“Kitchen Depot Ltd” Mixed Doubles Shield Report

Thank you to Mike Potter for providing the report below: The “Kitchen Depot Ltd” Mixed Doubles Shield staged on the green of Trench Bowling Club on Sun 5th May 2019 Quarter Finals  Jamie King & Sally Clee 21 John Clarke & Helen Clee 16
Chris Jones & Christie Hughes 21 Callum Mitchell & Emma Massey-Jones 10 Nigel Bound & Tracy Ryan 21 Phil Venables & Joan Edwards 07 Jonathan Davies & Pauline Wilson 21 Steve Ashton & Rachel Lawrence 19 Semi Finals Jamie King & Saly Clee 21 Chris Jones & Christie Hughes 14 Nigel Bound & Tracy Ryan 21 Jonathan Davies & Pauline Wilson 20 Final Jamie King & Sally Clee 21 Nigel Bound & Tracy Ryan 07 Another Wrockwardine Wood pairings names will be new names engraved on the winners shield following Jamie King & fiancée, Sally Clee’s fine 21-07 win over Meole Brace’s Nigel Bound & Tracy Ryan in the final that brought the curtain down after 11 hrs of action at the Telford venue on the new early date in May for the tenth running of the Kitchen Depot Ltd sponsored, Trench Mixed Doubles. The Quarter finals saw: Jamie King & Sally Clee trailed 1-7 and 5-9 to John Clarke & Helen Clee before fighting back to lead themselves 13-10 and despite being pegged back again, they ran out from 13-16 in 3 ends to record a 21-16 win. From 26 down, Chris Jones & Christie Hughes forced their way into a 12-6 and 19-8 lead that proved for Callum Mitchell & Emma Massey-Jones, too big a task to overcome as the game ended 21-10. Nigel Bound & Tracy Ryan showed no mercy to Phil Venables & Joan Edwards as they raced into a 14-2 lead in 7 ends and within another 7 ends had wrapped up the match, winning 21-7. A game between evenly matched Jonathan Davies & Pauline Wilson battled down the card with Steve Ashton & Rachel Lawrence as the scores went 5-5, 12-12, 15-15 and with the game level at 19-19 Jon & Pauline just got the edge to finish 21-19. Semi Finals: Early exchanges between Jamie King & Sally Clee and Chris Jones & Christie Hughes were shared as neither pair could hold the jack seeing the scores go to 10-10. But a big push by Jamie & Sally take 6 consecutive ends taking them to the brink 20-11 and after their opponents took 3 ends themselves the game was finished 21-14. Meanwhile, Nigel Bound & Tracy Ryan were battling back from a 1-7 deficit and pushed into a 12-9 lead before Jonathan Davies & Pauline Wilson took 5 of 7 ends that included 2 full house 4’s that took them to 20-14 but Nigel & Tracy rallied to take the last 5 ends to snatch the win 21-20. The final: With a few watching souls braving the rapidly dropping early Spring temperatures, the final began between both pairings playing in their first final, (Jamie King was runner up with grandmother Marg King 2009) with Nigel Bound & Tracy Ryan finding the going very tough as Jamie King & Sally Clee leading 7-3(7ends) seized control of the jack for a half dozen ends that saw them race to 18-3(13ends) and after being hit by Nigel & Tracy, scoring the only full house 4 of the game the game was sealed as Jamie & Sally proved their worth to take the title finishing the game 21-07(17ends) Trench BC thanked the sponsors, competition organisers, helpers and especially the competitors for making the full house 32 pairs competition again a great success for everyone before club Chairman, Ray Hyde presented the prizes to very deserving competitors and the winners shield and £220 winners cheque to the 2019 champions, Jamie King & Sally Clee.

Winners Sally Clee and Jamie King with the trophy as presented by organiser Carleen Doody-Millington and Trench chairman Ray Hyde.

The finalists with Carleen Doody-Millington and Trench chairman Ray Hyde.

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