Senior County 2015

Shropshire reached the Semi Finals in 2015, narrowly losing to Warwick and Worcester, who went on to beat Cheshire in the final. Thanks to Mike Potter for the reports below. Semi Final: Report on Endsleigh County Championship Semi-Final match Away Leg – Warwickshire & Worcestershire v Shropshire Sun 2nd Aug 2015 at Ye Old Knowle Bowling Club, Green One Reigning Inter-County champions, Warwick & Worcester opted to take us to the renowned trickier No.1 green of the venue’s two greens with its steep incline on one side of the crown promoting vastly differing, yet subtle weight changes over the immaculately prepared surface that would prove a stern test for both teams of players. With the forecast set for fine weather, the large assembled crowd looked forward to enjoy both the sunshine and drama that bowls of the highest quality produces and by the end of the afternoon, none were to be disappointed on both counts. Before a bowl was delivered, selector Mick Jones was handed a dilemma as Phil Emery was ruled out through illness giving an opening for one of the two reserves present, Jamie King and Alex Jones. As the team emerged from their practice session, Alex learned he had narrowly shaded the decision and given the nod to play in the vacant position. The match began with Colin Beaman struggling across the green’s incline against an impressive Ryan Prosser to trail 1-8, 3-11 until Colin found a patch to take him from 6-14 up to 11-14. Alas he could not maintain the momentum as Ryan regained the jack and was able to score his required 7 chalks in the next four ends, winning 21-11. Scott Harries also found it hard to begin with as he trailled 1-6 but fought back hard from 4-9 to push into a 14-10 lead before Neil Clarke went on a run of his own to lead 19-15, again Scott hit back to tie at 19-19 but could not quite get over the line as he lost 20-21. Glyn Picknell enjoyed an 8-4 lead until Carl Fielding came back to lead 11-10 and 16-12 before almost completing a run out to win 21-14. Peter Grimston saw his slim 6-4 lead over Lee Kington short-lived as Lee pushed forward to 13-8 and 20-9 and soon ended Peter’s hopes 21-11. The four cards going against gave a 28 chalk deficit. An improvement of fortunes was hoped in the middle. Andy Moss had a good run up and down the green to go from 7-8 to 15-8 before Peter Davenport worked hard to tie the game at 17-17 only for Andy to finish off, running out 21-17. Alex Jones turned a 3-8 score into 11-8 before stalling allowing Stuart Meddings to tie the game 14-14 and pushed onto 20-14 and soon finished 21-16. Shropshire Merit Champion, Robert Roden and Jason Galvin shared an evenly matched game where neither player could get more than a 3 shot lead which ended with Robert edging the game 21-18. Tom Roden took the first six ends to lead 6-0 before Paul Hemmings fought his way back and led 11-8 only for Tom to tie at 12-12, the following ends were shared as the scores moved on to 17-17 and 20-20 but just dipped out 20-21. As the middle four cards were shared and the deficit dropped by the single chalk to trail by 27, eyes turned to Pontesbury in hope but news was not good as their lead had been cut to a mere 8 leaving us 19 chalks short. Spencer Clarke struggled at first as Tom Pritchard raced from 5-3 to 14-4 before Spencer found a patch and clawed his and Shropshire’s way back into it with the man of the match performance and led 17-15 and eventually finished off 21-18. Martin Lloyd fought back from 4-10 and 10-15 to tie with Chris Bergin 16-16 only for him to score 2 more as Chris won 21-18. As news came through from Pontesbury that the game was over with a Shropshire win by 12, focus turned to the last 2 games on the green. Stuart Rutter from a strong 6-0 start was pegged back to trail Gareth Herbert 10-11 before Stuart got on to a sweeping mark across the green and with some good close bowling and some bad luck for the All Britain finalist, he effected a Shropshire man of the match 21-11 run out. With this, Shropshire trailed by 5 chalks overall and at that moment, after sharing ends with Darren Round for the scores to lay at 12-13, knowing he had to somehow prevent his opponent from getting 17, Alan Palin began an incredible run along the top edge of the green to take us to within 1 chalk of victory as he led 20-13. However Darren somehow found the wonder bowls he needed to dash the Shropshire hopes as he reeled off four double scoring ends to win 21-20. The final result of the match left us with a deficit of 18 and an overall deficit of 6 chalks. Deserved plaudits for all the players were abound from both Shropshire President, Mike Potter and W&W deputy President, Phil Whitehead. Scores: Venue: Pontesbury BC 1. Rich Goddard 21-9 Ant Bracken 2. Glyn Herbert 14-21 Steve Freer 3. Clay Flattley 21-18 Jon Palmer 4. Darren Wellings 21-17 Peter Dunkley 5. Callum Wraight 21-17 Ross Dunkley 6. Wayne Phillips 16-21 Ben Harris 7. Andy Judson 12-21 Greg Smith 8. Gary Neal 21-15 Tom Palmer 9. Mike Beer 21-14 Justin Hemmings 10. Rich Lawson 9-21 Jason McLoughlin 11. Kiah Roberts 21-19 Steve Wallace 12. Wayne Rogers 21-14 Colin Weaver Shropshire 219-207 Warwick and Worcester Away Leg at Ye Olde Brown Knowle 1  , Solihull 1. Colin Beaman 11-21 Ryan Prosser 2. Scott Harries 20-21 Neil Clarke 3. Glyn Picknell 14-21 Carl Fielding 4. Peter Grimston 11-21 Lee Kington 5. Andy Moss 21-17 Peter Davenport 6. Alex Jones 16-21 Stewart Meddings 7. Rob Roden 21-18 Jason Galvin 8. Tom Roden 20-21 Paul Hemming 9. Spencer Clarke 21-18 Tom Pritchard 10. Martin Lloyd 18-21 Chris Bergin 11. Stuart Rutter 21-11 Gareth Herbert 12. Alan Palin 20-21 Darren Round Shropshire 214-232 Warwick and Worcester Warwick and Worcester win by 6 overall.  

  Semi Final

The away team at Ye Olde Knowle. Back from left: Mick Jones (Selector), Martin Lloyd, Tom Roden, Scott Harries, Stuart Rutter, Spencer Clarke & Rob Roden.

Front, from left: Andy Moss, Jamie King, Alex Jones, Alan Palin, Glyn Picknell, Colin Beaman & Peter Grimston.

 Man of the Match Group Game 3 Report on Endsleigh County Championship match Away Leg - Staffordshire v Shropshire Sun 5th July 2015 at Coombswood Wood Sports & Social Club Staffordshire opted to take us to a new venue with a green in its third year of being laid down. The team were greeted with warm sunshine with an impressive landscape view of the distant hills and a green with a carpet-like surface Just after the teams practice sessions, in the distance dark clouds could be seen approaching and within minutes of the start of the match, the players were hit by a heavy downpour that got the spectators scurrying for cover within the small club house. The first four games saw Darren Wellings struggle to adapt to the heavy conditions as his opponent, Mark Picknell pushed impressively into the corners and record a 21-7 card which also earned him the overall Man of Match award. At that stage the three other Shropshire players were holding their own with scores all about 11. Alas Andy Moss and Glyn Wellings slipped to 16-21 and 18-21 defeats leaving Scott Harries the only one to convert into a well deserved 21-14 that cut the deficit as we trailed by 15. As they began, the sun reappeared.The middle four games were shared as Wayne Phillips got to 17-21 and Spencer Clarke made a very spirited fight back from 10-2 to just dip out 20-21. Whilst Andrew Judson played a falling mark to good effect and gain a hard fought 21-19 as Alan Palin played a ¾ corner to corner mark, tightly winning 21-7 that earned him our “smashing” Man of Match award or would have if it had remained in one piece during the stampede for cover during the storm. The deficit at this stage was a mere 4 chalks. With the prospects rising of pushing on to another away win, more storm clouds could be seen gathering as the last four went on and again these were shared as Callum Wraight from 20-8 eventually got home 21-13 and Peter Grimston was edged out 20-21. With only two pairs left on the green, the heavens opened again accompanied with flashes of lightening. During the deluge, Stuart Rutter secured a good 21-18 win whilst appearing to be glad the overall job had been done to secure a semi-final place, Martin Lloyd settled for his 8-21. With 5 winning cards with an aggregate -7 and the home side scraping an +11 win gave an overall win +4 chalks. Scores: Home Leg at Hanwood BC 1. Colin Beaman 21-10 Paul Evans 2. Rich Goddard 21-9 Aaron Tapper 3. Clay Flattley 13-21 David East 4. Gary Neal 13-21 Kevin Keary 5. Phil Emery 10-21 Mark Garbett 6. Kiah Roberts 16-21 Paul Busby 7. Tom Roden 21-16 Glynn Storer 8. Rich Lawson 21-12 Kevin Handley 9. Jamie King 21-17 Dave Wright 10. Mike Beer 21-20 Peter Cookson 11. Paul Williams 15-21 Gordon Hawkins 12. Wayne Rogers 21-14 Chris Ward Shropshire 214-203 Staffordshire Away Team at Coombs Wood, Halesowen 1. Andy Moss 16-21 Craig Barker 2. Glyn Picknell 18-21 Stuart Edwards 3. Darren Wellings 7-21 Mark Picknell 4. Scott Harries 21-14 Dave Semper 5. Wayne Phillips 17-21 Nathan Dawes 6. Spencer Clarke 20-21 Peter Withey 7. Andy Judson 21-19 Craig Cartwright 8. Alan Palin 21-7 Ben Dixon 9. Callum Wraight 21-13 Mark Rose 10. Peter Grimston 20-21 Jason Westwood 11. Stuart Rutter 21-18 Nick Newey 12. Martin Lloyd 8-21 Scott Simpson Shropshire 211-218 Staffordshire Overall Shropshire win by 4 chalks. Shropshire Man of the Match: Home: Colin Beaman Away: Alan Palin Endsleigh Man of the Match home Paul Busby Staffordshire

The away team in Staffordshire. Back from left: John Coxill (Selector), Andy Moss, Wayne Phillips, Stuart Rutter, Peter Grimston, Scott Harries, Callum Wraight, Andy Judson, Mick Jones (Selector), Glyn Picknell & Mike Potter (President).

Front from left: Rob Roden, Martin Lloyd, Darren Wellings, Alan Palin, Rob Burroughs, Spencer Clarke.

Group Game 2:

Senior Inter-county Championship match versus Lancashire, Sunday 7th June 2015 Report – Away Team – Horwich RMI Bowling Club, Bolton Following an emphatic victory over new comers, Isle of Man, spirits were high and expectant of more good fortune to follow for the Shropshire Senior County bowls squad as the Away team gathered just a stone’s throw from the home of football Premier League team Bolton Wanderers at Horwich RMI Bowling Club. After defeating Staffordshire in their last match and expected to overcome the IoM next month, the selectors recognised the threat from Lancashire and opted to sacrifice one of their “banker” greens attempting to ideally win and cement their group topping position. In stark contrast to the home match green at Newport, the players were greeted to one easily twice as large, sporting an immaculate surface that upon the commencement of the practice sessions revealed it had noticeable hollows and ridges that would appear to contribute to the downfall of many players. The match began with all first four winning their first ends. However, the end results of those games left us with a solitary winning card as Martin Lloyd shared the points to 9-9 only to then trail 11-18 but a good rear-guard fight got him up to a very respectable 18. An illness affected Glyn Herbert was replaced by Gary Neal who set to work repaying the faith placed by racing to 12-3, 16-7 and 20-10 before getting in 21-14. Early exchanges saw Scott Harries lead 7-5 but then found luck deserted him before from trailing 8-17 and rallied shortly to finish with 14. Rich Goddard had luck of the worst kind as he came up against in form Neil Bithell as despite trying everything possible, his friend, Neil ran out from 6-2 and deservedly earned the Man of the Match award which left Shropshire trailing by 22. The middle four cards were shared with Phil Emery giving a Shropshire Man of the Match display going 10-2, 16-7 before recording a 21-9 card. Peter Grimston shared his game to 13-13 before pushing onto 18-15 and edge home 21-20. A struggling Jamie King saw an 8-11 deficit worsen to 10-19 before hitting back and lead 20-19 only to drop 2 the next end losing 20-21. In another close game Kiah Roberts saw his 14-11 lead slip away late in the game to lose 16. Shropshire had closed the gap to 15 and any tensions were eased with news of winning cards for the first 8 from Newport. The last four games were also shared as Rich Lawson had an evenly matched game until faltering at 13-16 to get 15. Clay Flattley raced to 10-3 only to be pegged back to trail 11-13 before kicking again to almost run out and won 21-15. Paul Williams played well to stretch to 15-8 but then stalled until at 16-14 kicked again to get to 19-14 only for his opponent to run out and left Paul on 19. Wayne Rogers went from 11-10 in a shared game to lead 19-12 and eventually just edged in to win 21-19. It was considered that holding the strong Lancashire team to 15 chalks with 5 winning cards proved successful and coupled with the 80 chalk advantage at Newport, we have put ourselves in prime position for a semi-final place Scores: Home venue Newport (2)
  1. Colin Beaman 21 v Billy Speed 10
  2. Andrew Moss 21 v Damien Morrison 15
  3. Darren Wellings 21 v Chris Ashton 07
  4. Spencer Clarke 21 v Chris Cooke 10
  5. Wayne Phillips 21 v Mark Furber 07
  6. Tom Roden 21 v Chris Goodhand 13
  7. Andrew Judson 21 v Neil Rodgers 18
  8. Callum Wraight 21 v John Brown 19
  9. Glyn Picknell 20 v Ian Grady 21
  10. Michael Beer 21 v Danny Watson 05
  11. Stuart Rutter 21 v Robert Lawrenson 17
  12. Alan Palin 13 v Duncan Watkins 21
243-163 Away Horwich RMI
  1. Allan Broadhurst  21 v Martin Lloyd 18
  2. Kevan Shaw 14 v Glyn Herbert 21
  3. Paul Winrow 21 v Scott Harries 14
  4. Neil Bithell 21 v Rich Goddard 02
  5. Danny Miller 09 v Phil Emery 21
  6. Mark Britton 20 v Peter Grimston 21
  7. Ian Pendlebury 21 v Jamie King 20
  8. Geoff Hilton 21 v Kiah Roberts 16
  9. Michael Heap 21 v Rich Lawson 15
  10. Phil Boydell 15 v Clay Flattley 21
  11. David Higginbottom 21 v Paul Williams 19
  12. George Chadwick 19 v Wayne Rogers 21
224-209 Scores Away Shropshire 209 Lancashire 224 Home Shropshire 243 Lancashire 163 +65 452 387Lancashire

The team in Lancashire. Back, from left: Pete Bound (Selector), Scott Harries, Peter Grimston, Clay Flattley, Paul Williams, Rich Goddard, Gary Neal & Mike Potter (County President).

Front from left: Derek Wright, Rich Lawson, Jamie King, Kiah Roberts, Wayne Rogers, Phil Emery & Martin Lloyd.

Group Game 1 The Isle of Man's history making debut in the Crosfield Cup v Shropshire away leg. A great result for Shropshire and despite the result, a special day for the Manx Men. some photos courtesy of Gary Weightman A pre 6am early start for the Away team didn’t appear to hinder the plans of the “well oiled” machine of Shropshire Senior County bowls as they made their way to Liverpool for the short hop across the Irish Sea. Upon arrival a superbly presented green greeted players, officials and supporters of both the hosts and their history making first ever Endsleigh County Championship opponents, Shropshire at the Sunset Bowling Club in the viking port of Peel on the picturesque Isle of Man. Following heavy showers the previous day and early that morning, the rain abated for the practice sessions to begin with water rising under foot. By the time the hour had elapsed and as if a switch had been pressed when the first cast of the jack in the competition, the sun appeared and everyone around the green were to enjoy the pleasant unbroken sunshine throughout the afternoon of the match. Shropshire made a perfect start to the match, winning the first four games establishing a 20 chalk advantage as both Martin Lloyd and Glyn Herbert(21-18 each) and Richie Goddard(21-20) posted hard fought wins whilst Darren Wellings seemed unstoppable as he romped into an 18-0 lead(11ends) using a 20 metre mark up the middle of the green before Paul Skelly wrestled possession of the jack and held it to get up to 8 using the corners only for Darren to eventually workout the weight change and finish his game 21-8from. By the time the middle four went on, the sun had begun working on the green, as all four of Shropshire’s players remarked on the dramatically changing the pace with both Andrew Judson and Michael Beer struggling as they trailed 12-3 and 13-7 respectfully before Judson battled hard to earn 16 from 6-17 down. Whereas Beer virtually ran out to win 21-16. The other two games did involve favourable run outs with Wayne Phillips from 16-20 and Clay Flattley from 7-8. In to the back four and the Isle of Man were to record their second success of the afternoon through Trevor Quale as he and Andrew Moss’s tight game went to 16-15 in the Manx man’s favour before he ran on to a 21-15 win. The remaining games all went in Shropshire’s favour with Wayne Rogers, in another tight game, got over the line after leading 19-15 to win 21-19. The remaining games saw Kiah Roberts seemingly coast to win from leading 7-0 to 20-3 before finally finish 21-8 whilst Shropshire No.1 Callum Wraight, sporting new training shoes purchased at the airport, was showing a clean pair of heels to lead 14-1 and finally win with what was in my opinion, a Man of the Match performance. The results predominantly went Shropshire’s way, but the historic day I believe belonged to the Manx men and served as a tribute to their determined commitment towards our game that I let sway my decision, rightly or wrongly and hoped for Callum’s understanding when agreeing with our hosts nomination for the Endsleigh Man of the Match, Adrian Skinner. Scores Away Shropshire 241 Isle of Man 182 Home Shropshire 236 Isle of Man 176 477 358 +119 Full scores: Isle of Man Scores                   10983214_920111158012192_4072759469308082065_n

The historic away team in Isle of Man. Back from left: Glyn Wellings, Martin Lloyd, Rich Goddard, Glyn Herbert, Callum Wraight, Andy Judson, Mike Beer & Mike Potter (President).

Front from left: Andy Moss, Wayne Phillips, Paul Williams, Clay Flattley, Wayne Rogers, Darren Wellings, Kiah Roberts & Pete Bound (Selector).

Please see a slideshow of the trip to the Isle of Man below courtesy of Mike Potter and Gary Weightman.

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