County Handicap History

The County Handicap has been running since 1938 for the John Bowers Trophy. Click on the recent years for a report, pictures and scores.
Year Winner Club Runner-up Club Clare Cup Club
2017 R. Lawson Bowring S. Simpson Sir John Bayley H. Parsonage Burway
2016 R. Lawson Bowring M. Beer Castlefields C. Elsbury Hadnall
2015 R. Lawson Bowring Doug Edwards Meole Brace Dan Beer Battlefield
2014 M. Beer Castlefields Doug Edwards Prince of Wales D. Powis Old Shrewsbury
2013 M. Beer Castlefields J. Austin Castlefields J. Austin Castlefields
2012 A. Rowe Meole Brace D. Ashley Reman
2011 M. Beer Castlefields A. Duckett Chester Road D. Renwick Unison
2010 K. Wall Castlefields C. Weaver Chester Road J. Farmer Childs Ercall
2009 P. Farmer St Georges P. King Hadley USC D. Williams Reman Services
2008 A. Moss Chester Road Daryl Edwards Pontesbury J. King Hadley U.S.C.
2007 S. Leslie Reman M. Beer Castlefields S. Leslie Reman
2006 Colin Beaman Meole Brace M. Holland Chester Road B. Hickson Prees
2005 M. Lloyd District T. Hotchkiss Ford
2004 A. Moss Chester Road K. Wall Castlefields J.E. Davies Monkmoor
2003 M. Lloyd District K. Price Castlefields A. Marshal Castlefields
2002 K. Wall Battlefield P. Smith Archibald Worthington N. Ferrington Bricklayers
2001 T. Dodd Meole Brace T. Lewis Greenfields
2000 P. Whatmough Castlefields P. Latham Woore A. Boycott Donnington Wood
1999 Colin Beaman Battlefield P. Farmer Childs Ercall C. Worthington Donnington Wood
1998 M. Jones St Georges T. Gray Battlefield J. Grenville Perkins
1997 P. Williams Castlefields T. Cutting Craven Arms R. Addison Royal Mail
1996 P. Williams Castlefields P. Farmer Hadley USC D. Hoffman Ford
1995 D. Wright Wem U.S.C. C. Ball St Georges D. Walton Pontesbury
1994 P. Smith Corbet-Market Drayton D. Phillips Hanwood
1993 A. Wigginton Meole Brace A. Stephens Pontesbury C. Jones POWBC
1992 D. Wright Wem U.S.C. P. Farmer Four Crosses C. Bowers Hanwood
1991 K. Walton Meole Brace A.F. Poole Castlefields J. Emonson Coddon
1990 K. Walton Meole Brace P. Farmer Four Crosses R. Hyne Ford
1989 G. Herbert Castlefields I.D. Gaut Wrockwardine Wood P. Clee Wrockwardine Wood
1988 K. Jones Ford G. Davies Ford P. Smith Corbet
1987 A.F. Poole Castlefields A.D. Gaut Donnington Wood A. Dowley Wem U.S.C.
1986 W. Phillips Hanwood P. Bound Battlefield W. France Charlton
1985 A. Dodd Oxon P. Bound Battlefield D. Ruscoe Springfield
1984 E. Jones Pontesbury S. Parsonage Ludlow Castle D. King Cock Hotel
1983 A.F. Poole Castlefields N. Bound Ford G. Wall Castlefields
1982 W.T.P. Sambrook Severnside G. Lovatt Dun Cow M. Potter Corporation
1981 A.F. Poole Castlefields D. Hill Castlefields P. Walker Castlefields
1980 S. Williams Pontesbury R. Cliffe Meole Brace A. Dodd Oxon
1979 C. Ball St Georges D. Downes G.K.N. Sankey D.A. Downes G.K.N. Sankey
1978 A.D. Gaut Donnington Wood I.D. Gaut Donnington Wood I. Gaut Donnington Wood
1977 C. Lewis Glynwed R. Bond St Georges A.D. Jones G.K.N. Sankey
1976 Clive Beaman Telepost R. Clarke Sir John Bayley B. Gowes St. Julians
1975 K. Walton Meole Brace M.W. Codd Castlefields M. Breakell St. Julians
1974 A.F. Poole Castlefields G.A. Gaut Donnington Wood M.J. Williams Telepost
1973 G. Adams Meole Brace M. Meredith Crescent P. Bound Ford
1972 W.T.P. Sambrook Severnside H. Smale Monkmoor C.A. Bancroft Rolls Royce
1971 W.T.P. Sambrook Severnside E. James Wrockwardine Wood J. Rogers Rolls Royce
1970 C. Rushton Battlefield P. Youens Ye Olde Crofte G.A. Riley Donnington Wood
1969 G. Edmunds Bylet D.M. Beer Battlefield G. Griffiths St. Julians
1968 C. Rushton St Julians Clive Beaman Postal D. Pritchard Monkmoor
1967 R. Bourne Battlefield D.M. Beer Battlefield B. Keep Castlefields
1966 D.I. Lawrence Pontesbury P.A. Beech Meole Brace C.T. Lewis Meole Brace
1965 B. Mansell Battlefield J. Bradick Castlefields J.R. Alcock Horsehay
1964 D.I. Lawrence Pontesbury J. Lewis Meole Brace J.H. Lewis Meole Brace
1963 D.M. Beer Battlefield D. Croft Ditherington Dave M. Beer Battlefield
1962 D. Turner Bylet J.E. Tipton Crescent
1961 T.L. Potter Meole Brace E.W.G. Stephens Pontesbury
1960 A.E. Jones St Julians D.I. Lawrence Pontesbury
1959 A. Thomas Castlefields D.I. Lawrence Pontesbury
1958 D.I. Lawrence Pontesbury C. Palmer Bylet
1957 W.S. Genoe Postal T. Candlin Allied Ironfounders
1956 D.I. Lawrence Pontesbury W.E. Evans Crescent
1955 R.G. Meyrick N.A.L.G.O R.S. Thomas Castlefields
1954 W.C. Twyford Castlefields A.R. Jones Wrockwardine Wood
1952 R.S. Thomas Castlefields R. Thomas Castlefields
1951 W. Jones Malpas R. Thomas Castlefields
1950 N. Phillips Monkmoor R.R. Lloyd Sir John Bayley
1949 W.C. Twyford Castlefields R.S. Thomas Ditherington
1948 R. Thomas Castlefields D. Isherwood Meole Brace
1947 R.G. Meyrick N.A.L.G.O F. Payne Sir John Bayley
1946 L.A. Page Meole Brace J. James Battlefield
1945 A. Thomas Monkmoor R. Thomas Monkmoor
1944 R.G. Meyrick N.A.L.G.O R. Thomas Monkmoor
1943 No Competition
1942 No Competition
1941 No Competition
1940 No Competition
1939 J. Candlin Charlton J. Williams Roden
1938 R. Thomas Roden F. Capes Hadley Kings Head
1937 W.J. Gennoe Postal S.C. Galley All Saints
1936 S.C. Galley All Saints I.B. Jones N.A.L.G.O
1935 F. Hilton Sentinel A. Thomas Monkmoor
1934 R.G. Meyrick N.A.L.G.O P. Owen Greenfields
1933 W.M. Howells All Saints R. Thomas Roden
1932 A. Rowlinson Chatwood T. Irving Monkmoor
1931 C. Morris Sentinel R. Lambert Borough Police
1930 C. Evans Dawley W.J. Gennoe All Saints
1929 W.J. Lokier All Saints A. Riley Charlton
1928 W. Dinwoodie Severnside R. Rees Uffington
1927 A. Riley Cock Hotel W. Dinwoodie Severnside
1926 W.A. Hewitt Severnside A. Shand Battlefield
1925 J.H. Pye Severnside W.A. Hewitt Severnside
1924 C. Magness Cock Hotel J. Jones Severnside
1923 A. Lloyd Cock Hotel H. Bess Roden
1922 J. Jones Severnside W.A. Hewitt Severnside
1921 S.T. Carlisle Old Shrewsbury W.A. Hewitt Severnside
1920 H.E. Gunn Church Stretton E.T. Davies Belgrave
1919 E.T. Jones Old Shrewsbury W.A. Parton Oakengates
1918 E.T. Davies Belgrave W.A. Hewitt Severnside