County Doubles

The County Doubles is a men's doubles played for the John Bowers Trophy. It has been competed for since 1933, apart from the War Years of 1940-43. It used to be played as qualifiers with a finals day of 8 but for the last few years it has become an one-dayer, usually on the last Sunday in August. 2017: Shropshire County Doubles Competition played on the greens of Donnington Wood Bowling Club on Sun 27th August 2017 Down from last year’s entry of 30, a depleted field of only 19 pairs gathered to contest the County Doubles at Donnington Wood where the entrants and spectators alike were treated to warm late summer sunshine that at the conclusion saw Rob Fuller & David Lloyd become the latest duo to earn the right for their names to be etched on the impressive trophy as County Doubles Champions after defeating, Dave King & Ian Gaut, 21-20 in the final of the competition Highlights of the action included Quarter finals: Dave King & Ian Gaut could not shake off the challenge from Phil Whatmough & Rob Jones as the scores on the card were levelled 6-6, 11-11, 17-17 and even 20-20 that left the 25th and deciding end for King to edge and win 21-20. Scott Harries & Jamie King forged into a strong 13-2 lead before Matt Beeston & Jamie Brookes fought back to eventually tie the game 18-18 but as they levelled the score, their progress stalled allowing Harries & King to finish 21-18. Michael Cooper & Kane Beaman shared an even game against Gary & Connor Whitehall until from 11-11 they seized control allowing their opponents to add a solitary chalk as Cooper & Beaman ended their hopes 21-12. Rob Fuller & David Lloyd had to fight back from 6-10 down to Paul Williams & Adie Rowe and from 11-11 they pushed forward to lead themselves 19-14 and despite a late challenge Fuller & Lloyd won 21-18 Semi Finals: Rob Fuller & David Lloyd were quick off the mark to turn 2-2 and 7-5 into a lead over Michael Cooper & Kane Beaman of 18-5 that was quickly turned into a 21-6 win. Meanwhile, Dave King & Ian Gaut were equally putting their opponents to the sword as they went from 7-2 against Scott Harries & Jamie King, to 11-5 and from 16-7 they ran out to win 21-7 The final: The final began with the two pairings of Rob Fuller & David Lloyd and Dave King & Ian Gaut sharing a 4-4(9ends) score before King & Gaut took control and pressed into a 15-8(17ends) lead only for them to be pegged back as Fuller & Lloyd took the lead 16-15(21ends) and as the small crowd looked on, the inevitable happened as the scores became 20-20(25ends). The last end of the saw Fuller setting a 35 metre 3/4 corners mark to which his lead bowl finished on land but 5 feet short. And after the next 5 bowls and holding two, Gaut, seemingly going for more made the gravest of errors as his last bowl looked to have the perfect line and weight. Unfortunately for him though, the opening bowl of the end lay in its path and after being struck, everyone could see their agony and the ecstasy for Fuller & Lloyd as their bowl was given the momentum required to travel and rest beside the jack and give them the victory and the title as County Doubles champions 2017. After thanking the members of Donnington Wood for their hospitality and use of their two superbly presented greens, Competition Sec, Mike Potter called upon county president, Mike Caddick to present the prizes to the deserving pairings and the Champions trophy to the delighted Rob Fuller & David Lloyd. Well Done lads, MP Results Qtr finals Rob Fuller & David Lloyd 21 Paul Williams & Adie Rowe 18 Michael Cooper & Kane Beaman 21 Gary & Connor Whitehall 12 Dave King & Ian Gaut 21 Phil Whatmough & Rob Jones 20 Scott Harries & Jamie King 21 Jamie Brookes & Matt Beeston 18 Semi finals Rob Fuller & David Lloyd 21 Michael Cooper & Kane Beaman 06 Dave King & Ian Gaut 21 Scott Harries & Jamie King 07 Final Rob Fuller & David Lloyd 21 Dave King & Ian Gaut 20 _DSC4228

President Mike Caddick presenting the trophy to Dave Lloyd (left) and Rob Fuller (right).


The two winners show off their trophy.


The runners-up Dave King & Ian Gaut along with President Mike Caddick and the winners Dave Lloyd & Rob