KGJ Insurance Shropshire Cup

The Shropshire Cup is a new team competition to replace the old Consolation Cup but it is still played for the F.G. Burdass Cup. It is open to all non Premier League teams, this includes second teams of all the Premier League clubs. Any player who has played a Premier League game is ineligible to take part in the competition.  
  • 2018 Shropshire Cup Dates:
  • Wed 18th April - Preliminary Round
  • Wed 30th May - 1st round
  • Wed 13th June - 2nd round
  • Wed 4th July - Quarter Finals
  • Wed 11th July - Semi Finals
  • Sat 4th August - Final (6.30 p.m. start)
  • Quarter Finals
  • 2nd round

Last year finalists still on course, Wrockites stun St Georges, 2016 winners through

Last year's finalists are still on course to match that feat from last season as they both won narrowly in the 2nd round of the KGJ Insurance Shropshire Cup. Holders Castlefields edged past Mid Shropshire side Sinclair by just 6 chalks at Bridgewater. Captain Graham Wall was "very pleased to get over the line in what was a very tough game. We established a good lead after 8 games, but after 2 losses in the back we needed Tony Wall to run out from 16-12 to secure victory." Luke Jones was best winner 8 for them at number 1 while Darren Lord led the comeback winning 21-9. Last year's runners up Telepost beat another Mid Shropshire side in the Bylet by 17 on Atcham Malthouse. Skipper Rob Jones was busy watching Lionel Richie with John Addison, but, with the aid of some of the songs he heard, said "the lads told me it was very competitive from start to finish. Bylet played very well, especially Cheryl Caswell (who was best winner 11), so it wasn't easy! It rained, all night long, which made the green very pushy. A truly good performance from our lads!" Gary Neal was best winner 9 for them, while Bylet spokeswoman Cheryl asked to mention "a big thank you to Atcham for their hospitality, who once again put on hot food that was appreciated by all!" Wrockwardine Wood stunned St Georges by 46 on Newport to move into the next round. Skipper Josh Cotton commented "I felt the team was fantastic on and off the green. Excellent result against a very strong St Georges side considering we were missing 2 of our regular players!" Steve Downs was best winner 7 while Matthew Rhodes was best for the Dragons with his 11 win. Another Mid Shropshire side had a good win as Bowring beat Old Shrewsbury by 27 at District. Captain Dave Brown gave his account of the game. "After a shared first four of tight games Old Shrewsbury led by 1 with John Griffiths bowling very well to win 15 and Karen Smith to win 15. Into the middle four, our players were outstanding, Kate Suggett 21-12 v Tony Poole, young Susie Lawson produced another fine display to beat John Harris 21-13, Alex Turnbull, also playing very well, beat Evelyn Jones 21-14 with Sean Round well down and fighting back got 17 against Martin Francis. With the change in the weather into the back four Steve Hendy bowled superb to 21-11 against Rich Jones and the quiet man Alan Jones showing all is experience in quality performance 21-9 against Kevin Farr (to be best winner).Wendy Jones with constant pressure bowled very well to win 21-8 against Lee Parton (to be their best winner). Another pleasing performance with good bowling from both sides." Highley were another Mid Shropshire side to get through as they best Crescent by 50 at Hodnet. Andy Jones, Darrell Handley and Steve Wright all won 9 to be best winner, while Dave Oliver and Mark Rogers were best winners for the Tanners side, 15. Hadley also joined them in the next round with a comfortable 93 shot win over Greenfields at Prees, Ray Gregory the only single figure winner 4, while Tony Sandford was only winner for the Tanners side. 2016 winners Prince of Wales Hotel also got through with a consistent performance against fellow Tanners side Pontesbury. All of their players scored at least 17, with Mike Hampson and Tony Dodd both winning that for Pontesbury, while their best winner was captain Ian Smith 8. District are the only North Shropshire team flying the flag now after they beat Prees by 38. John Chesters led the way with a 21-3 card, with Tim Hocknell's 9 win best for the oppoistion. The next round draw will be on Thursday at 10:30.
Second Round Held on Wed Jun 13th 2018
1 Wrockwardine Wood 221 175 St Georges At Newport non-prem
2 Telepost 227 210 Bylet At Atcham Malthouse
3 Highley 233 183 Crescent At Hodnet
4 Bowring 227 200 Old Shrewsbury At District Back Green
5 Hadley USC 248 155 Greenfields At Prees Old Green
6 Castlefields 209 203 Sinclair At Bridgewater Big Green
7 District 229 191 Prees At Chester Road Ladies
8 Prince of Wales Hotel 239 197 Pontesbury At Greenfields No.1
  • 1st round

Bylet edge out Battlefield, Bowring survive scare, Last two winners through

There were some close games and some hammerings in round one of the KGJ Insurance Shropshire Cup. The closest game saw Bylet edge out Battlefield by 11 chalks on Hodnet. Spokeswoman Cheryl Caswell explained how the game went. "Battlefield started strong with Dave Beer leading the way winning 21 - 5 on a 25 metre round peg. Nick Powner replied winning 21 10 for Bylet. Harry Ryder and Tony Steadman were nip and tuck with harry just edging it 21 20 for the Shrewsbury side. With Battlefield leading Pete Driver won 21 15 to level after the front four. The middle four started with John Palmer playing some good bowls to beat Alex Evans 21 -9. Steve Wilkes replied for the tanners side with a good display to win 21-10. In the other two games Harold Banks was leading Steve Lampitt and Tim Cliffe was 15 - 6 up against Cheryl Caswell. Then the Bylet battled back to win 19 and 20 respectively in what proved the games of the night. Bylet led by 4 going into the back. Andy Selly started brightly against Den Edwards and Kevin Perks went on a early run to lead Rob Renke 9 - 1 for Battlefield, but with both players clawing back vital points for the Bylet Tom Bennett and Barrie Sadler came off to win 12 and 15 respectively. Andy Selly finished with a 21 -19 win and Kevin Perks finished off for Battlefield winning 15. A great match overall, nip and tuck throughout and could have really gone either way. Bylet battled really well to get ahead after the middle and then maintain and build on their little lead." Old Shrewsbury defeated Allscott by 15 at Wem USC with Tony Poole rolling back the years with a 3 win to help win it for the Tanners side, despite Daniel Bretnall winning 9 for the Mid Shropshire club. Market Drayton side District beat Trench by 17 on Battlefield. Captain Mike Mullock said "the match against Trench was a game of 3 halves! We won all of the front four to lead by over 50. The middle four was shared but Trench had a strong back four but we held on to win the match!" Carl Hinton and Janice Broad led the way first four winning 6, while Simon Oldcorn's 7 win for the Mid Shropshire side was to little too late. 2016 winners Prince of Wales Hotel followed up their shock win in the County Cup by beating Madeley Cricket Club on 25 at Hanmer. Captain Ian Smith said "the green was new to most of our team. A very tricky green even after all the rain. The game played was played in great spirit from both teams. We were down after the first four but managed to pull it round at the middle and end with some good bowls played by both sides." Hanmer's best winner was Ian Marshall 7 with Madeley Cricket Club's Dave Chambers best for them 14. The closest we came to a shock was Mid-Shropshire Division 2 side Edgmond who had seven winners against Division 1 side Bowring on Sinclair, but still lost by 21. Bowring skipper Dave Brown said "Edgmond played the green really well on a weighted green with Vicki Mcnally and Dan Stanley stood out for me . Going into the last four there was only a couple in the game but Alan Jones won to twenty in a excellent game against Glyn Lawrence, Sean Round showed his experience to win 11 and Lee Parton, growing in confidence each week, bowled superb to win to seven. A well fought game and pleased to come out on top." Kate Suggett led the way at 1 winning 6, while Vicky was best winner with her 13 win in the first four too. Church gave it a good go against their fellow Tanners side Pontesbury from a division higher, but lost out by 38 on Archibald Worthington. They had four winners, led by Ron Crook's 9 win. For Pontesbury they had three single figure winners, with Danny Blyth the best of them 4. Mid Shropshire Division One leaders St Georges beat Bishops Castle by 43 at Prees , with Jon Madeley the best winner 6. Josh Dickin was the highlight for the Tanners side, 8. Highley are also flying high in Mid Shropshire League and were comfortable against Sir John Bayley on Shifnal, winning by 34 overall. Darrell Handley won 7 and Dave East 8 in the first four as Highley never let up their lead, as Gary Owen's 12 win at number 12 was far too late for the Bayley boys. There were some big wins though, with last year's winners Castlefields beating Burway by 113, with Russ Pugh their best winner on Bowring winning 3. But Burway did have a winner, County Junior Liam Dovey winning 18. The biggest win was from last year's fellow finalists Telepost who beat Shifnal by 131 on Chester Road. They had a full house with 6 single figure winners, the best of them being Shaun Bould 4. Prees also had a full house against Atcham Malthouse to win by 107 on Hadley USC, Ben Grocott the best of them 5. Wrockwardine Wood defeated Charlton by 112 after leading by 64 off the first four, but Charlton did least have a winner in Eric Pitchford 19. Ian Delves, Sian Skelton, Sophie Meredith and Steve Downs all were best winners 4 on Sir John Bayley bottom green. Hadley USC also won by over 100 on Bridgewater, beating Meole Brace by 105 with 11 winners, Phil King the best of them 2, while John Crundell just prevented the whitewash with his 20 win. Sinclair earned themselves a big win over fellow Division One side Bridgnorth, winning by 76, Juliette King leading by example by winning 6. The Bridgnorth side had 2 winners, Roy Edwards the best of them 12, as they did lead off the first four by 6 before not having another winner. Crescent were another to have 10 winners against Hadnall at Allscott, Mike Stephens the best of them 6. The Division 2 side had two 19 winners, Michael Thomas 19 and Ian Bowser 19. Archibald Worthington pulled out, meaning that Greenfields received a walkover.
First Round Held on Wed May 30th 2018
1 Highley 232 198 Sir John Bayley At Shifnal
2 Telepost 252 121 Shifnal Limited At Chester Road Ladies
3 Wrockwardine Wood 244 132 Charlton At Sir John Bayley Bottom
4 Bylet 216 205 Battlefield At Hodnet
5 Greenfields 252 0 Archibald Worthington At Charlton
6 St Georges 225 182 Bishops Castle At Prees Old Green
7 Crescent 248 165 Hadnall At Allscott
8 Prees 252 145 Atcham Malthouse At Hadley USC
9 District 200 184 Trench At Battlefield
10 Castlefields 249 136 Burway At Bowring Prem Green
11 Pontesbury 222 184 Church At Archibald Worthington Big Green
12 Bowring 221 200 Edgmond At Sinclair
13 Old Shrewsbury 213 198 Allscott At Wem USC
14 Hadley USC 251 146 Meole Brace At Bridgewater Big Green
15 Sinclair 241 165 Bridgnorth At St Georges Bottom
16 Prince of Wales Hotel 224 199 Madeley Cricket Club At Hanmer
  • Preliminary Round
There were three ties in the preliminary round of the KGJ Insurance Shropshire Cup. Highley. Highley won the closest game beating Bridgewater by just 4 chalks at Telepost. Darrell Handley was their best card winning 3, with Chris Pearce replying for the Waterboys. Hadnall edged another close game by 12 against Horsehay on Pontesbury, with three 10 wins by Kerry Dance, Darren Fitzpatrick and Michael Thomas helping them through, with Eth Harris' 6 card not enough for the Telford side. Hadley USC eased through against Hodnet by 67, Phil King the best of their 9 winners winning 2, while Philip Brassington replied with a 10 win. Shifnal received a bye against Woore, who couldn't field a team.
Preliminary Round Held on Wed Apr 18th 2018
1 Highley 200 196 Bridgewater At Telepost
2 Hadnall 216 204 Horsehay At Pontesbury
3 Hadley USC 235 168 Hodnet At Greenfields
4 Shifnal Limited 252 0 Bye At N/A