SCGBA AGM 2.2.15

An excellent turn out at last nights AGM held by kind permission of Reman Services Club. There were 113 members present who were entitled to vote.
 Irene Wood will be the new Welfare Officer and Counter Signatory (Barry will continue in the role for a couple of months whilst Irene takes the appropriate courses and training) Anyone who needs their DBS renewing please contact Barry Jennings.
Phil Scott will be busy! (Pictured here  with Mike Potter) He is now Deputy President of the SCGBA (representing the Whitchurch and District League) and he has also agreed to replace John Coxill as Competition Secretary.
All other officers were voted in en block.
 The recommendation by the County Executive Committee to increase the individual member fee from £1 to £2 was carried, (Bye-law 4 Membership: Paragraph 7) this will secure the Associations immediate financial position.
 Our thanks go to everyone who attended the AGM in support of their County Association.

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