for ours as Martin Codd(14-21) and Keith Owen(4-21) both lost. Unfortunately for us, things didn’t get much better, save for sole winner, Derek Wright(21-19) & Mark Thomas(20-21) as the proverbial wheels flew off, as Keith Walton(9-21), Bill Tarrell(16-21), Ian Foster(13-21) & Ian Smith(11-21) all succumbed that added up to a 58 chalk defeat.

Shropshire 108 – 166 Warwick & Worcs -58 chalks

As rain began to fall, the third round of games began.

With qualification for finals day now gone, we set our sights on at least restoring some pride to the team as we faced strong favourites and defending champions, Staffordshire in our final match of the day. A strong start from openers Martin Codd(21-16) & Derek Wright(21-11) gave us an unlikely 15 chalk lead which was gradually eroded as Bill Tarrell(15-21), Mark Thomas(18-21), Ian Smith(17-21) battled hard along with Keith Owen(21-19) & Tony Roche(21-17) and with the sun now shining again, that left us 8 chalks to the good with Cedric Bancroft at 9-9 needing to get to 14 to secure the win. Tension filled air as Cedric fell behind 12-15 and 13-17, the biggest cheer came upon his scoring that 14th chalk as the Warwick & Worcs contingent joined in knowing they had won the group. Although he didn’t quite make it Cedric Bancroft(17-21) made enough to ensure our first match win of the day by 4 chalks.

Shropshire 147 – 125 Staffordshire +4 chalks

Thanks to Staffordshire for organising a great day of competitive yet friendly bowling between the four counties.

Full scores are here.

The Veterans Team. Back from left: Cedric Bancroft, Derek Wright, Keith Walton, Bill Tarrell, Mark Thomas & Ian Smith.

Front from left: Martin Codd, Tony Roche, Ian Foster & Keith Owen.

The Veterans County team narrowly missed out on qualification for the national finals as they lost out to Staffordshire for qualification. We had lost by just two chalks in the 1st game against them despite having 5 out of the 8 winners, with Mark Thomas the best of them 16. We then won our next two fairly comfortably. We beat North Midlands by 19, with Mark the best winner again 7, and then Warwick and Worcester by 8, Cedric Bancroft the best winner 12 at number eight. Unfortunately though Staffordshire won all their three group game and so were top of the group and go through to finals day. Shropshire v Staffordshire

  1. K Owen 21-20 J Corbett
  2. G Dulson 20-21 R Stewart
  3. P Bound 21-20 M Brown
  4. K Walton 13-21 I Whitehouse
  5. T Roche 21-19 A Parsons
  6. C Bancroft 21-18 P Prescott
  7. M Thomas 21-16 S Davis
  8. M Jones 16-21 C Johnson

Shropshire 154-156 Staffordshire Shropshire v North Midlands

  1. K Owen 21-16 D Harvey
  2. K Walton 21-13 R Burdett
  3. P Bound 14-21 G Ward
  4. T Roche 21-16 J Callan
  5. G Dulson 9-21 B Shaw
  6. M Jones 21-16 R Beard
  7. M Thomas 21-7 D White
  8. C Bancroft 21-20 L Haylor

Shropshire 149-130 North Midlands Shropshire v Warwick and Worcester

  1. K Walton 17-21 D Clarke
  2. P Bound 21-19 B Jones
  3. I Smith 21-18 C Armfield
  4. M Thomas 21-17 G Hemming
  5. K Owen 21-20 B Hickman
  6. T Roche 21-15 T Freeth
  7. M Jones 8-21 B Kinchin
  8. C Bancroft 21-12 E Hall

Shropshire 151-143 Warwick and Worcester


Below is a report and pictures from Mike Potter about the BCGBA Veterans County Championship Qualifier on Thursday which we thank him for.

County Veterans Team Championship
Group Four Qualifying Round – 13th July 2017
Venue – Walsgrave BC Coventry (N. Midlands)

Shropshire, despite winning two of their three Group Four round robin games were once again denied a place in the final stages by a Warwick & Worcs side who are rapidly becoming their nemesis as we just missed out progressing further in this competition.

On a mild summer’s day, our squad of 9 players along with County President, Mike Caddick and team manager, Mike Potter arrived at the venue with high expectations to do well and were rewarded with a fine 26 chalk win over hosts the North Midlands. With the teams playing with 3 on each card. Keith Owen raced from 11-10 to 17-10 only to be pegged back managing to only add another chalk as he fell to 18-21. Mark Thomas saw his run of 10 chalks cancelled out and trail 13-15 before regaining control and almost run out to win 21-16. John Clarke played out a close game where from 9-9 neither player got ahead by more than 2 and that’s how it ended as john just dipped out 19-21. Allan Faulkner played the deep holes on the green masterfully as he converted 14-4 into 19-6 and won 21-7. Bill Tarrell’s even game saw the card read 10-10, 14-14 and 17-17 but from 18-18 Bill seized the jack and finished 21-18. In a reversal of that, Dave Povey tight game saw him from 19-19 dip out 19-21. Selector and player, Tony Roche fought hard to turn his 11-13 deficit into 18-13 and then win 21-15. Whilst anchorman, Cedric Bancroft maintained a comfortable lead down the card as he led 11-6, 15-9 and eventually finished 21-16.

Shropshire 161-135 +26 chalks

Hopes were high after learning their victory over Staffordshire was by an inferior margin than ours as we began our second match against Warwick & Worcs where playing in the same order except where Bill Tarrell stepped aside for Dave Beer to make his first appearance. The unthinkable unfortunately though became a reality as the squad were stunned when one by one, no one managed to convert their game to win that saw Keith Owen go from 6-13 to 16-13 then 19-19 and finally 19-21. Mark Thomas struggled from 9-11 to get back to 13-16 and stalled, going down 13-21. Similarly John Clarke from 11-11 and 15-15 could not add finished 15-21. Alan Faulkner, in a complete reversal to his first game found his form in the greens holes desert him as from 7-8 he could only manage to add a single chalk 8-21 down. Holding his own Dave Beer in his first game of the day was holding his own as the game went 9-9 and 13-13 but also couldn’t add to his tally from 16-16, missing out 16-21. Dave Povey played out another close game 11-11, 15-15, 17-17 and just fell short from 19-19, losing 19-21. Tony Roche struggled from 5-5 to go 8-15 and 10-18 before succumbing to a loss of 11-21. And in yet another close hard fought game Cedric Bancroft scored 9-9, 12-12, 17-17 and slipped to an agonising 20-21 defeat.

Shropshire 121 – 168 -47 chalks

With this 47 chalk deficit, qualification would depend on an unlikely big win for North Midlands over Warwick & Worcs and also for us to beat Staffordshire, our opponents in the third round match. Mark Thomas again found to going tough from 6-6 to trail 6-15 and could not avoid a 11-21 loss. Keith Owen from 7-7 took control to go 13-7 only to be pegged bac to 13-13 then pulled away to 20-14 to be pegged back again until he found the 21-18 winner. Bill Tarrell in another tight game of 10-10, 16-16 and 18-18 just dipped short to lose 19-21. Dave Povey from 5-6 converted to 13-6 and soon finished with a fine 21-8 win. Dave Beer struggled to stay within a couple of chalks until from 11-13 found himself on wrong end of 12-21. Alan Faulkner re-found his weight to run out from 12-11 to post a 21-11 card. Cedric Bancroft raced into an 13-4 lead which from 13-9 he almost ran out to win 21-10. Tony Roche was in control going 12-6 up and after being pegged back to 12-11 went again to 18-11 and eventually 21-15.

Shropshire 147 – 125 +22 chalks

After restoring some pride, the Shropshire finished the day in a creditable second place in the group with an agg of +1

Full scores:


The team that took part in the event. Back from left: Mike Potter (team manager), Dave Povey, Mark Thomas, Tony Roche, Bill Tarrell, Cedric Bancroft & Mike Caddick (County President).

Front from left: Keith Owen, John Clarke, Dave Beer & Alan Faulkner.