Junior Inter League

The Junior Inter League has been played for since 1978, when three teams took part in two 12 a side matches in each league area. This continued until 2009 when it was changed to a 6 a side competition.
  • A copy of the competition rules is here.
Mid Shropshire won on home soil to follow in the footsteps of the last two hosts. The A team were comfortable throughout the day, winning the final against Whitchurch A by 27, current Whitchurch League player Edward Proudlove being best winner for Mid-Shropshire 9. Only Josh Warner won for the 2017 winners, 15. The consolation final was won by the Tanners Shropshire A team after beating Mid Shropshire B by 12, led by Emmet Mckinley's 13 win at number one. Best for Mid Shropshire was Lucy Hireson 17. 7 teams took part, including a mixed Tanners and Whitchurch side. The group of four saw Mid Shropshire A win all three games. They beat Whitchurch B by 76 with Joe Killen the best of their 6 winners, and then Whitchurch/Tanners by 58, Edward Proudlove best winner 6, with Declan Meakin only winner for the mixed side 11. They finished it off by beating their B team by 34, best winner being Emma Massey-Jones 5 and Callun Corbett best for the B side 19. The B team though did finish 2nd to reach the Consolation Final. They defeated Whitchurch B by 40 with Callun Corbett best winner again 6, and Halle Crawford being the sole winner for the opposition 4. They got past Whitchurch/Tanners by 47, Callun again starring 21-9 as part of 6 winners. The other game saw the mixed side beat Whitchurch B by 8. Leo Hughes was their best winner 11, with Halle Crawford best for the B side 15. The The group of three saw Whitchurch come out on top with two wins. They had a close shave against the Tanners League after beating them by just 4. Molly Harris was their best winner 11, with Camilla Parsonage best for the opposition 9. They both beat Mid Shropshire C which meant the Tanners got the runner up spot. Whitchurch won by 59 with Ben Hinton and Finn Leonard best winners 4, and Tanners won by 46, Kelly Price their best 5, and the winner for Mid Shropshire being Daniel Corbett 16. Well done to both teams for winning, but more importantly, well done to all the Juniors who came out and represented their leagues today. The future in Shropshire is in good hands! Full scores are here.
All the juniors who took part today.