Peter Ashton Trophy

The Peter Ashton Youth Trophy has been played for since 1989. It used to be a qualifying night with a final 8 on a Sunday evening, however it moved to an one dayer because of dwindling numbers and since 2013 it has become a Consolation Trophy for 1st round losers in the Junior Merit. So you will need to enter the Junior Merit to be able to possibly play in this trophy. The Current holder is Matthew Beck.
  • 2018
14 players took part in the Peter Ashton Youth Trophy with Joe Killen coming out on top as he beat Rhys Marshall 9 in the final. Joe had got past Camilla Parsonage in the Semi Finals, while Rhys beat Jordan Millman 3.
  • Full results are here.

The two finalists for the Peter Ashton Youth Trophy with Deputy President Mike Beckett, Joe Killen (left) and Rhys Marshall (right).


Joe Killen with the Peter Ashton Youth Trophy.


The four semi finalists of the Peter Ashton Youth Trophy with President Isobel Jones and Deputy President Mike Beckett. From left, Rhys Marshall, Camilla Parsonage, Jordan Millman and Joe Killen.