County Handicap 2018 Review

With the County Handicap tomorrow, we look back at last year's competition.   County Handicap – Mon 28th May 2018 Final Stages - Old Shrewsbury No.2
  • Qtr Finals
  • Jack Hewitt(scr)(Hanmer) 21 – 13 Chris Stretch(scr)(Chester Road)
  • Darren Wellings(scr)(Hanwood) 21 – 09 Nigel Ferrington(+1)(Prince Hotel)
  • Dan Wornell(scr)(Hanwood) 21 – 17 Matt Blackhurst(+1)(Bridgewater)
  • Rob Fuller(scr)(Bylet) 21 – 15 Craig Wilson(scr)(Hanwood)
  • Semi Finals
  • Jack Hewitt 21 – 09 Darren Wellings
  • Dan Wornell 21 – 18 Rob Fuller
  • Final Dan Wornell 21 - 18 Jack Hewitt
A new name, in Hanwood’s Dan Wornell is deservedly to be etched on County Handicap Championship Trophy after just getting the better of Jack Hewitt from Hanmer in the final of the traditional late Spring Bank Holiday Monday running of the competition, staged on the greens of Old Shrewsbury, Prince of Wales and Crescent bowling clubs. In the year that welcomed the inclusion of 10 lady bowlers for the first time that impressed in a field of 70 bowlers ensured top class bowling on the superbly presented greens throughout the day that culminated, in for those remained, a truly outstanding final from the first through to the last bowl On an overcast yet mild morning, Competitions Secretary, Mike Potter, welcomed the entrants, 7 down from the previous year, to the Shrewsbury town walls complex where the early group stages were played on the two greens of Prince of Wales BC, green 1 of Old Shrewsbury and the green of Crescent BC before the 8 qualifiers gathered to contest the final games on the No.2 Old Shrewsbury green.
  • Highlights from Quarter finals Jack Hewitt(Hanmer) had to fight back from 5-10 against Chris Stretch(Chester Rd) until, still trailing 8-11 he went on 9 end run to swing the score 19-11 and soon completed the win 21-13. Darren Wellings(Hanwood) turned his 7-3 lead over Nigel Ferrington(Prince Hotel) into 14-6 and 16-9 before running out to post a 21-9 card. Dan Wornell(Prince Hotel) trailed 5-10 before levelling 10-10 with Matt Blackhurst(Bridgewater) and they remained locked together until Dan at 15-15 stretched into the corners to lead 20-15 then finished it off 21-17. Rob Fuller(Bylet) turned a 2-4 deficit into a 16-8 lead until Craig Wilson(Hanwood) fought back to close to within a couple of chalks but couldn’t maintain his push as from 16-14, Rob went on to win 21-15.
  • Highlights from the semi Finals Preferring a 23metre mark in the middle of the green, Jack Hewitt quickly turned a score line of 4-4 into a strong 17-7 lead over a luckless Darren Wellings before earning his ticket to the final 21-09. Meanwhile, Dan Wornell was struggling as he trailed Rob Fuller 3-8, 7-14 and 11-17 until he got deep into the corners and took 8 of the next 9 ends to secure a 21-18 win.
  • The Final The good crowd of 50+ spectators that stayed to watch were treated not only warm sunshine but a final of pure quality as Dan Wornell established an early 9-3 (9 ends) only to be pegged back as Jack Hewitt levelled at 10-10 (14 ends) after which, with the two players repeatedly stole possession of the jack from the others favourite marks as the scores crept up together from 12-12, 13-13, 14-14, 15-15 and 16-16 until Dan bagged a couple of pairs 20-17 (28 ends). But Jack wasn’t finished as he reclaimed the jack. Then as it looked like the game was about to go the distance, Dan with his last bowl of the 31st end, clipped the jack enough as it skimmed past the front covering bowls to count to give him victory 21-18.
After Competition Secretary, Mike Potter thanked green managers, markers and host clubs for providing excellent bowling greens and refreshments throughout the day, County President, Isobel Jones was on hand to make the presentation of prizes to the worthy competitors culminating with Jack Hewitt receiving the Clare Cup (Best Novice Trophy) and Dan Wornell deservedly receiving the Champions trophy.

Danny Wornell (left) and Jack Hewitt (right) with their respective trophies alongside County President Isobel Jones.


Jack Hewitt with the Clare Cup.

Dan Wornell with the County Handicap Trophy.

The last eight with County President Isobel Jones. Back from left, Matt Blackhurst, Chris Stretch, Rob Fuller & Nigel Ferrington.

Front from left, Jack Hewitt, Craig Wilson, Dan Wornell & Darren Wellings.

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