Shropshire vs. Staffordshire Juniors Preview

Shropshire complete their Junior campaign against Staffordshire with still a chance of winning the competition. They are level with Yorkshire and Warwick and Worcester at the top and know a win would seal second if Yorkshire beat Warwick and Worcester next month. They use Old Shrewsbury for their home leg, while the away side go to Penn. Selector Phil Scott says "hopefully we can finish second which will be an improvement on last year with only Yorkshire getting the better of us. Staffordshire shouldn't be underestimated from their results, but with strength in depth our squads should be enough." Several key players take part in their last game, with Harry Parsonage, Emma Massey-Jones and Harry Church all to old next year. Phil says "all the selectors say thanks to the player on their last game for Shropshire in the junior section and wish them all the best in their bowling careers going forward. We thank them for their dedication."

Live scores will be here.

1Harry Parsonage  Owen Evans  Jordyn Hughes  Harry Church1
2Rhys Marshall  Jacob Ash  Connor Bray  Ben Hinton2
3Kelly Price  Lucy Skidmore  Holly White  Tom Killen3
4George Cooper  Joe Ford  Brogan Wilshire  Ellie Davies4
5Molly Harris  Thomas Haywood  Edith Archer  Finn Leonard5
6Emmet Mckinley  Ben Goddard  Leon Cattell  James Shepherd6
7Kian Parsons  Zachariah Round  Louis Wallis  Halle Crawford7
8Lucy Hireson  Toby Hobbs  Lottie Webster  Jack Purcell8
9Charlie Hotchkiss  Joe Furguson  Harvey Gofton  Josh Warner9
10Edward Proudlove  Bruno Heath  Adan Hudson  Joe Killen10
11Camilla Parsonage  Tom Skidmore  Tom Bate  Joe Dorricott11
12Susie Lawson  Mia Benton  Joe Dicken  Emma Massey-jones12

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