Junior County

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The Junior team open up with a clash against Potteries & District before facing Warwick and Worcester and finish off with a game against North Midlands. There’s no question that Warwick and Worcester will be the decisive clash, they finished runners up last season. It will be the first clash since the 2014 final which was remembered for all the wrong reasons, and hopefully this game will pass off without any trouble and be remembered for the on green action and not off. We play Potteries & District for the first time since 2014 when we beat them comfortably home and away, and North Midlands in 2013, having 23 winners.

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2017 Junior County Fixtures

Sunday 13th August

Shropshire Juniors dipped out at the Group stage of the Supplementary today after losing by 11 to South Yorkshire. We won their first two games comfortably beating Greater Manchester by 48 with Matt Parry the best of our 7 winners winning 8, and Merseyside by 27, Camilla Parsonage the best of the 5 winners 21-6. Then they faced South Yorkshire, who had also won both their games, and just came up short. They managed to get 3 winners with Charlie Hotchkiss the best 16, but this was not enough.

SCGBA would like to congratulate the Juniors on their efforts today.

Full scores are here.

Sunday 9th July vs. North Midlands

Shropshire Juniors earned their second win of 2017 but it wasn’t enough to go through the group as winner after Warwick & Worcester hammered Potteries & District by 271. We beat North Midlands by 70 overall with a 43 shot home win and 27 away. Two winners in the first four at home established a 5 shot lead which with two single figure winners, Camilla Parsonage 5 and Charlie Hotchkiss 7, before three winners at the back, led by Liam Dovey’s 9 win, meant a good win at home. Away at Atherstone and three winners in the first four meant a 6 shot lead with Emma Massey Jones the best of the three winning 8. Two wins in the middle, including a debut win for Alex Salamino 14, kept a lead of 4 before Edward Proudlove’s 5 and Joe Killen’s 10 wins meant a great away result in the end.

We will now take our place in the Supplementary on Sunday 13th August.


Home Venue is Meole Brace (1)

  1. Harry Parsonage 10-21 George Chapman
  2. Matt Parry 21-11 Dylan Burdett
  3. Kieran Jones 21-10 Taylor Wildman
  4. Rhys Marshall 16-21 Ronan Allen
  5. Kelly Price 21-16 James Crowther
  6. Charlie Hotchkiss 21-7 Owen Wood
  7. George Cooper 5-21 Ryan Cross
  8. Camilla Parsonage 21-5 Harry Crowther
  9. Liam Dovey 21-9 Joshua Blakey
  10. Lorna Parsons 21-14 Zach Cross
  11. Emmet McKinley 20-21 James Harris
  12. Toby Foxall 21-20 Max Jefferson

Shropshire 219-176 North Midlands

North Midlands v Shropshire

Away venue is: Atherstone Grove, Cooks Close, Atherstone, Warwickshire, CV 9 1ES

  1. Natty Tonks 19-21 Harry Church
  2. Tom Lea 21-4 Jake Bailey
  3. Kieran Welch 8-21 Emma Massey-Jones
  4. Owen Chattaway 13-21 Liam Edwards
  5. Lachan Pollock 21-19 Ellie Davies
  6. Alfie Knight 21-11 Joe Dorricott
  7. Olivia Williams 14-21 Alex Salamino
  8. Kai Wilson 18-21 Tom Killen
  9. Finlay Roche 10-21 Joe Killen
  10. William Lee-Smith 5-21 Edward Proudlove
  11. Molly Tonks 19-21 Josh Warner
  12. Liam Dennis 21-15 Russell Crocker

North Midlands 190-217 Shropshire

Shropshire 436-366 North Midlands

Shropshire won by 70 overall.

Sunday 11th June vs. Warwick & Worcester

The Shropshire Juniors fell to defeat today against Warwick and Worcester in the Drakes Pride Junior County by 50 shots overall. It was a valiant effort by our Juniors playing a strong side in the previous winners of this competition. At home we had four winners led by Kelly Price of Pontesbury 21-10 but that wasn’t enough in a 2 shot loss. Away from home on a tough green at Lea Hall it was a good performance in a 48 chalk deficit with two winners, Russell Crocker 14 and Liam Edwards 16.


Home at Telepost

  1. Harry Parsonage (c) 13-21 Matthew Caines
  2. Rhys Marshall 19-21 Dawson Rose
  3. Toby Foxall 15-21 Liam Lowery
  4. Matt Parry 21-11 Michael Madden
  5. Kelly Price 21-10 Nathan Caines
  6. Kieran Jones 18-21 Tommy McDonald
  7. Camilla Parsonage 21-13 Nathan Crocombe
  8. Charlie Hotchkiss 20-21 Ciaran Andrews
  9. Liam Dovey 21-12 Lewis Mooney
  10. George Cooper 18-21 William Clarke
  11. Lorna Parsons 15-21 Andy Ford
  12. Matt Beck 10-21 Callum Mitchell (c)

Shropshire 212-214 Warwick & Worcester

Away at Lea Hall:

  1. Emily Kernick (c) 21-11 Harry Church
  2. Lucas Hall 16-21 Liam Edwards
  3. Ryan Hocknull 21-20 Susie Lawson
  4. Jack Newsome 21-19 Emma Massey-Jones
  5. Louis Jones 21-15 Edward Proudlove
  6. Megan Earlis 21-18 Josh Warner
  7. Reece Maskell 21-14 Tom Killen
  8. Harry Davies 14-21 Russell Crocker
  9. Shannon Kernick 21-8 Joe Killen
  10. Cameron Cutler 21-14 Louis Moult
  11. Matthew Grundy 21-19 Jacob Holden
  12. Matty Parkes 21-12 Jake Bailey (c)

Warwick & Worcester 240-192 Shropshire

Overall: Warwick and Worcester 454-404 Shropshire


The home team at Telepost in the rain.

away team

The away team at Lea Hall.


Home Player of the Match Kelly Price.


Sunday 14th May vs. Potteries & District

Shropshire Juniors secured a big win today in their first Drakes Pride Junior County Match against Potteries & District. We won by 126 at home and 125 away, helped by two walkovers given at the away leg by their opponents, despite them having 7 reserves named. We had 11 winners home and away with Josh Warner and Jacob Holden the two players given those walkovers. At home there were 7 single figure winners with reigning Peter Ashton Youth Trophy Winner Matthew Beck the best of them winning 0. Away from home we had four single figure winners, Liam Edwards the best winning 4.

So we move onto the crunch game in the group against Warwick & Worcester on Sunday 11th June, who themselves won by 236 today against North Midlands.

Full scores:

Draw is as follows Shropshire names first:

  1. Toby Foxall 21-15 Ryan Dodd
  2. Matt Parry 21-15 Fraser Page
  3. Rhys Marshall 21-13 Tom Hollinshead
  4. Kelly Price 21-5 Jack Turner
  5. Kieran Jones 21-3 Mollie Allen
  6. George Cooper 21-9 Dillon Porter
  7. Harry Parsonage 21-6 Joshua Hamilton
  8. Matt Beck 21-0 Jack Davies
  9. Charlie Hotchkiss 21-9 Jack Maddox
  10. Lorna Parsons 21-7 Kyle Ollerhead
  11. Camilla Parsonage 21-20 Ben Hollinshead
  12. Liam Dovey 18-21 Edward Collins

Shropshire 249-123 Potteries & District

Away Venue Bucknall Private Bowling Club

Potteries names first.

  1. Joe Townsend 11-21 Harry Church
  2. Daniel Elvy 14-21 Joe Killen
  3. Tammy Taylor 7-21 Russell Crocker
  4. Tom Farmer 16-21 Susie Lawson
  5. William Collett 6-21 Emma Massey-Jones
  6. Poppy Gascoine 5-21 Tom Killen
  7. James Wright 12-21 Edward Proudlove
  8. Lucy Marshall 4-21 Liam Edwards
  9. W/O Josh Warner
  10. W/O Jacob Holden
  11. Matt Packett 15-21 Jake Bailey
  12. Jack Farmer 21-5 Louis Moult

Potteries & District 111-236 Shropshire


Shropshire 485-234 Potteries & District


The home team at Severnside.


Camilla Parsonage receives the player of the match award from Deputy President Isobel Jones.