World Club Championships

  • The link to the details on the BCGBA Website is here.
Sunday 25th March 2018 1st round results:
  • No.1 Green Parkfield Labour Club (N Lancs & Fylde) 147-106 Crosland Moor (Yorkshire) Greville Arms (Warwick & Worcester) 143-138 Meersbrook (South Yorkshire)
  • No.2 Green Hollinhurst (Greater Manchester) 121-152 Thongsbridge (Yorkshire) Dudley Dell (Staffordshire) 154-123 Cunliffe (Wales)
2nd round results:
  • No.1 Green Thongsbridge 160-109 Dudley Dell
  • No.2 Green Parkfield Labour 163-121 Greville Arms
  Sunday 1st April 2018 St Georges lost out at the 1st round stage of the BCGBA World Club Championship. They were only one down against Castle S & SC after the 1st four with John Cooke winning 11 and Pete Grimston 19. But only one win at the back for Tony Rhodes 21-10 meant they lost by 15. 1st round results:
  • No.1 Green Castle S & SC (Cheshire) 145-130 St Georges (Shropshire) Garswood Hall (Lancashire) 106-157 Queens Park (Potteries & District)
  • No.2 Green Gladstone (Merseyside) 151-144 Hoghton (North Lancs & Fylde) Dukinfield Central (Greater Manchester) 123-151 Haunchwood (North Midlands)
2nd round results:
  • No.1 Green Gladstone 133-148 Haunchwood
  • No.2 Green Castle S & SC 136-135 Queens Park
  Sunday 8th April 2018 1st round results:
  • No.1 Green Maltby (South Yorkshire) 122-141 King George V (Warwick & Worcester) Levens (Cumbria) 143-146 Atherstone Cons (North Midlands)
  • No.2 Green Holme (Cumbria) 149-127 South Ramsey (Isle of Man) Wharton Cons (Cheshire) 112-163 Eccleston (Merseyside)
2nd round results:
  • No.1 Green Holme 137-129 Eccleston
  • No.2 Green King George V 152-113 Atherstone Cons
  Sunday 15 April 2018 Castlefields have gone through to the finals day of the BCGBA World Club Championships after two healthy wins. They recovered from 17 down against Birches Head Hotel after three games off to have the last 5 winners and win by 26 overall, Adam Jones winning 6 and Andy Duckett 9. They took on Pudsey from Yorkshire in their second game on the smaller green and were comfortable winners. They led by 18 off four games with Jon Palmer the best 21-10, and then held on with three winners at the back to extend their victory to 24. 1st round results
  • No.1 Green Stretton Anglesey (Derbyshire) 136-158 Pudsey (British Parks) Birches Head Hotel (Potteries & District) 125-151 Castlefields (Shropshire)
  • No.2 Green Eastwood Park (Derbyshire) 122-144 Willenhall Nordley (Staffordshire) The George (Warwick & Worcester) 160-122 Broughton & Bretton (Wales)
2nd round results
  • No.1 Green Willenhall Nordley 138-152 The George
  • No.2 Green Pudsey 138-162 Castlefields
Sunday 22nd April 2018 Castlefields reached the final of the BCGBA World Club Championship but were defeated by Parkfield Labour club  by 15. Castlefields led by 4 after the first four games off with Champion of Champion Mike Beer leading the way winning 8, while Owen Jackson had won 13 for the North Lancs & Fylde side. But Parkfield took 3 out of the back four, with Wayne Ditchfield winning 11, Gary Ellis 12 and Dave Watters 14. They had beaten Castle S&SC by 17, taking 5 of the winners, the best being Mike Beer 8. Steve Morrey and Mike Yearsley were best for the Cheshire side, winning 16. The Quarter Finals saw them shock 2015 winners Thongsbridge by 14 shots in their first game, Leighton Roberts the best winning 6, while Craig Gant’s 8 best win was in vain for the Yorkshire side. Quarter Finals
  • No.1 Green Parkfield Labour Club 152-112 The George, Holme 91-168 King George V
  • No.2 Green Haunchwood 138-146 Castle S & SC., Thongsbridge 127-141 Castlefields
Semi Finals
  • No.1 Green Castle S & SC 140-157 Castlefields
  • No.2 Green Parkfield Labour Club 139-134 King George V
  • Castlefields 132-147 Parkfield Labour Club