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I now provide you with an update on issues affecting you as an SCGBA affiliated Club/League during these totally unprecedented times.

Unfortunately, the BCGBA have informed us that they are unable to agree to our request for them to reconsider their request for payment by the clubs, for both the affiliation fee and handbooks, and therefore clubs will have to pay for both of these items in accordance with BCGBA Bye-Laws.

The normal annual League/Club Invoice has been issued, and this includes both of these items -  (Handbook only for leagues –no BCGBA Affiliation Fee), and Affiliation Fees and Handbooks for clubs).

We are sorry that we have been unsuccessful in our attempts on your behalf, to have these two items waived in these unprecedented and difficult times, but please be assured that it wasn’t for the want of trying!

The latest 2020 Handbook will be used for both the 2020 and 2021 seasons.

Handbooks will be distributed to you when it is safe to do so.

There will be no handbooks in 2021, just a pdf copy of any changes.

Insurance (see Appendix note 3 below)

To remind you, all leagues and clubs must take out Public Liability Insurance (minimum of £2m).

As we are unsure if and when the 2020 season will commence, it is important to ensure that all insurances are up to date. This is because whilst the question of any bowling taking place this year appears extremely unlikely, should the government restrictions are lifted at some point later in the year unless there is Public Liability Insurance cover in place (min of £2m), and that both SCGBA and BCGBA affiliation fees have been paid, no bowling, league or social (including practice), will be permitted to take place on club greens.

I would, therefore, urge you to ensure that your club has the required Public Liability Insurance in place - Endsleigh insurance is effective from Friday 1st May.

Guidance from the BCGBA is as follows:

 “Insurance must be in place. The clubs still could have a potential claim even though technically closed, if greenkeepers are still cutting the green, and with some kind of practise being a possibility, then insurance is still required.”

Clubs who use another provider must send copy documentation showing the name of the club, the commencement and expiry dates of the policy and the amount of public liability cover held, to Brian Kitson (Treasurer) upon renewal of the policy.

BCGBA Open Certificates

All certificates issued in 2020 with a January, February or March date, are now extended to cover until 31st October 2021.

SCGBA - Competition Authorities

If any club who has purchased a competition authority in 2020, is unable to stage the competition, then the Competition Authority will be honoured for 2021 season.

Safeguarding/DBS clearances (see Appendix note 2 below)

Phil Scott, the SCGBA Safeguarding Officer/DBS Checker, has asked me to inform all leagues and clubs that DBS renewals are suspended until further notice.

All existing 3-year renewals will be extended for at least 6 months.

Can all club and league secretaries check that the details regarding their Safeguarding Officer are up to date on their club/league page. There is a vast number which is wrong!

County competitions

Because of the current unprecedented situation, unfortunately, it will not be possible to hold any County competitions during 2020.

League/Club Invoice (see Appendix note 4 below)

The club/league invoice has been sent out to your club/league secretary who must ensure that it is forwarded to the person responsible for payments.

The following items will appear on your invoice;

BCGBA Club Affiliation fee         (£35.00)

BCGBA Handbook                      (£2.50 each)

SCGBA Club Affiliation Fee        (£5.00)

SCGBA League Affiliation Fee    (£25.00)

SCGBA AGM fine (if applicable) (£10.00)

Note: this item is included as the AGM was held before the start of this pandemic.

Important - You may pay your Club Invoice by Bank Transfer (see Appendix note 4 below).

Individual Player Levy - £2.00 per player.

Note: This item has not been included in the Club Invoice, but will be reviewed later in the year when hopefully circumstances will have changed and greens will be in use.

We will update you nearer the time and may need to issue a supplementary invoice for the appropriate amount.

SCGBA Grant Award Scheme

Because of the current unprecedented situation, and its impact on SCGBA finances, unfortunately, it will not be possible to offer this scheme to affiliated clubs for the foreseeable future.

New BCGBA player Registration Cards

Just to confirm that as previously notified, the application process for new BCGBA Player Registration Cards has been temporarily suspended until at least 31st July due to the current Coronavirus emergency. No new cards will be issued by the County Registrar until further notice.

Finally, I trust that I have been able to set out this important information in a clear manner, but please contact me if you have any query etc., and I would urge you to follow the guidance given to you from the BCGBA and the Government.  The situation changes from day to day, so please check your emails and the County website.


Yours in Sport,

Mo Corley

Hon Secretary SCGBA




SCGBA – www.scgba.co.uk       

2020 Mo Corley: Hon Secretary. Email: mocorl@aol.com

Please fill in your club details below.

Club page: http://bowlingresults.co.uk/scgba/    

Press login: then enter your password.

    CLUB:      ---------------------------------- PASSWORD      - - - -

*    I send all correspondence to the Club Secretary to distribute. If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to email me and I will be happy to assist you. 

*    If you have a change of Club Secretary, please inform me by email to enable me to update my contact list.

*    It is also important that you pass this information sheet onto the new Club Secretary with your club password to enable them to update the club page.


*    You must keep your club page updated. Please check the following:

  • Club contact details are correct.
  • Insurance is up to date and that it has been updated.
  • Safeguarding Officers information is correct and that their DBS is in date.

*    The information on this page is protected and can only be seen by those who know your password.

*    The info from your club page enables us to generate the CR1 and CR1a forms (on your behalf)

The forms must be completed each year and forwarded to the BCGBA. (This only applies to the clubs whose primary affiliation to the BCGBA is through Shropshire Crown Green Bowling Association. That is why we need both DBS and insurance details.


*    To comply with government legislation all clubs and leagues who affiliate to SCGBA must appoint a Safeguarding Officer and our bye-law states (Byelaw 4) any club or league failing to appoint a Safeguarding Officer will have its affiliation to the SCGBA suspended until one is in place.

*    As a Safeguarding Officer, you must be DBS checked through the BCGBA (even if you are already checked previously for work or another sport) this check is quick and easy to do at no cost to yourself (other than postal charges and travel expenses if applicable)

*    Please note, clearance is for three years only and then you must re-apply.

*    To reapply please contact Phil Scott: Email: safeguardingscgba@outlook.com 

07946 478299.

*    An important reminder that on receipt of your DBS you must send a copy of the certificate to the County Safeguarding Officer (Phil Scott) within 28 days of its release from the DBS, otherwise a twenty-pound fine will be applied.

*    Please remember that your Safeguarding Officer’s details including DBS number and date of issue must be updated on your club page.


*    If you take out the BCGBA Endsleigh insurance you will need your BCGBA Membership number. This can be found at the bottom of your club page if your primary affiliation is through Shropshire. If your primary affiliation is elsewhere you can add your BCGBA onto the page for safekeeping if you wish.

*    You then apply for insurance via http://www.bcgba.org.uk/club-insurance/

*   Insurance prices for 2020 are as follows:

Public liability cover      2m      £45.00          5m      £49.00      10m    £65.00

Personal Accident £1.00 per person.

Directors and Officers Insurance:  £20.00

*    Please remember to update the insurance details on your Club Page.

*    If you acquire your insurance from an alternative provider, once renewed, please update your club page and immediately send evidence of the policy in the form of photocopies of the appropriate pages of the document showing the name of your club, the start/expiry dates of the policy, and the cover for Public Liability Insurance, to the County Treasurer:

Brian Kitson. 73 Boscobel Drive, Heath Farm, Shrewsbury, SY1 3DU

  Email: kitsonb1@gmail.com


*    Make Cheque payable to SCGBA and send to Brian Kitson. The address is above.

*   BACS – You may pay your Club Account by Bank Transfer (BACS), but if you choose to pay in this way, you must:

i). Inform Brian via email that you are doing this, and when the money will be transferred into the County Association’s bank account.

ii).email him a copy of your club invoice so that he can allocate your payment to the correct heading, eg SCGBA Affiliation Fee/Purchase of Handbook etc. etc.

iii).ensure that a reference is given to your bank so that Brian can identify the payments shown on his bank statements. Ideally, this should be the club name and invoice number in order that he will be able to recognise and use to allocate your payment.

        The Association’s bank details are:       

        Sort Code: 20-85-46

        Account Number: 80744204

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