Senior Inter League Preview

The revamped 2019 Shropshire Senior Inter League starts tonight as three preliminary ties take place. Holders Whitchurch A name a strong team including Derek Wright and Martin Lloyd as they take on North Shropshire Ladies at Bridgewater Big Green. Their B side is also very strong with some Premier League players involved like Scott Moseley, Connor Whitehall, Jack Hewitt and Will Tyler, and play a Ludlow league side made up of Burway players, with a mix of youth and experience, at Hadley USC. Market Drayton and the Tanners Shropshire league are at Bowring, and both teams have experienced players with plenty of league experience, like Martin Codd and Phil Talbot for the Tanners and Cedric Bancroft and Alan Purcell for the Market Drayton side. Both teams need to pay a £1 a player to the host club for the greenkeeper. Either team can enter the result online using their league login. Dress code applies. North Shropshire Ladies v Whitchurch A at Bridgewater Big Green
  1. Donna Bennett v Mike Dulson
  2. Ann Speak v Ian MacDonald
  3. Sue Mottershead v Carl Hinton
  4. Jane Peak v Derek Wright
  5. Paul Healey v Dave Hanson
  6. Irene Bloore v Chris Stretch
  7. Gill Edge v Martin Lloyd
  8. Olive Pass v Neil Boxall
Market Drayton v Tanners Shropshire at Bowring Old Green (formerly non-prem)
  1. Alan Purcell v Richard Addison
  2. Matt Blackhurst v Danny Wornell
  3. Julian Goodwin v Mark Rogers
  4. Rob Brassington v Chris Jones
  5. Ben Hinton v Martin Codd
  6. Tim Stokes v Hayden Lewis
  7. Philip Jones v Clair Barker
  8. Cedric Bancroft v Phil Talbot
Whitchurch B v Ludlow League at Hadley USC
  1. Andrew Davies v Duncan Pressley
  2. Connor Whitehall v Jolyon Partridge
  3. Will Tyler v Wayne Rogers
  4. Jamie Brookes v Kiah Roberts
  5. Gary Whitehall v Adam Dovey
  6. Scott Moseley v Liam Dovey
  7. Tom Hardy v Harry Parsonage
  8. Jack Hewitt v Ben Allen

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