The President this year is Mike Caddock from the Tanners Shropshire Bowling League, as seen on the right below with Deputy President Jamie Brookes on the left.


Every year there is a President of the Shropshire Crown Green Bowling Association. The President shall act for one year with the Deputy President succeeding to the office of President automatically. The Executive Committee shall submit nominations for the position of Deputy President to the Annual General Meeting. The position to be offered to each member league in turn from the following rota of Leagues:

1. Market Drayton League
2. Malpas League
3. Shrewsbury seniors League
4. Oswestry League
5. Whitchurch O/60s League
6. Highley League
7. Malpas Seniors League
8. Ludlow League
9. Sunday Doubles League
10. Mid-Shropshire League
11. Whitchurch & District League
12. Marches League (name change 2013: From Stretton League)
13. Shropshire League
14. Market Drayton Seniors League
15. Shropshire Premier League
16. Wem League
17. Mid Shropshire Seniors League

Any new league to take their place at the end of the rota as it exists at that time, provided that they regularly attend Executive Committee meetings.

7a. The President must have been an active member of their League Executive Committee, for a minimum of three years prior to election.