County Treasurer not seeking re-election.

Brian Kitson will be standing down as Treasurer on 31.1.21.

We thank him for all he has done in his thirteen years in Office, he will be missed.

Applications for this position to be made to the County Chairman Barry Jennings Tel: 01743 351155 email:

If you have any questions please contact Brian Kitson: Email,

Tel: 01743 367836

SCGBA – Job Description for the post of County Treasurer.

.1.Pay in to the designated bank account, all monies received from a range of stakeholders including affiliated leagues and clubs etc.

 2.Issue cheques in respect of affiliation fees/entry fees due, purchases made, work carried out and prize money gained via competitions etc., etc.

 3. Attend periodic meetings of the SCGBA Executive Committee, and present financial reports to these meetings.

 4.Administer the annual Public Liability and Personal Accident insurance provision for all SCGBA affiliated leagues and clubs. This includes both the Endsleigh scheme administered by the BCGBA, and all other policies taken out by individual leagues and clubs.

  5.Submit monthly returns to HMRC throughout the financial year in relation to tax due on the SCGBA officers’ Honoraria payments, and to pay the relevant amounts each month to HMRC. Complete/submit year end returns to HMRC, and issue P60 End of Year Certificates to the Association’s officers. 

6. Administer the Government’s People’s Pension scheme for the Association’s officers (every three years). 

7. Convene/Chair periodic meetings of the SCGBA Finance Committee.  

May I also remind you the County Secretary Mo Corley is retiring on 31.1.21 which is only 14 weeks away. We have not received any applications for this post. Interested? then please contact Barry Jennings details above.

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