Veterans Merit

The Veterans Merit is open to males over 65 years of age on 1st January of that year. It is played for the H.W. Batkin Trophy and has been played for since 1950. It can be an one dayer or qualifying and finals day of 8.

Thank you to Mike Potter for his report on the Veterans Merit below.

Shropshire Veterans Merit 2019 – Monday 10th June 2019 – Bayston Hill

16 of the county’s elder generation gathered for a lunchtime start of the Veterans Merit staged on the outskirts of Shrewsbury green of Bayston Hill BC, Where unfortunately, the intrepid competitors were subjected to bands of monsoon-like heavy cloud bursts throughout the afternoon.

Quarter finals

Graham Turner 21 Alan Boulton 20

Pete Thomas 21 John Madeley 12

John Clarke 21 John Nash 14

Dave Povey 21 Geoff Davies 16

Semi finals

Graham Turner 21
Pete Thomas 08

John Clarke 21
Dave Povey 17


Graham Turner 21
John Clarke 19

All games began with 5 chalks for each player on the card.

Highlights from the quarter finals.

Graham Turner opened up healthy 10-6 & 15-10 leads before reigning champion, Alan Boulton hit back and forced himself in front 17-15 but after sharing a half dozen ends where Graham counted double scores to Alan’s saw him edge the game 21-20. Pete Thomas forged ahead to lead John Madeley 12-6, 16-10 & 20-10 and soon finished the game 21-12. After having his 11-6 lead cut by John Nash to 2 chalks, from 12-10, John Clarke pushed forward to the brink 20-11 and after a brief revival closed the game 21-14. After an even start by Dave Povey and Geoff Davies that saw Dave hold a narrow 2 chalk lead down the card until from 15-13, Dave held the jack and moved on to 20-13 and eventually sealed the win 21-16.

Semi finals

Graham Turner took full advantage of being able to reach deep into the very wet corners of the green to stretch himself to a 11-5 lead before Pete Thomas reduced the length for a couple of ends but could not prevent Graham getting back on to the long marks and finished the game 21-8. Meanwhile, John Clarke was carving his way to a 16-8 over Dave Povey using the opposite corners and moved the scores onto 19-11. But Dave wasn’t finished as he fought his way back into the game before Graham made his way into the final 21-17.

The Final

Still dodging the heavier bursts of rain, the final began with John Clarke out-playing the long corners preferred by Graham Turner to go 11-6(7 ends) but got pegged back to 12-12(12 ends) as Graham reduced the length to a mark across the middle of the green. Once John regained control, he pressed forward on to 19-13(17 ends), but could add no more as Graham took the last 5 ends to end John’s challenge as he finished the game 21-19(22 ends)Competition Secretary, Mike Potter thanked Bayston Hill BC for their hospitality and staging the event on behalf of the SCGBA before inviting club Secretary, Sylvia Morris to make the presentation of the prizes to the worthy winners and the 2019 Veterans Merit Champion, Graham Turner.

Graham Turner with the trophy as presented by club secretary Sylvia Morris.

The two finalists with Sylvia Morris.