Telepost win KGJ Insurance Shropshire Cup

Telepost won their first ever Shropshire Cup by beating St Georges by 17 in a close final at Whixall. St George had the better of the first four with Jim Kellett using all his experience to win 10, but Sam O'Nions battled back from 20-17 down to win and restrict the damage to just 9. Telepost went ahead when Gary Neal won 9 and this was kept at 3 after eight games off. It looked like St Georges were the favourites in the back four, as Paul Beer fought back from 20-14 down to get 19, and Barry Gilder led 15-8 and Steve Pessall 13-8, with Jim Gaut also 8-6 up. But Sam Cartwright held his nerve at number 12 and virtually ran out on Jim to win 9 and seal the win.

Well done to Telepost on winning their first KGJ Insurance Shropshire Cup.

St GeorgesScoreScoreTelepost
Jonathan Davies2021Sam Onions
Jim Kellett2110Lee Barker
Sonya Lucas2114Richard Addison
Darren Lord1321Hayden Lewis
Ryan Mills921Gary Neal
Graham Turner1721Dan Williams
Alison Cotton2115Mick Pritchard
Phil Jones1921James Mammone
Paul Beer1921Shaun Bould
Barry Gilder2120John Addison
Steve Pessall2021Danny Wornell
Jim Gaut921Sam Cartwright

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