On This Day: 6th May 2012

On this day in 2012 we played North Lancs & Fylde and managed to earn a good victory against an improving team. We had 11 winners at home on Hanwood, but with the best winners Andy Duckett and Keith Wall only winning 13, it was only a win by 53. The away team did an excellent job in having 5 winners , Martin Lloyd leading by example at number one in beating star man Wayne Ditchfield 10. Callum Wraight also produced a 21-8 win at number 8 to keep the damage down.

Fulls scores are below.

P osShropshireScoreScoreNorth Lancs & Fylde
1Colin Beaman2120James Grimston
2Simon Parsonage2117Ashleigh Woof
3Michael Beer2116Daryl Wright
4Rich Goddard2120Stuart Kenyon
5Wayne Phillips2116Darren Edmondson
6Clay Flattley2116Mark Chesters
7Darren Wellings2117Steve Clamp
8Rich Lawson2114John Fox
9Andy Duckett2113Mel Byron
10Keith Walton2114Owen Jackson
11Keith Wall2113Hugh Hornby
12Wayne Rogers1921Jon Metters
PosNorth Lancs & FyldeScoreScoreShropshire
1Wayne Ditchfield1021Martin Lloyd
2Lee Heaton2110Peter Farmer
3Lyndon Carr2116Andy Moss
4Neil Helm2113Alan Davidson
5Ricky Cochrane1721Spencer Clarke
6Chris Singleton2021Charlie Weaver
7Dave Watters2113Scott Harries
8Bob Brown821Callum Wraight
9Simon Coupe2115Mark Holland
10James Ball1621Tony Rhodes
11Michael Leach2111Alan Palin
12Paul Wilson2119Derek Wright

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