KGJ Insurance County Cup

The County Cup has been played for since 1921 for the Glynn Hill Trophy. The record holders are Castlefields who have won it 23 times, with the current holders being the Bowring. The sponsors this season are KGJ Insurance which we are very grateful for and would urge you to support them as much as you can.  
  • Proposed 2018 County Cup Dates:
  • Wed 18th April - Prelims (if needed)
  • Wed 9th May - 1st round
  • Wed 6th June - 2nd round
  • Wed 20th June - Quarter Finals
  • Sat 14th July - Semi Final no.1 (6.30 p.m. start)
  • Sat 21st July - Semi Final no.2 (6.30 p.m. start)
  • Sat 11th August - County Cup Final (6.30 p.m. start)