KGJ Insurance

We are very grateful for KGJ Insurance sponsoring this year's County and Shropshire Cups. Please see a profile of the business, as well as a flyer, compiled by Meole Brace bowler Colin Beaman, and I would urge you all to support them as much as possible. KGJBowlsFlyer
Name of business: KGJ Insurance Group Ltd
Address: Three Charter Court, Broadlands, Wolverhampton, WV10 6TD
Contact Number(s): Office - 01902 796 796 / Colin – 07545 788163
Twitter: @KGJInsurance
Your position within the business: Commercial Account Executive
History of your business:  KGJ are one of the UK’s largest independent insurance brokers and are proud to remain 100% family owned and retain our “family values” in our approach to our clients. Originally KGJ was formed in 1967 however parts of our Group can trace their history as far back as 1873. We specialise in Business Insurance such as Motor Fleet, Commercial Combined, Combined Liabilities & Motor Trade and control over £30,000,000 worth of premiums a year.
Details of your business (what do you do): I am a Commercial Account Executive – I deal with the insurance’s for a wide range of clients such as Hauliers, Motor Traders, Contractors, Retailers and plus many more types of businesses – basically if your in business I can help you arrange the appropriate, cost effective insurance covers. KGJ have a big presence in Staffordshire and the West Midlands and I was approached to join KGJ as they wanted to expand into Shropshire which was an opportunity I could not turn down.
What can you offer bowlers? There were 2 reasons for sponsoring some SCGBA events - firstly to give something back to the great sport of Crown Green Bowls plus to assist individual clubs with their insurance covers. I had noticed that a lot of clubs had policies in force that really didn’t meet their needs and was confident that the combination of my knowledge of both insurance and bowls would result in me providing a local service, premium savings and more importantly making sure the right covers are in place. As a result of arranging insurance policies for numerous clubs in Shropshire word has got around and individual bowlers who own businesses have also placed business with myself.
Why did you want to sponsor the competition? I have played this sport for over 35 years and when growing up I member watching the County Cup final many times, the press coverage in the Shropshire Star is fantastic and atmosphere on the night is something to be remembered (as long as you win).
What would you like to get out of sponsoring it? It gives KGJ the chance to get better known in Shropshire and the decision to sponsor this event has proven a success. So far I have helped nearly 30 bowling clubs within Shropshire with their insurance requirements and hope this number continues to grow.