Senior Inter League

For history of the Senior Inter League please click here. The Senior Inter League has changed from an one day format to a knockout 8 a side competition played on neutral greens. Draws and Results are here.
  • 2019 Round Dates:
  • Preliminary Round - Saturday 27th April
  • 1st Round - Saturday 25th May
  • Semi Finals - Saturday 29th June
  • Final - TBA
  • 1st round
  • At Severnside no.1 (Ponderosa Green):
Mid-Shropshire B Score Score Whitchurch B
Graham Turner Andrew Davies
Steve Downs Will Tyler
Chris Hayward Jamie Brookes
Paul Bradburne Connor Whitehall
Darren Lord Tim Jordan
Will Ohara Gary Whitehall
Ian Delves Jack Hewitt
Rob Clarke Scott Moseley
Games 0 0 Games
Aggregate 0 0 Aggregate
At Charlton:
Shropshire Ladies Score Score Shropshire Premier Bowling White
Sarah Weaver Rob Roden
Sally Clee Liam Stevens
Sian Skelton Dan Taylor
Molly Sullivan Martin Gaut
Wendy Jones Darrell Handley
Jodie Rutter David Lloyd
Angela Gaut Rob Fuller
Jackie Rutter Jamie King
Games 0 0 Games
Aggregate 0 0 Aggregate
At Sinclair:
Whitchurch A Score Score Shropshire Premier Bowling Blue
Mike Dulson Scott Simpson
Paul Smith Glyn Wellings
Ian Macdonald Darren Wellings
Carl Hinton Stuart Rutter
Dave Hanson Wayne Phillips
Scott Thomas Ashley Wellings
Martin Lloyd Peter Farmer
Neil Boxall Andy Duckett
Games 0 0 Games
Aggregate 0 0 Aggregate
At District Front Green
Tanners Claret Shropshire A Score Score Mid-Shropshire A
Richard Addison Harry Church
Danny Wornell Richard Lawson
Tracy Ryan James Blair
Chris Jones Susie Lawson
Martin Codd Michael Cooper
Hayden Lewis Dan Lewis
Clair Barker Phil Jones
Phil Talbot Cheryl Caswell
Games 0 0 Games
Aggregate 0 0 Aggregate
  • Preliminary Round
Whitchurch A beat North Shropshire Ladies by 47 Whitchurch had a comfortable win over North Shropshire Ladies, having 6 out of the 8 winners. Dave Hanson was the best of these 8, while for the Ladies it was Olive Pass who won 17 and Donna Bennett 20 to give them some consolation.
Played at Bridgewater Big Green
North Shropshire Ladies Score Score Whitchurch A
Donna Bennett 21 20 Mike Dulson
Ann Speake 17 21 Ian Macdonald
Sue Mottershead 10 21 Carl Hinton
Jane Peak 14 21 Derek Wright
Paula Healey 8 21 Dave Hanson
Irene Bloore 16 21 Chris Stretch
Gill Edge 9 21 Martin Lloyd
Olive Pass 21 17 Neil Boxall
Games 2 6 Games
Aggregate 116 163 Aggregate
  Tanners Shropshire beat Market Drayton by 25 The Tanners Shropshire beat the Market Drayton league by 25 chalks in a fairly comfortable win with 6 winners overall. They led by 13 after four as late reserve Shaun Bould won 11, with Rob Brassington the only winner for Market Drayton 17. Three winners in the back sealed the win, led by Clair Barker's 15 win, as Tim Stokes won 19 to add a second win for Market Drayton.
Played at Bowring Non-Prem Green
Market Drayton A Score Score Tanners Claret Shropshire A
Alan Purcell 17 21 Richard Addison
Matt Blackhurst 18 21 Danny Wornell
Julian Goodwin 11 21 Shaun Bould
Rob Brassington 21 17 Chris Jones
Ben Hinton 18 21 Martin Codd
Tim Stokes 21 19 Hayden Lewis
Philip Jones 15 21 Clair Barker
Cedric Bancroft 16 21 Phil Talbot
Games 2 6 Games
Aggregate 137 162 Aggregate
Whitchurch B beat Ludlow League by 6 The closest game of the night was between Whitchurch B and the Ludlow League. Whitchurch led by 1 off the first four as the two sides shared it. Into the back and Jack Hewitt's 8 win at number eight helped them to the win, despite Harry Parsonage winning 15 for the Ludlow League.
Played at Hadley USC
Whitchurch B Score Score Ludlow League
Andrew Davies 18 21 Peter Griffiths
Connor Whitehall 17 21 Jolyon Partridge
Will Tyler 21 16 Wayne Rogers
Jamie Brookes 21 18 Kiah Roberts
Gary Whitehall 21 15 Adonis Dovey
Scott Moseley 15 21 Liam Dovey
Tom Hardy 13 21 Harry Parsonage
Jack Hewitt 21 8 Ben Allen
Games 4 4 Games
Aggregate 147 141 Aggregate