Senior Inter League Final 2019 Report

The Premier League Blue Team edged home in the Senior Inter League Final as they beat the White team by 16. But it wasn't as easy as the score suggests, as the White team led by 8 after 5 games off. The first four saw the White team come out the blocks the quickest, Rob Fuller and Rob Roden led 8-3 and Dan Taylor was 8-4 up. But the blue team got to grips with the green and got back into their games. Wayne Phillips had a 9 break against Rob Roden to go 12-8 up, while Glyn Wellings got back to 10 across with Rob Fuller. Darren Wellings led Liam Stevens 10-7 for the blue team before Liam got up to the crown and went 13-10 up in singles. Darren got back to 17 across but then Liam ran out. Glyn Wellings also ran out from 15-13 down to give the Blue team an early lead, with Scott Simpson edging out Dan Taylor 19 in a good quality game being cancelled out by Rob Roden beating Wayne Phillips 19. So after four the Blue team led by 2.

Into the back four and after a slow start Martin Gaut led 13-7 before Ash Wellings got back to 13-11. But Martin then ran out, meaning the White team led by 8. However Tom Roden was playing very well to be 12-3 up in the corners, but Aaron King had Pete Farmer 13-8 and playing well, and Jamie King led Keith Wall 11-9. But Keith then went 16-11 up on Jamie, and Pete edged his way back to 15-12 down against Aaron. Tom maintained his lead with Darrell not managing to hold the block, and won 8 to put the blue team 5 up. At this stage Jamie King had got back to 17-16 down against Keith Wall down an edge and had led a foot bowl, while Pete now led Aaron 19-15, meaning the Blues needed two to win. Keith played Jamie out first bowl, and then Jamie went through the gap trying to return the favour. Keith then played another perfect bowl to leave himself two and win the game for the Blue team. Keith got out next end to win 16, and Pete won 15, to mean a 16 shot win for the Blue team.

Tom Roden won the man of the match award.

Thank you to the Bowring for hosting and preparing a perfect surface for the match, and thanks to Marg Fletcher for putting on an excellent spread afterwards. Thank you to County President Mike Beckett for putting on the live scores and for doing the Presentation. Also thank you to Jamie King for running the White team this season.

NoShropshire Premier Bowling BlueAggScoreScoreAggShropshire Premier Bowling White
1Darren Wellings17172121Liam Stevens
2Glyn Wellings38211536Rob Fuller
3Scott Simpson59211955Dan Taylor
4Wayne Phillips78192176Rob Roden
5Ashley Wellings89112197Martin Gaut
6Peter Farmer1102115112Aaron King
7Keith Wall1312116128Jamie King
8Tom Roden152218136Darrell Handley
Man of the Match Tom Roden with County President Mike Beckett.
Blue captain Rob Burroughs collecting the trophy off County President Mike Becket..
Blue captain Rob Burroughs with White captain Jamie King.
The two teams before the final.
The Blue team - back from left: Keith Wall, Pete Farmer, Scott Simpson & Tom Roden.
Front from left: Wayne Phillips, Darren Wellings, Glyn Wellings & Ash Wellings.
The White team - back from left: Martin Gaut, Aaron King, Jamie King & Rob Fuller.
Front feom left: Darrell Handley, Dan Taylor, Rob Roden & Liam Stevens.

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