Newport v St Georges Decision

In the 1st round of the KGJ Insurance County Cup, St Georges played a player who hadn't played a league game for them this season, Glyn Picknell. This breaks rule 14c which states:
  • 14c) A player must have played at least one league game in a league affiliated to SCGBA for that club before the first round.
However, St Georges provided evidence that the rules on the website were not the correct ones and were a previous version. These were the 2017 rules, and that because the website reverts to a September 2017 version at times, they believed these were the rules.
  • The rule also does not state a league game this season. This will be cleared up when new guidelines on the rules are issued on here over the next few days.
As a result of this, a replay will take place between the two teams on the same green at the Bowring on Wednesday 26th June at 7 p.m. St Georges will not be able to pick Glyn Picknell because he has not played a league game for them this season, and no other players who haven't played a league game for either team affiliated to the SCGBA will be able to play.
  • Whoever wins this game will play Telepost in the Quarter Final on Saturday 13th July at 6.30 p.m. at Prees New Green, a date originally reserved for the 1st Semi Final. Neither team can pick a player who has not played four league games for them this season in a league affiliated to the SCGBA by the 26th June.
The County Cup Semi Finals will now take place on Saturday 20th July at 6.30 p.m.  

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