Senior County

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The 2017 Senior & Junior County fixtures have been released and both teams face a familiar foe in Warwick and Worcester. The seniors take them on in our first game in what could be a pivotal game, but Wales and then Derbyshire won’t be easy games either. We have faced Warwick and Worcester three times in the last four years, losing each time, very narrowly in the 2014 & 2015 Semi Finals. We haven’t played Wales since 2011, when we won home and away, and Derbyshire since 2012, beating them by 43 overall. None of the three teams got out of their groups last season, Warwick and Worcester losing to Cumbria after being taken to the notorious Lindal green and then losing out on aggregate in the group, Wales won in Yorkshire but lost at home by more in their final group game, while Derbyshire finished behind North Lancs and Fylde, who we beat in the Semi Finals.

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2017 Senior County Fixtures

Sunday 4th June vs. Wales

Home Venue: Pontesbury Nags Head Green. Address: The Nags Head, Pontesbury, SY5 0QD

1) Rich Goddard v Leighton Roberts
2) Callum Wraight v Paul Hallett
3) Darren Wellings v Geraint Williams
4) Kiah Roberts v Richard Zolman
5) Clay Flattley v Robin Bennett
6) Glyn Herbert v Nick Jones
7) Ashley Wellings v Arwel Davies
8) Wayne Phillips v Darren Lacey
9) Adie Rowe v Keiron Roberts
10) Colin Beaman v Simon Tyler
11) Michael Beer v Andrew Hughes
12) Wayne Rogers v Craig Griffiths

Shropshire Reserves: Jolyon Partridge, Spencer Clarke, Stuart Rutter.

Wales Reserves: Ian Dutton, Andrew Armstrong, Martin Jones, Dave ‘Dickie’ Jones, David A Jones, Daniel Hughes, Graham Rogers.

Away Venue: Betws-yn-Rhos Bowling Club, Dolwen Road, Betws-yn-Rhos, LL22 8AP

1) Andy Moss v Jason Jones
2) Rich Lawson v Geraint Jones
3) Scott Harries v Michael Pritchard
4) Glyn Picknell v John Short
5) Peter Grimston v Adam Penlington
6) Robert Roden v Nick Hughes
7) Phil Emery v Barry Harris
8) Rob Burroughs v Paul Walley
9) Paul Reeves v Keith Bailey
10) Jamie King v Francis Penlington
11) Martin Lloyd v Steve Lawley
12) Tom Roden v Neale Charlton

Shropshire Reserves: Dave King, Aaron King, Josh Bradburn.

Welsh Reserves: Steve Dace, Kris Charlton, Mark Whiteley, Christian Pattinson, Ivor Jones, Geraint Booth.

Practice Times

As things stand practise time are OK at all times for the County team apart from the following times:

18:30 Onwards Monday, Tuesday and Friday (league matches)

13:30 – 17:00 Thursday (league matches)

If there are any changes because of cup or rearranged matches then it will be posted on here.

If there any issues getting in please contact Mo or me on 07901 229623 then I will pass on the details from someone from Pontesbury.

Sunday 7th May vs. Warwick & Worcester

Shropshire stunned Warwick and Worcester today in the Endsleigh Senior County Championship winning home and away in a 47 shot success. It didn’t start off to well after the first fours at both venues as we found ourselves down by 5 overall despite 5 winners. It could have been much better, Callum Wraight at number led Gareth Herbert 18-3 and was two on before Gareth flicked the jack to count and then played some superb stuff on a 30m straight mark off the crown to get back at Callum to the delight of the visiting support. But Callum did manage to get out 20, however Scott Harries was 20-12 up over the middle before Ant Aldridge got in the corners and kept it tight to prevent Scott scoring again. Darren Wellings and Glyn Picknell both had close games with Carl Fielding and Elliott McGuinness respectively with Darren winning 19 and Glyn 20 to lead by just 3 at home. Away and Andrew Moss and Kiah Roberts both won 20, against Lee Kington and Paul Gamsby respectively, to keep the deficit down to 8 with Rich Goddard getting 14 off Neil Clarke and Rich Lawson 18 off Jason Galvin.

In the middle and two big wins turned the tide. Alex Jones was awesome on a 20m round peg and with Ryan Prosser having no luck he won 5, while at the George Rob Roden was superb to win 5 himself against Stewart Meddings. Elsewhere Phil Emery led 12-7 before being pegged back to 15 across and then had a surge to win 16 against reserve Adam Kirby. Stuart Rutter trailed Ben Harris over the middle 8-1 but got back in it at 16-14 up before Ben ran out, and Wayne Phillips struggled early doors to trail 15-6 on a difficult mark to Chris Bergin, but Wayne used his experience to fight back to 15-14 down before getting 19 from 20-14 down to keep the score tight. Away and Adie Rowe won 20 on his return against Andy Saunders, with Clay Flattley also winning 18 against Ross Dunkley and Glyn Herbert getting 18 from Tom Pritchard. This meant we led by 17 at home and 9 away.

Into the back four and Rob Burroughs lead 8-1 and 20-7 on falling marks before winning 12 against Jason McLoughlin, with Mike Beer superb on a falling mark to beat Steve Wallace 5. Tom Roden won 14 against Paul Hemming despite being pegged back at 11-10 from 11-3 up, while Spencer Clarke was 16-10 up before Pete Dunkley got in the corners and was excellent to win 17, which meant the win was 45. At the George and we kept it tight, Jamie King getting 12 off Steve Darling and Wayne Rogers 18 off Phil Clinton, with Martin Lloyd beating Justin Hemmings 17 and Colin Beaman 20 against Darren Round, to win by 2 in an outstanding result.

A fantastic result for Shropshire in their first game, but there is still 4 games to go on the quest to do one better than last season.

Full Scores:

Home Leg @ Bowring Prem Green, TF1 2BN
(Shropshire names first)
1. Callum Wraight 21-20 Gareth Herbert
2. Scott Harries 20-21 Ant Aldridge
3. Glyn Picknell 21-20 Elliot McGuinness
4. Darren Wellings 21-19 Carl Fielding
5. Alex Jones 21-5 Ryan Prosser
6. Stuart Rutter 16-21 Ben Harris
7. Wayne Phillips 19-21 Chris Bergin
8. Phil Emery 21-16 Anthony Bracken
9. Robert Burroughs 21-12 Jason McLoughlin
10. Spencer Clarke 17-21 Peter Dunkley
11. Michael Beer 21-5 Steve Wallace
12. Tom Roden 21-14 Paul Hemming

Shropshire 240-195 Warwick and Worcester

Away Leg @ The George, B68 9LN
(W&W names first)
1. Neil Clarke 21-14 Rich Goddard
2. Lee Kington 20-21 Andrew Moss
3. Paul Gamsby 20-21 Kiah Roberts
4. Jason Galvin 21-18 Richard Lawson
5. Ross Dunkley 18-21 Clay Flattley
6. Stewart Meddings 5-21 Robert Roden
7. Andrew Saunders 20-21 Adie Rowe
8. Tom Pritchard 21-18 Glyn Herbert
9. Steve Darling 21-12 Jamie King
10. Justin Hemming 17-21 Martin Lloyd
11. Darren Round 20-21 Colin Beaman
12. Phil Clinton 21-18 Wayne Rogers

Warwick and Worcester 225-227 Shropshire

Overall Score: Shropshire 467-420 Warwick and Worcester

Sunday 2nd July vs. Derbyshire