Shropshire Cup 2017

Full scores and matchcards are here. Final: Castlefields won the 2017 Shropshire Cup following in the footsteps of their success in the County Cup over the years. They were always ahead after Kevin Walker won 9 and Alan Peach 14 despite Dan Williams winning 12 and Lee Barker 18 for Telepost, as the Fields lead by 7. The middle was where they pretty much sealed the win with three winners led by Russ Pugh's 6 win which meant they led by 26 with Stuart Long winning 15 to keep them in it just about. John Addison won 11 to close the gap to 16 but Graham Wall's 13 win made sure of the win, despite Simon Lewis winning 16 for Telepost, and Tony Wall's 20 win at number 12 meant it was a 20 shot success for the Fields. SCGBA would like to thank Severnside for the use of their facilities and green.


Captain Graham Wall receives the F.G. Burdass Trophy off County President Mike Caddick.


Castlefields with the trophy.


Castlefields celebrate their success.


Castlefields before the final.


Runners-up Telepost.

Full scores:
Castlefields Score Telepost Score
Russell Tipton 18 Lee Barker 21
Alan Peach 21 Shaun Bould 14
Kevin Walker 21 Richard Addison 9
Steve Duckett 12 Dan Williams 21
Daryl Edwards 21 Dominic Wootton 14
Paul Walker 21 Mick Pritchard 18
Russ Pugh 21 Mike Stephens 6
Carl Wear 15 Stuart Long 21
Mark Walker 11 John Addison 21
Graham Wall 21 Rob Jones 13
Steve Walker 16 Simon Lewis 21
Tony Wall 21 Hayden Lewis 20
Games 7 Games 5
Aggregate 219 Aggregate 199
  Semi Final:

Castlefields hold on, Telepost squeeze through

Castlefields held on to shock Mid Shropshire League Leaders Hadley USC at Prees by just 4 shots to reach the final of the Shropshire Cup. Captain Graham Wall lead the way with the best card of the match winning 5 at number 9 to seal the win for the Fields. He commented "Firstly like to congratulate both teams on a great contest which was in the balance right to the death. Hadley started fantastic and looked like taking a big lead only for us to peg them back to lead by 5 after 4 games. We kept our lead till after 8 games and after our best card coming in at number 9 we still weren't over the line as Hadley had 3 good cards left on green eventually we dug enough chalks to win by 4. Credit to Hadley, a great bunch and wish them all the best in there attempt to return to Premier League." John Potter's best win of 8 came to late for the Huskies who will look to regroup and try and win their place back in the Salop Leisure Shropshire Premier Bowling League.

Over at Chester Road Telepost squeezed past Sinclair by 22 shots. Spokesman Rob Jones said an "excellent team performance against a very good Sinclair team. The green was 'different' and not in the condition we expected but both sides made the most of it in a very entertaining game. We led from the start with an excellent 21 5 card from Shaun Bould (to be best winner) and would have been out of sight in the middle except for Jamie Millman's excellent performance in turning his game completely around. Same scenario with a similar performance by Adrian Bayley but he couldn't quite finish off his game. Simon Lewis settled the Telepost result with an excellent 21 9 on the back. All in all a great team performance from the Teleboys and credit to Sinclair for a good game both on and off the green. Now for the final!" Best winner for Sinclair was Harry Church 12 in the middle.

The final between Telepost and Castlefields will be played at a Shrewsbury venue on Saturday 5th August. An announcement on which green will be made over the weekend hopefully.

Matchcards are below:

Hadley USC Score Castlefields Score
James Fletcher 16 Carl Wear 21
Ashley Gregory 15 Steve Duckett 21
Ray Gregory 16 Russ Pugh 21
Dave Hughes 21 Steve Walker 15
Phil King 17 Russell Tipton 21
Nick Mullinder 20 Mark Walker 21
John Newey 21 Tony Wall 11
John Potter 21 Shaun O Sullivan 8
Dave Price 21 Daryl Edwards 10
John Price 8 Kevin Walker 21
Conner Rew 5 Graham Wall 21
Nick Wyer 21 Alan Peach 15
Games 5 Games 7
Aggregate 202 Aggregate 206

Sinclair Score Telepost Score
Simon Hall 18 Lee Barker 21
Jim Lister 21 Richard Addison 19
Elsie Pugh 5 Shaun Bould 21
Mike Kinsey 21 James Mammone 16
Peter Spragg 11 Mick Pritchard 21
Harry Church 21 Mike Stephens 12
Jamie Millman 21 Dan Williams 18
Steve Holmes 21 Dominic Wootton 20
Adrian Bailey 19 Stuart Long 21
Ian Evans 21 Rob Jones 15
Dean Corbett 9 Simon Lewis 21
Stuart Church 16 Hayden Lewis 21
Games 6 Games 6
Aggregate 204 Aggregate 226
Quarter Final Draw:

Sinclair shock Bridgewater, Comfortable wins for Tele, Fields & Huskies

Sinclair were the story of the Quarter Finals of the Shropshire Cup as they shocked Market Drayton League leaders Bridgewater by 7 shots at Meole Brace. They recovered from 27 down, led by Chris Pearce winning 7 for the Waterboys, after 6 with only Simon Hall winning 11 in the first four, before Harry Church's best card of 8 led the comeback meaning they only trailed by 6 after eight. Tim Stokes won 13 for Bridgewater but Sinclair had the last three winners, with captain Stuart Church leading the way winning 10 to bring them over the line.

The other three games were comfortable wins. Hadley USC beat Wrockwardine Wood by 54 with 10 winners, John Newey and Ashley Gregory the best of them winning 8 while Steve Downs was best for the Wrockites 7. Winning Skipper Jim Fletcher commented "The Bowring green was a bit quick but the Hadley boys got to grip with it. I thought the draw was evenly matched." It was just as convincing at Chester Road where Castlefields beat Bylet by 57 with 10 winners themselves. They took the whole of the first eight with Russ Pugh and Carl Weare leading the way winning 10, before Bylet had two winners at the back with Brian Walters winning 14 the best of those. Tanners Shropshire League Leaders Telepost thrashed Meole Brace by 93 with only Tony Williams winning 11. Mike Stephens 6 was the best of their four single figure winners at Atcham.

Quarter Final Round Held on Wed Jul 5th 2017
1 Sinclair 207 201 Bridgewater At Meole Brace
2 Telepost 242 149 Meole Brace At Atcham Malthouse
3 Castlefields 241 184 Bylet At Chester Road
4 Hadley USC 235 181 Wrockwardine Wood At Bowring
2nd Round:

Hadley hammer holders, Wrockwardine edge out Ele, Telepost & Bridgwater through

The holders Prince Hotel have lost their first ever Shropshire Cup game against Hadley USC in the 2nd round on Adderley. The Mid Shropshire league leaders beat them by 46 with 10 winners in a comfortable victory, but captain Jim Fletcher commented "the green was in good condition but after the first two games it looked like it was going to be an uphill battle being 15 down. But the Hadley boys got to grip with a weighty green and bowled it well. Not picking out any individuals as they all played very well, we win as a team or lose as a team. A big thanks to Adderley Bowling Club." Conrad Clapham was best of the Prince's 2 winning 12 while for Hadley it was Dave Price's 8 win in the middle which helped swing the game around. The closest game of the night saw Wrockwardine Wood edge out Elephant and Castle by just 7 chalks. Two winners each saw Wrockwardine lead by 2 after four and they doubled their lead after 8 with Ian Delves winning 7 to be their best winner. In the back and two single figure wins for Louise Cotton and Allan Gaut sealed the tie by 7, despite an 8 win for Martin Young last on for Elephant and Castle.

Telepost earned a comfortable win over Sir John Bayley by 38 chalks on Wem USC. Spokesman Rob Jones said "it was a solid team performance to beat a very good SJB side. We got off to the start we wanted and managed to maintain that momentum through to the end of the game. There were some excellent individual performances on a difficult green. The game was played in a good spirit with both sides willing to give and take some friendly banter." James Mammone was best for Telepost 9 while Darren Rhodes was best for the Bayley winning 17. Bridgewater overcame a poor start to beat the Abbey by 37 on the Charlton. Captain Greg Fordham commented "another great team performance from the Waterboys to beat the Abbey on a tricky Charlton green.The 1st four was a tight affair as we went 3 shots down with Stu Bailey winning 11 for us to keep us in it. The middle was as tight, but with 3 wins and Craig Nicholls winning to 8 it was game on for the back lads with four shots up in our favour. It was a different outcome as our lads took control with Ade Smout winning to 6 (to be best winner) and the rest followed with good wins for a comfortable 37 chalk win in the end." Best winner for the Abbey was Greg Jones 8 in the middle.

Bayston Hill and Crescent didn't manage to upset their Division one opponents as Sinclair and Castlefields ran out comfortable winners. Sinclair won by 39 on Hanmer with Stuart Church their best winner 6 while Jack Dale's 4 win was best for Bayston Hill. Castlefields won by 35 on Pontesbury with their best winner being Carl Wear 3 at number 12 to seal the win while Jason Evans 12 win was best for Crescent in their three winners in the middle which helped them go to within 11 shots of their opponents. Meole Brace and Bylet also ran out easy victors over Allscott and Madeley Cricket Club respectively. Meole won by 51 with Ade Jennings being their best winning 3 while Daniel Bretnall was best of Allscott's 3 winners winning 11. Bylet beat Madeley by 36 on a quick Newport green, with Cheryl Caswell's 6 win at number 5 meaning they led by 52 after 6, before Madeley pulled it back with the help of Nigel Booth winning 12.

Second Round Held on Wed Jun 14th 2017
1 Wrockwardine Wood 204 197 Elephant and Castle At Bridgewater Big Green
2 Telepost +38 Sir John Bayley At Wem USC
3 Abbey 189 226 Bridgewater At Charlton
4 Prince of Wales Hotel 191 237 Hadley USC At Adderley
5 Madeley Cricket Club 187 223 Bylet At Newport non Prem
6 Meole Brace 225 174 Allscott At District Front Green
7 Sinclair 223 184 Bayston Hill At Hanmer
8 Castlefields 219 184 Crescent At Pontesbury New
1st Round:

Wrockwardine edge home, Holders through, Allscott & Abbey pushed 

Wrockwardine Wood won the closest game of the night in the 1st round of the Shropshire Cup by edging past last year's semi finalists Highley at Bayston Hill by just 4 chalks. Wrockwardine captain Allan Gaut explains how the game went. "It was a close game all the way with Highley taking an 11 chalk lead off the 1st four with Jack Hill winning 21-6 (to be best winner) however Sally Clee turned a 10-4 deficit into a 14 win to keep the Wrockites in it. In the middle and Ange Gaut's 21-2 win (to be best winner)turned the aggregate in the Wrockites favour and were 5 up off 8. A 19 and 18 winner for Highley put the game level off 1o, but the last 2 for Wrockwardine were well down, Allan Gaut 15-7 and Hollie Bishton 15-8, but Allan won 18 and Hollie 20 which meant the Wrockites won by 4. Great match with great support on both sides." Another of last year's semi finalists got through to with Telepost seeing off District by 34, Mick Pritchard's 21-4 and Simon Lewis' 7 win the main difference, with Mike Mullock responding for the Whitchurch side.

The holders Prince Hotel are through after a tough game against Battlefield. It was a close game throughout with captain Graeme Wornell saying it was "2 games each with us 5 down and then 4 each but 1 up. I put Tracy Ryan 9 after her disappointing performance last Friday and she proved a point that class is permanent to win 3 (to be best winner) as we won all 4 games at the end." Best winner for Battlefield was Bob Bishop 10. But the team they beat in the final, Pontesbury, are out after losing to Bridgewater by 15, which made skipper Greg Fordham "delighted with the performance from our lads against a Pontesbury side who were runners up last year. To only drop only 5 chalks after 9 blocks was very satisfying,just had the one loose card in the back four to make it interesting, otherwise had the chalks on the board for a Waterboys victory." Best winner for the Waterboys was Dave Gourlay 10 with Rob Jones responding for Pontesbury late on winning 4.

Some Division 2 and 3 teams pushed their Division 1 opponents all the way. Oxon got within 13 of Allscott, with 6 winners apiece. They led after four by 6 but three winners in the middle meant the Division one side led by 6 themselves, and Daniel Tipton's best win of 5 sealed the win for Allscott, with Martin Mckinley's best win of 10 for Oxon in vain. Greenfields pushed Abbey close but only after the "Abbey started off well going 37 up off 4." stated by captain Neil Jones. "Scott Newland made the aggregate safe after 5 winning 2 (to be best winner) to put us 56 up but then Greenfields rallied to win 6 out of the net 7 games but not enough to over turn the aggregate deficit and eventually Abbey won by 18 overall." Best winner for Greenfields was Kevin Willaims 8. Edgmond also gave Meole Brace a good game before an 8 and 9 win for John Crundell and Adrian Jennings put the game safe for Meole to win by 36. Edgmond's best winner was Tony Whittington 13 which had put them 5 up after four. Castlefields put in a professional performance against Tanners Division 3 side Hadnall to win by 50, the damage done in the first four with Tony Wall and Shaun O'Sullivan best wins of 21-6 to put them 43 up. Phil Price was best winner for Hadnall 21-10. Madeley CC and Hadley eased home against their Division 2 opponents Charlton and Trench respectively, Madeley winning by 75 and Hadley by 110. Best winner for Madeley was Chris Wiles 7, with Steve Dadd the best of 2 winners for Charlton, 14. Trench only managed one winner 21-20 against Division One leaders Hadley, Nick Mullinder the best of the 5 single figure winners, 7. Sir John Bayley also cruised past Bridgnorth despite only having one winner in the first four, Michael Cooper 6. This was followed up by Dan Lewis also winning 6 to mean the Bayley won by 69 overall. Pauline Wilson was best of the 4 winner for the Bridgnorth side, 17.

Crescent won the Shrewsbury Derby by 23 shots, with absent captain Scott Bowen saying it was a "good performance and the result we wanted." Crescent led from the front, winning all four games and gaining a 33 chalk lead, with Neil Harris the best 9. Despite a best win for Old Shrewsbury of 21-6 for Richard Jones, it was not enough with Craig Bowen's 21-9 win at number 12 sealing the win. Bayston Hill beat Worthen and Brockton by 90, four single figure winners in the front delivering them a great start, Ray Jones the best 3. Worthen and Brockton managed 3 winners at the back, Colin Rigby the best of them 21-12. Sinclair gained a good win over Hodnet by 22 chalks, Stuart Church's best card of 21-6 helping them gain victory after they trailed by 3 chalks going into the back four. Ade Clarke's 21-11 gave Hodnet their best card. Bylet beat Wem USC by 79 in a clash of the second teams, despite Wem leading by 8 after four with 2 winners, Mo Corley winning 14. But Bylet had the last 8 winners, led by Brian Walters winning 4.

Bowring did beat Elephant and Castle but this included two players who had played a Premier League games for them, meaning they lost by 35. Steve Parton was best for the Bowring winning 6 and Paul Smith was best for the Ele winning 11. Spokesman for the Shawbury side Dawn Grey said "the match was a hard fought game, played in a good spirit." Bowring admitted full responsibility for their oversight.

Bowring played two players who had played one Premier League game this season for the club in their Shropshire Cup 1st round tie against Elephant & Castle, which contravenes rule 14d  below: 14d) Players who have played one game or more in the Premier League are not eligible in the Preliminary or 1st rounds. Players who have played more than one game in the Premier League are not allowed to play in the 2nd round onwards. This was an oversight on behalf of Bowring BC and they have fully admitted their mistake in picking their two players. However this rule needs to be applied and this means the two games will go down as a 21-0 win for Elephant and Castle. This means they now win by 35 instead of the previous Bowring victory. So Elephant and Castle now play against Wrockwardine Wood in the second round of the competition.
First Round Held on Wed May 31st 2017
1 Meole Brace 234 198 Edgmond At Wem USC
2 Prince of Wales Hotel 220 200 Battlefield At Monkmoor
3 Bridgewater 221 206 Pontesbury At Horsehay
4 Bylet 239 160 Wem USC At Crescent
5 Abbey 213 195 Greenfields At Old Shrewsbury
6 Allscott 211 198 Oxon At Hodnet
7 Elephant and Castle 218 183 Bowring At Atcham Malthouse
8 Castlefields 234 184 Hadnall At Allscott
9 Crescent 217 194 Old Shrewsbury At Castlefields
10 Madeley Cricket Club 240 165 Charlton At St Georges
11 Telepost 222 188 District At Sinclair
12 Hadley USC 251 141 Trench At Edgmond
13 Wrockwardine Wood 221 217 Highley At Bayston Hill
14 Sinclair 228 206 Hodnet At Meole Brace
15 Sir John Bayley 239 170 Bridgnorth At Newport
16 Bayston Hill 232 142 Worthen & Brockton At Hanwood

Preliminary Round

Bowring comeback. Sinclair stun Champs, 2015 winners out

Bowring stunned St Georges in the Preliminary Round of the Shropshire Cup as they overturned a 27 shot deficit in the first four. Former Hadley USC player Matthew Rhodes won 7 as well as Jim Kellett winning 9 to give the Dragons an early lead. But Roy Bradburn's 4 win in the middle reduced it to 7 chalks before three winners in the back, led by Alex Turnbull's 12 win, meant a win of just 6. Sinclair stunned the Mid-Shropshire Champions Donnington Wood by 15 shots as they took advantage of several players missing for the Champions. Jim Lord won 6 and Elsie Pugh 7 to give them an early lead of 18 and with Ian Evans winning 6 in the middle it was extended by 29. Despite a late rally by Douglas Wallace winning 10 it was not enough. Fellow Mid Shropshire sides Madeley Cricket Club and Trench both won comfortably to advance to the 1st round. Madeley had 12 winners against Atcham Malthouse with Les Mumford the best 21-2 in a match of 7 single figure winners and Trench beat Monkmoor by 120 with 11 winners led by Mark Sheward's 0 win with only Daniel Brookfield managing to get a win 21-18.

Telepost were another big winner, triumphing by 93 overall. However after 2 winners apiece in the first four, Telepost only led by 8 but the back eight featured a single figure card in every game. Burway did manage one of these, Cheryl Lloyd winning 7, but Mick Pritchard's 3 win led the seven winners for the Shrewsbury side. District were newcomers into this year's competiton competition and started well by beating former Consolation Cup winners Horsehay by 58. Liam Jones was best winner for the Whitchurch team winning 3 with Phil Copson the best of the 3 winners for the Village club, 14. Old Shrewsbury beat the 2015 Consolation Cup winners Adderley by 37. Adderley actually led by 4 after the first four but two 11 winners in the middle for the Shrewsbury team meant they led by 13 and a clean sweep of the back four, with Kevin Farr the best winning 8, meant a healthy win.

The matchcards for these games are here. I will try and place a link on the headers ready for the 1st round of the KGJ Insurance County Cup.

The draw for the 1st round of the Shropshire Cup will be on Saturday 13th May at about 11.15 after the 2nd round draw of the County Cup.

Preliminary Round Results:

 181 Horsehay v District  239 @Telepost
 206 St. George’s v Bowring  213 @Hadley USC
 129 Monkmoor v Trench  249 @Elephant & Castle
 141 Burway v Telepost  235 @Bowring (Prem)
Adderley v Old Shrewsbury  +37 @Donnington Wood (new)
 116 Atcham v Madeley CC  252 @Hadnall
 192 Donnington Wood v Sinclair  207 @Edgmond