County Cup 2016

2016 KGJ Insurance County Cup

Shropshire County Cup Final - Sat 13th Aug 2016 - Bowring v Castlefields – Prees Sports & Social Club Referee, Barry Jennings
The 200 players and spectators that gathered at the sports complex at Prees were there to see history in the making as holders, Shrewsbury based Castlefields were looking for their twenty-fourth championship title against finalist debutants Bowring, bidding to lift the Glynn Hill Cup for the first time ever. And the loud vocal crowd there witnessed just that as Bowring refused to accept and defied their “underdog” status by sharing the winning cards and out-shooting their illustrious counterparts as the Wellington team secured an emphatic, deserving sixteen chalk victory. The first four games were shared, however Bowring emerged with a 17 chalk advantage as…. Rob Roden, after turning a 1-6 deficit into a 12-7 lead over Paul Williams saw it evaporate to again trail 15-12 before levelling at 17-17 and 19-19 only for Paul to end it 21-19. Jamie King and Clay Flattley played the first half of their game, evenly matched at 5-5 and 9-9 before Clay seized control and led 17-12 forcing Jamie to fight hard to tie at 19-19. The result ended with Clay taking it 21-19. Rich Lawson. in a game that brought together the two captains, got the better of Keith Walton who battled back from 0 – 8 to trail 5-10 before Rich pushed forward and from 16-8 went on to run out 21-8. In another even opening half of the game, Stuart Clee from 10-10, took control to stretch into a strong 18-10 lead over Mike Beer and after brief exchange of neither player holding the jack, Stuart got home to record a 21-13 card. Bowring 80 - 63 Castlefields In the middle, with the teams again sharing the wins Castlefields marginally reduced the deficit by 3 to trail by 14 as…. David Lloyd opened a 10-0 lead over Glynn Herbert and maintained the pressure on his opponent pushing on to 17-5 but stalled as Glynn rallied and fought his way back to trail 15-19 before David eventually got the two needed to card a 21-15 win. Aaron King had to fight back from 3-10 down to Andy Duckett and closed the gap to 12-14 and going on to open up an 18-15 lead of his own. Andy did recover to tie the game before Aaron finished it 21-19. John Cooke came from 4-7 behind against Andy Judson to lead 12-7 and 18-14 before losing the jack that saw Andy almost run out to win 21-19. Liam Stevens began strongly to lead Rich Goddard 6-2 only to be pegged back before the game was levelled 12-12 at which point Rich gained a commanding control of the jack and didn’t give it back as he ran out 21-12. Bowring 153 - 139 Castlefields In to the back four, and yet again these games were shared. But with a lead they weren’t going to relinquish easily, Bowring made the result decisive, in their favour as ... Josh Bradburn had to dig deep After trailing Callum Wraight 0-9 and digging deep to push forward into a 15-11 lead of his own, Josh Bradburn continued hi fine run of form to get out 21-14. Andrew Jones found it tough going as he trailed 3-13 to Steve Duckett who went on to lead 19-8 and after Andrew mounted a mini revival Steve got home to post a 21-13 card. Steve Cox took control taking his game with Dave Peach from 9-9 in to a 15-9 and 18-11 but had a struggle to hold on to the end as Dave fought his way up to 17 before Steve got home 21-17. Yet another close evenly matched game was played out that saw Glyn Hayward and Adam Jones share the scores as the card read 8, 10, 16 and even 20 across which left the only be split them was the 30th end that Adam took to finish 21-20. Bowring 228– 212 Castlefields County President, Phil Scott led the presentations announcing the recipient of The Alan “Wishy” Dodd as Josh Bradburn for his Man of the Match performance on the green. Followed by handing the coveted Glyn Hill Cup to Bowring’s elated captain Rich Lawson sparking rapturous celebrations from his team and their supporters. Congratulations must go to Prees BC for providing a superbly prepared green and facilities along with many thanks to both teams for giving those of us fortunate to have been there possibly one of the keenest, hard fought yet ultimately sporting County Cup finals in recent times of the counties premier team event. Well done to the Bowring on winning the competition for the very first time. The SCGBA would like to thank Prees for doing a great job hosting the event and to KGJ Insurance for sponsoring the competition. Scores: 13996150_1175544712468834_370709493115633701_o

Runners-up Castlefields, back from left: Andy Duckett, Rich Goddard, Mike Beer, Steve Jones (from sponsors LRS), Graham Rogers, Keith Walton, Callum Wraight, Glyn Herbert.

Front, from left: Paul Williams, Clay Flattley, Andy Judson, Dave Peach, Steve Duckett, Adam Jones.


Winners Bowring, back from left: Jamie King, Rob Roden, Dave Lloyd, Aaron King, Stuart Clee, John Cooke, Andy Jones.

Front from left: Rich Lawson, Glyn Hayward, Steve Cox, Liam Stevens, Josh Bradburn.


Josh Bradburn receives the 'Alan Wishy Dodd' trophy for his man of the match performance from County President Phil Scott.


President Phil Scott (centre) presents the Glynn Hill Trophy to Bowring captain Rich Lawson (right) and Terry Round (left).


Josh and Rich shows off their trophies


Bowring delighted with their win. 14040124_1175544229135549_8190915283785159174_n

Bowring players hold Rich Lawson aloft as they celebrate.

County Cup Semi Finals:

16th July:

Shropshire County Cup Semi Final – played on the green of Newport BC – Sat 16th July 2016 Bowring beat Hadley U.S.C. by 40 The two near neighbouring teams and their supporters gathered around the non-Premier green at the Newport venue beneath threatening dark skies that thankfully for all concerned gave way to late evening sunshine. Bowring made a strong start to the match, taking three of the first four games and opened up a 15 chalk lead over their close rivals that saw Jamie King open up 12-5 lead only to be pegged back as Rob Burroughs cut his lead, however, Jamie kicked again to take the game from 13-11 to a finish of 21-14. Rob Roden and James Duce fought a close game that saw James hold the lead virtually down the card until from 12-17, Rob rallied to level at 18-18 and went on to win 21-19. John Cooke quickly converted a 2-4 deficit against Nick Wyre into a very strong 19-6 position and soon finished off with 21-9. Steve Homer had to come back from 6-13 down against Josh Bradburn and after levelling 15-15 went on to give Hadley their first success of the evening as Steve ran out 21-15. Bowring 78 – 63 Hadley U.S.C. With a view towards the two teams current Premier League positions(Bowring 6th, Hadley 14th) and possibly sensing an upset may be on the cards, things got much better for Hadley in the middle as they shared the winning cards but crucially closed the gap from 15 down to a mere 4 chalks. Aaron King found himself in trouble from 6-6 as Dave Price took control and pushed forward to lead 15-8 and 19-12 only for Aaron to wrestle the jack from him and held it for the next 5 ends and score 9 chalks to complete a run out 21-19. David Lloyd and Phil King matched each other for the first half of their game before from 9-9, David stretched out into a 19-14 lead that was then levelled to 19-19 before David single pointed his way home to finish 21-19. Justin Pegram opened up a 5-0 cushion which was maintained as he went to 10-5 before Rich Lawson struck back to close the gap to trail 12-15 only for Justin to take the last four ends to card a 21-12 win. After turning a 0-4 card around into 8-4, Ray Gregory moved onto 15-8 before Steve Cox recovered to 12-15 but alas could not keep the momentum going as Ray had a run of his own to finish him off 21-12 Bowring 147 – 143 Hadley USC Any thoughts of an upset were quickly quashed by Bowring dominating all four of the last games adding 36 chalks to seal the match and proudly booked the club’s first appearance in a County Cup final. Andrew Jones turned a 3-6 deficit into a healthy 15-7 and 17-9 lead over John Potter and soon after the gap was closed to 17-13, Andrew ended it 21-13. Stuart Clee took full advantage of Neil Martin’s chalks claiming gaff to open up a 7-0 and 12-3 lead before Neil regained some composure to close to 9-15 that proved to be too little, too late as shortly after gaining double figures, Stuart finished with a 21-11 card. Liam Stevens recovered from 3-7 down to level 8-8 with Nick Mullinder and carried on scoring to lead 17-11 before Nick mounted a revival before Liam ended it 21-16. Glyn Hayward moved from 6-4 into a commanding 13-6 lead over John Newey which was then converted into 16-8 before completing their game with a sweep taking 21-8 win. Bowring 231 – 191 Hadley USC
Result – Bowring defeated Hadley USC by 40 chalks. Bowring will contest the County Cup Final 2016 against Castlefields on Saturday 13th August at Prees Old Green. Scores: 13731706_1157423417614297_3976248269601115581_n



Back from left: Rob Roden, Aaron King, Stuart Clee, Dave Lloyd, Andy Jones, Steve Cox & Josh Bradburn.

Front from left: Rich Lawson (captain), Terry Boxall, Jamie King, Liam Stevens, Glyn Hayward & John Cooke

Hadley USC:


Back from left: Adrian Smith, Nick Mullinder, Dave Price, John Newey, Nick Wyer, James Duce, Justin Pegram.

Front from left: Steve Homer, Ray Gregory, Neil Martin, John Potter, Rob Burroughs (captain), Phil King.


Shropshire County Cup Semi Final – played on the green of Chester Road Ladies – Sat 9th July 2016

Castlefields beat Sir John Bayley by 20. The two protagonist teams and their supporters gathered around the top green at the Whitchurch venue where as the match began the threatening dark rain filled clouds thankfully held onto their load as they drifted other head, pushed along by a strong blustery wind. Castlefields began the better of the teams winning all of the first four games to open up a 26 chalk lead against fellow Premier League club Sir John Bayley that saw Keith Walton turn a 5-9 deficit into a 12-9 lead before Aaron Tapper levelled at 13-13 only for Keith to push himself into an 19-14 and after yet another counter the game was eventually over 21-14. Clay Flattley fought back from 0-4 to lead Scott Simpson 10-4, 15-7 and 19-7 and soon after making double figures, Clay finished it off 21-10. Paul Williams found it tough going in the early ends as Spencer Clarke opened up a 9-3 lead which he turned into 12-8 before Paul assumed control of the game and took the next 10 ends and ran out winning 21-12. Mike Beer saw his early 6-1 lead quickly evaporate as Paul Evans took the main control and soon levelled at 8-8 and went on to 16-9, yet from 19-11 lost the jack and was unable to regain it as Mike too ran out to win 21-19. Castlefields 84 – 58 Sir John Bayley Things didn’t get much better for Sir John Bayley as the Wellington team could only manage a solitary winning card in the middle four as Shrewsbury based Castlefields opened a commanding 39 lead. An evenly matched game saw Chris Ward just having the edge on Russel Pugh which saw the scores go from 4-4 to 10-8 and from 14-13 up Chris almost ran out as he recorded the SJB’s first success of the evening, winning 21-14. After another close early on encounter, Rich Goddard converted his 10-9 lead over Gary Cooper into a strong 19-9 position and despite a mini revival, Rich eventually ended the game 21-14. From 1-3 down, Andy Duckett ground out a healthy 13-6 lead over Paul Reeves which didn’t last as his lead was cut to 3 chalks where he was able to maintain as they went from 13-14 onto 17-14 from where Andy made an unanswered run out 21-14. Following an evenly matched 11 ends that saw Steve Duckett and Norman Harvey share the 11-11 score line, Steve managed to take 8 of the next 11 ends to wrap up a 21-15 winning card. Castlefields 161 – 122 Sir John Bayley Despite taking 3 of the last four games, Sir Jon Bayley managed to half but couldn’t turn round the deficit as Castlfields held on to finish 20 chalks to the good and for the second successive season, book their place in the final of the County Cup competition. Tom Roden began the rear guard counter attack as he took on Luke Jones who found himself in the wrong place and powerless to prevent the landslide run as Tom dominated the game as he went from 6-1, 11-3, 18-4 and subsequent 21-5 win. With the 33 ends virtually shared, there were few occasions where Andrew Judson and Will Plant could gain full control until from 13-11, Will established an 18-13 lead only to be pegged back before getting out 21-19. As the final two games commenced, the rain that threatened, begin falling lightly but without affecting the players that saw Adam Jones and Jason Groom also have an even game opening until from 13-14, Adam pushed into a lead of 19-14 and an eventual 21-16. The final game saw Gordon Hawkins turn a 3-5 card into a lead of 13-5 before Mark Taylor hit back to almost level the game that then Gordon took from 14-13 onto an eventual 21-15 conclusion. Castlefields 221 – 201 Sir John Bayley Result – Castlefields defeated Sir John Bayley by 20 chalks. Castlefields will contest the final of the County Cup 2016 with the winning club of the second semi-final featuring Bowring versus Hadley U.S.C. at Newport Non-Premier Green this Saturday at 6.30 p.m. 13599913_1150938798262759_8343932168357276742_n

The Victorious Castlefields Team, back, from left: Mike Beer, Mark Taylor, Steve Duckett, Adam Jones, Andy Judson, Keith Walton, Rich Goddard.

Front: Andy Duckett, Clay Flattley, Jon Palmer, Russ Pugh, Luke Jones, Paul Williams.


Sir John Bayley, back, from left: Norman Harvey, Spencer Clarke, Scott Simpson, Tom Roden Jason Groom, Chris Ward, Will Plant, Steve Burroughs.

Front, from left: Paul Evans, Paul Reeves, Gary Cooper, Gordon Hawkins, Aaron Tapper.

Full scores:

13653327_1150939128262726_3525299703635679181_o County Cup Quarter Finals Report and Results: Quarter Final 1: Sir John Bayley beat Newport by 59 on Sinclair 2013 winners Sir John Bayley eased through to the Semi Finals of the County Cup. They always led after having three winners in the first four by 15, the best being Scott Simpson winning 12. The middle was shared but the Bayley extended their lead to 25 after wins by Will Plant 9 and Paul Reeves 11. In the back they took a clean sweep with Jason Groom winning 4 and Gordon Hawkins 9 to win comfortably. Victorious captain Spencer Clarke commented "we are obviously very pleased to get through last night and I thought our lads played really well however full respect to Newport who, despite missing some key players, played with great dignity. We look forward to the draw." 13445939_10154257213065842_946057370_o Quarter Final 2: Bowring beat Ifton by 18 on Telepost The closest game of the night was at Telepost as Bowring beat Ifton. Bowring were always up in the game after three winners out of four in the front meant they led by 15, captain Rich Lawson the best 10. In the middle and despite two losers they extended their lead by 8 after wins for Dave Lloyd 13 and Jamie King 12. In the back and after Nick Hughes had won 9 for Ifton and Martin Jones 17 they had closed the gap to just 7. But Andy Jones won 11 last on and Steve Broome added a 20 win to seal the win. Rich says "it was a hard earned victory against Ifton, considering the amount of rain that had fallen on the green it was not over heavy despite it being pushy and credit must go to Telepost for getting the green in such good shape. We managed to get a lead off the first four and we're able to maintain that till the end with some excellent battling displays. I'm really pleased for the team and the club, to get to a County Cup Semi Final is reward for all the hard work the lads have put in, it shows we're moving in the right direction." Please note, James Grimston for Bowring and Richard Zolman for Ifton had not played the required 6 league games needed to be eligible for further selection. So there games go down as 21-0 to the opposition. This doesn't change the overall result but means that Bowring win by 21 instead of 18. 13452960_10154258989789680_224003172_o Quarter Final 3: Castlefields beat Bricklayers by 76 on Greenfields No.1 Bricklayers gave a good account of themselves before running out of steam against the holders Castlefields. Castlefields took all four winners in the front but with Luke Jones the best 17 they only led by 10 chalks. They took all four in the middle too, but with Andy Judson winning 4 and Clay Flattley 11 it meant they extended their lead to 50 chalks. Bricklayers did get a winner in the back four, Dan Williams winning 19, but with Callum Wraight winning 1 it still meant a comfortable victory for the holders. 13441764_10157047085280387_1579483375_o Quarter Final 4: Hadley USC beat Pontesbury by 30 on Atcham Pontesbury also gave a good account of themselves at Atcham but fell 30 chalks short of Hadley USC, who reach their second semi final in three seasons. They had two winners in the front but trailed by 11 after Dave Price had won 7 for Hadley USC in the corners. Hadley took all 4 winners in the middle but with two being 20 they only led by 23. After John Potter had won 9 it sealed the win for Hadley but Pontesbury added another two winners, the best being Chris Luther 14. Hadley captain Rob Burroughs said "it wasn't an easy night Pontesbury pushed us hard and a few good comebacks by ourselves managed to make it easier than it could have been. The green was terrific and we were very well looked after. Can imagine with some pace in it that it will be a hard green to bowl!" 13461115_10154257216520842_211371146_o County Cup 2nd Round Report and Results:

Bowring edge out Bylet, Holders through after scare

Bowring edged out Bylet in the County Cup 2nd Round by just 3 chalks in the closest game of the night. Bowring captain Rich Lawson tells the story of the match. "I was very pleased and relieved to get through in a game where we only had four winners. I thought their first four bowled extremely well with Matt Ealey beating Josh Bradburn 15 and Nick Powner beating Aaron King 16 the standouts for me. Stuart Clee managed to keep us in touch winning 13 against Andy James and being 10 down was a fair reflection after four games. We managed to turn it around in the middle with myself beating Chris Chamberlain 5 and Dave Lloyd beating Tim Ealey 8 so after eight we were 10 up. Liam Stevens then secured a 21-10 win over Jamie Taylor putting us 21 up, and the last three did what was required and we just squeezed home. Special mention must go to St Georges as the green was in excellent condition considering the amount of rain that had fallen."

Holders Castlefields also had a scare against Wrockwardine Wood after trailing by 5 after eight blocks off but 4 winners in the back meant they won by 36 in the end. It was a night of close games in the first eight, with only one card being less than 17, Rob Jones winning 5 for Wrockwardine Wood to give them lead after eight. But in the back four Callum Wraight won 6 and then Mark Taylor won 8 to bring the win home for the holders. Flowfit Shropshire Premier League Champions Newport had a more comfortable win against Chester Road by 39. Once Alan Davidson had won 8 at number one and Newport reeled off the first five winners, with Pete Farmer playing his first game for the club winning 8, the game was over as they led by 53. Chester Road did rally to close the deficit to 39 but the damage had been done in the first four.

2013 winners Sir John Bayley overcame Hanwood by 32. Captain Spencer Clarke was delighted with the scoreline. "It is always good to meet up with old friends Mark Shore and Dave Burton, they were on good form as usual! I am obviously delighted our lads are through in what was a tricky tie and the scoreline doesn’t really tell the full story.   Hanwood were electric in the first 25 minutes and had 3 cards 16-6, 14-3 and 9-2 up so had these games converted I think the outcome may have been very different, but credit to our lads they dug deep and battled hard to gain two victories from these games while the other ended with a 17 loss – this was the key moment in the match for me.   Into the middle four and we had two single figure winners which effectively gave us breathing space although Hanwood carried on battling right to the end so we eventually won by 32.   I want to take this opportunity to wish Hanwood all the very best for the remainder of the season, a great bunch of lads."

Hanwood captain Mark Shore had "no complaints last night, even with a few out SJB put in a great performance and showed real battling qualities. In the first four we had all four cards up at stages in the game and they finished well in all four games to lead by 7. In the middle they had Ant Bracken playing and he led the way in extending the lead in the middle closely followed by a superb performance from Paul Reeves who would of won MVP if there had been one. When we got into the back the game was pretty much over and the back was shared. Phil Lyttle maintained his fine start to the season and the returning Mark Parsons put in a quality performance. Thanks to Peter Levi and the Victoria club for hosting the game and making us all feel so welcome."

Tanners Shropshire sides Crescent and Whittington failed to cause upsets against their Premier League opposition. Ifton beat Crescent by 38 on Bridgwater big green and Hadley USC beat Whittington by 79 on Pontesbury old green with 9 winners, Dave Birch the best 21-3. But Tanners Shropshire side Pontesbury, 11th in Division One, did cause a mini upset by beating fellow Division One side Prince Hotel, who are currently 2nd in the table, by 5 on Bayston Hill, with both teams being short of key players. Bricklayers are also through to the Quarter Finals after comfortably beating Madeley Cricket Club by 57 on Prees Old Green.

County Cup 2nd Round Results: Newport beat Chester Road by 39 Sir John Bayley beat Hanwood by 32 Castlefields beat Wrockwardine Wood by 36 Pontesbury beat Prince Hotel by 5 Ifton beat Crescent by 38 Bricklayers beat Madeley CC by 57 Hadley USC beat Whittington by 79 Bowring beat Bylet by 3

Some matchcards are below:

13090639_10156916189105387_1177890690_o 13184582_10154178260063540_914203223_o 13164400_1140115229364688_2043205400500223598_n

Results from Hadley USC v Whittington Rob Burroughs 21-15 Graham Humphreys Neil Martin 21-10 Julian Turner Jim Fletcher 21-18 Brian Sinker Nick Mullinder 21-16 Andy Cawthrey Ade Smith 20-21 Merv Davies Dave Birch 21-3 Roger Whalen Connor Rew 12-21 Ben Hampson John Newey 21-7 Mike Brunt John Potter 21-10 Aled Davies Al Jarvis 21-11 Eileen Sinker Jen Fletcher 19-21 Ann Blake John Price 21-8 Brian Blake Hadley USC 240-161 Whittington     County Cup 1st Round Report and Results:

Hanwood beat Meole, Newport put out Dragons fire, Wrockites edge home

There were some close games last night in the 1st Round last night with the shock of the round being Hanwood beating last year's finalists Meole Brace on Greenfields by 20. Hanwood were always up after the first four once Wayne Phillips and Tony Hotchkiss had won 9, despite Colin Beaman winning 7 for Meole. In the middle and Meole came back with Pete Bound and Craig Wilson both winning 8 but Mark Parsons added another 9 win for Hanwood to put them 9 up. The back four was close but once Danny Wornell and Phil Lyttle had come off winning 14 and 17 respectively then Hanwood had won. Captain Mark Shore commented "last night we gave a fantastic performance on and off the green to defeat Meole. With three big cards in the front to give us a 19 lead we maintained our lead to the end. I am very proud of this performance following our exit from the cup last season to Meole. We now look forward to another tough tie against my close friend Spencer Clarke's SJB. There is no MVP award in the county cup and last night it would of been very difficult to decide who was worthy of that." The other big game of the night between former winners St Georges and Newport resulted in a comfortable 38 shot victory for Newport. Alan Davidson's 5 win in the first four helped them to a 16 shot lead and after Mark Selley's 21-11 win in the middle and Chris Grocott had run out from 17-13 down the lead was 32. Once Sam Millward had won 21-12 the win was sealed for the Flowfit Shropshire Premier Bowling League Champions. Captain Mark Selley was delighted with the win and said "this proves we are still up there with the best teams and can still beat anyone!" The closest game was at Meole Brace where Wrockwardine Wood beat Wem USC by 1. Wem were always ahead until the very last game after Mike Dulson had beaten Stuart Rutter 5 in the first four and a 6 win for Wem's Derek Wright increased the lead by 1 to 7 after the middle four. Despite Colin Smith winning 9 for Wem in the back, Sian Skelton won 15 and Rob Fuller 11 for Wrockwardine Wood to leave Wem only 4 up with last man George Williams taking on Martin Gaut. Martin then won 16 to give Wrockwardine a one shot win. Captain Tom Langford commented on a "great win and revenge for last week (in the Black Tech Ltd Alan Mayhew Trophy 1st Round) for the team last night. From 1-12 every chalk was battled for. Always down in the match even at one stage going into the back four 21 chalks down. Some outstanding performances towards the end. Martin Williams winning well reduced the deficit and Sian Skelton and Phil Clee were pivotal games to spur the last two of Rob Fuller, winning to 11, and Martin Gaut, winning 16, to win us the game. An all round great performance." Three non-premier league teams pushed their premier opposition all the way. Bylet beat Battlefield by 8 at Bowring and Chester Road beat Adderley by 21. Holders Castlefields breezed through beating Sinclair by 98 at Prees, while Whittington were also big winners against Monkmoor by 92 on Hadnall. Tanners 1st Division teams Prince Hotel, Pontesbury and Bricklayers advanced, beating Trench by 28 at Atcham, Bayston Hill by 54 on Old Shrewsbury No.2 and Old Shrewsbury by 54 on Pontesbury New Green. The Mid-Shropshire have some representation in the next round as Madeley Cricket Club beat Victoria by 33. Crescent beat Burway after an error has been spotted in the matchcard by Burway Captain Wayne Rogers at the weekend. Game number 7 has Roy Crowther of Burway and Jason Evans of Crescent both scoring 15, a game which Jason Evans won 15. So when then is taken into account then Crescent have won by 3 shots. Crescent v Burway Crescent did think they had won the game on Wednesday, but after adding up the scores on the card thought they had got it wrong. However thanks to the honesty and integrity of Wayne Rogers will now go and face Ifton in the next round on Bridgwater Big Green. This is a big shock as Burway have reached the Semi Finals and Final the last two seasons so have something of a cup pedigree, and Crescent have only just got promoted into division one of the Tanners League. They led from the front despite former Merit Winner Kiah Roberts winning 8 for Burway, as Dan Williams led 3 winners winning 10, to open up a 9 shot lead. In the middle and Crescent had another 3 winners led by Jason Evans 21-15 win but only increased their lead to 17. Burway then rallied back with three winners, the best being Kevin Dovey 9, but Alan Hotchkiss' 12 win at number 12 helped Crescent to a famous win. Captain Scott Bowen considered it "a great achievement and a bit of a shock. Couldn't believe what I was watching which was a great performance. Huge respect to Wayne Rogers for finding the error and admitting it." 1st Round Results: Newport beat St Georges by 42 Hanwood beat Meole Brace by 20 Wrockwardine Wood beat Wem USC by 1 Bylet beat Battlefield by 8 Chester Road beat Adderley by 21 Crescent beat Burway by 3 Castlefields beat Sinclair by 98 Prince Hotel beat Trench by 28 Bricklayers beat Old Shrewsbury by 54 Madeley CC  beat Victoria by 33 Pontesbury beat Bayston Hill by 51 Whittington beat Monkmoor by 92 Meole Brace v Hanwood Scores
  1. Colin Beaman 21-7 Glyn Wellings
  2. Ade Rowe 9-21 Tony Hotchkiss
  3. Julian Cooke 12-21 Greg Smith
  4. Will Tarrell 9-21 Wayne Phillips
  5. Doug Edwards 17-21 Dave Burton
  6. Pete Bound 21-8 Russ Wellings
  7. Craig Wilson 21-8 Nick Davies
  8. Martin Middleton 9-21 Mark Parsons
  9. Nigel Bound 17-21 Danny Wornell
  10. Andy Wigginton 14-21 Phil Lyttle
  11. Mark Thomas 21-19 Mark Shore
  12. John Nash 19-21 Carl Bowers
Hanwood 210-190 Meole Brace Newport v St Georges Scores
  1. Alan Davidson 21-5 Pete Grimston
  2. Dave Rhodes 21-18 Dave King
  3. Kevin Keary 21-17 Glyn Picknell
  4. Steve Handley 14-21 Mike Wainwright
  5. Chris Grocott 21-17 Nige Evans
  6. Phil Emery 21-19 Lewis Scott
  7. Mark Selley 21-10 Ian Gaut
  8. Mick Jones 20-21 Paul Beer
  9. Sam Millward 21-12 Tony Rhodes
  10. Graham Handley 21-11 Andy Morgan
  11. John Roberts Jnr 21-20 Simon Madeley
  12. Dale Rudrum 11-21 Simon Rhodes
Newport 234-192 St Georges Wrockwardine Wood v Wem USC Scores
  1. Stuart Rutter 5 21 Mike Dulson
  2. Dale Downes 21 18 Craig Ashley
  3. Steve Roberts 21 10 Stuart Bailey
  4. Tom Langford 17 21 Graham Dulson
  5. Mark Picknell 6 21 Derek Wright
  6. Martin Williams 21 14 Fred Bailey
  7. Mark Clayton 21 17 John Bushill
  8. Phil Clee 21 18 Neil Boxall
  9. Sian Skelton 21 15 Scott Thomas
  10. John Clarke 9 21 Colin Smith
  11. Rob Fuller 21 12 Gav Tommy
  12. Martin Gaut 21 16 George Williams
Wrock Wood 205-204 Wem USC