KGJ Insurance Shropshire Cup

The Shropshire Cup is a new team competition to replace the old Consolation Cup but it is still played for the F.G. Burdass Cup. It is open to all non Premier League teams, this includes second teams of all the Premier League clubs. The holders are Highley. 2019 Round Dates
  • 1st round - Wednesday 22nd May
  • 2nd round - Wednesday 12th June (draw on Thursday 23rd May)
  • Quarter Finals - Wednesday 3rd July (draw on Thursday 13th June)
  • Semi Finals - Wednesday 17th July (draw on Thursday 13th June)
  • Final - Saturday 3rd August
1st round:
First Round Held on Wed May 22nd 2019
1 St Georges Bowring At Sir John Bayley Bottom
2 Burway Meole Brace At Bridgnorth
3 Prince of Wales Hotel SAHA At Meole Brace No.1
4 Newport Sinclair At Charlton
5 Pontesbury Charlton At Hodnet
6 Hadnall Trench At Telepost
7 Horsehay Prees At Prince of Wales Hotel
8 Greenfields Allscott At District Front
9 Bylet Old Shrewsbury At Prees Old Green
10 Wrockwardine Wood Telepost At Bridgewater Big Green
11 Madeley Cricket Club Battlefield At Wem USC
12 Hadley USC District At Castlefields No.2
13 Castlefields Adderley At Horsehay
14 Bridgewater Bridgnorth At Greenfields No.1
15 Monkmoor Hodnet At Hadley USC
16 Church Sir John Bayley At Pontesbury Nags Head