Senior Inter League First Round Preview

The Senior Inter League reaches the 1st round tonight as 8 teams remain in this revamped competition. The biggest clash tonight is between the Premier League Blue team and Whitchurch A, two of the favourites for this competition. They meet at Sinclair with plenty of top clashes there, Martin Lloyd and Pete Farmer being the best match up. The other Premier League team, the Whites, play Shropshire Ladies on Charlton, with plenty of family ties between the two teams. Mid Shropshire still have two teams in it to, and one of them plays the Tanners Shropshire League on District. They have a couple of Premier League players in their side in Harry Church and Rich Lawson who will lead the line. The other tie between the B teams of Mid Shropshire and Whitchurch is at the Ponderosa. The Whitchurch side has a few Premier League players in their ranks as Will Tyler, Jack Hewitt and Scott Moseley feature. All games start at 7, with dress code applying and both teams needing to give the host club £8 each.
  • At Severnside no.1 (Ponderosa Green):
Mid-Shropshire B Score Score Whitchurch B
Graham Turner Andrew Davies
Steve Downs Will Tyler
Chris Hayward Jamie Brookes
Paul Bradburne Connor Whitehall
Darren Lord Tim Jordan
Will Ohara Gary Whitehall
Ian Delves Jack Hewitt
Rob Clarke Scott Moseley
Games 0 0 Games
Aggregate 0 0 Aggregate
At Charlton:
Shropshire Ladies Score Score Shropshire Premier Bowling White
Sarah Weaver Rob Roden
Sally Clee Liam Stevens
Sian Skelton Dan Taylor
Molly Sullivan Martin Gaut
Wendy Jones Darrell Handley
Jodie Rutter David Lloyd
Angela Gaut Rob Fuller
Jackie Rutter Jamie King
Games 0 0 Games
Aggregate 0 0 Aggregate
At Sinclair:
Whitchurch A Score Score Shropshire Premier Bowling Blue
Mike Dulson Scott Simpson
Paul Smith Glyn Wellings
Ian Macdonald Darren Wellings
Carl Hinton Stuart Rutter
Dave Hanson Wayne Phillips
Scott Thomas Ashley Wellings
Martin Lloyd Peter Farmer
Neil Boxall Andy Duckett
Games 0 0 Games
Aggregate 0 0 Aggregate
At District Front Green
Tanners Claret Shropshire A Score Score Mid-Shropshire A
Richard Addison Harry Church
Danny Wornell Richard Lawson
Tracy Ryan James Blair
Chris Jones Susie Lawson
Martin Codd Michael Cooper
Hayden Lewis Dan Lewis
Clair Barker Phil Jones
Phil Talbot Cheryl Caswell
Games 0 0 Games
Aggregate 0 0 Aggregate

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