KGJ Insurance County & Shropshire Cup Rules Clarified

There has been some issues with regarding to accessing County Cup rules this season because of this website. There has also been some issues with clarification of some of the rules too.

I will be sending an email to all team captains ahead of tomorrow night's games with the updated rules on to prevent what happened in the last round of matches.

But the following rules are clarified and will be updated to reflect this for next season's competition.

6. All Clubs on whose green a cup tie is played shall provide not less than four standard jacks and a tape measure (19 meter) as required by the B.C.G.C.A. A result sheet shall be sent by the S.C.G.B.A. and this must be provided for both captains to fill in. They must instruct their groundman that the green must be cut on match day.

A result sheet does not have to be filled in or provided by the host club.

10. The draw shall be made before each match by the rival captains, who will toss a coin to decide which team has odd or even numbers for first delivery of the jack. For the Final each team needs to submit their playing order to the County Secretary at least a week before the date of the Final. 

The draw does not need to be done by the captain, who can delegate someone else into that role.

13a) The winning team captain shall be responsible for completing the result sheet and entering the result on the County Website no later than 10 a.m. the following day. Failure to do so will result in a fine of £5.

b) The winning team shall retain the match sheet in case of a dispute or when details are entered in incorrectly. A £5 fine may be incurred for failing to ensure player details and scores are incorrect.

c) Both teams must retain the score cards for 7 days in case of a dispute.

The result & match sheet does not need to be filled out.

14a) No player shall play on a green chosen for a cup tie in which he will take part for seven days prior to that cup tie. (League fixtures arranged before 1st May and County events accepted).

b) No player shall be allowed to play for more than one club in either competition.

c) A player must have played at least one league game in a league affiliated to SCGBA for that club before the first round.

Every player must have played that league game this season.

d) A player must have played at least four league games, for that club, in one or a combination of leagues affiliated to the SCGBA, before the Quarter Finals, six before the Semi Finals and eight before the Final.

Every player must have played that number of league games this season.

Any team not adhering to rule 14 will have that game awarded 21-0 to the opposition.

We hope this clears up these rules, and allows each captain to have a copy of these rules rather than rely on the website, which can be wrong at times as demonstrated by St Georges last round.

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