Dennis Lewis Open 2019 Preview

The Dennis Lewis Open takes place today with many star names in the field. Greg Smith and Callum Wraight are both there and will be favourites. There are other top names from outside the county including former All England winner Darren Plenderleith, Autumn Waterloo winner Jon Palmer, Carl Fielding and Gareth Coates from Yorkshire. There are a former players who will have green knowledge on their side, Steve Burroughs, Paul Reeves and Elliot McGuinness. There are some top local players there like Wayne Phillips, Rich Lawson, Paul Williams, Darren Wellings, Mike Beer and Keith Wall. Former winner Stuart Rutter is also in the field, as well as young guns Sam Millward, Martin Gaut, Ash Wellings, Josh Bradburn and Jamie King.

It promises to be a classy day of bowls. Hopefully scores will be updated here.

Dennis Lewis Open Times of Play
10 a.m. start club open from 10 a.m. Refreshments available
Not the draw

Could these players check in by 9.50
Tom Leigh
Sam Millward
Martin Gaut
Jonny Davies
Greg Smith
Justin Pegram
Paul Reeves
Tony Eades
Ash Bracken
Adam Tyler
Sam Cartwright
Brad Bayliss
Sam O'nions
Aaron King
Andy Hamman
Darren Wellings
Steve Morley
Ben Lynch
Gareth Coates
Dan Taylor
Jon Palmer
Aiden Hughes
Andy Morgan
Ian Howell
Paul Miller
Connor Whitehall
Jamie King
Leighton Roberts
Dan Williams
Rich Lawson
Will Childs

Could next players check in by 10.50
Craig Wilson
Jack Hewitt
Dave Chapman
Ash Wellings
Chris Baker
James Bracken
Gary Whitehall
Michael Lynch (snr)
Simon Lane
Callum wraight
Curtis Metcalfe
Darren Lord
Aly Evans
John Clark
Adam Kirby
Dave Lloyd
Josh Bradburn
Josh Cotton
Darren Plenderleith
Elliot Mcguinness
Keith Wall
Steve Burroughs
Michael Lynch (jnr)
Alan Hughes
Stuart Church
Stuart Rutter
Shane Day
George Chapman
Michael Beer
Carl Fielding
Wayne Phillips
Paul Williams

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