New BCGBA Registration Document

  • At the B.C.G.B.A. Rules Revision meeting on Saturday 19th January, the following revised rates for player registration cards were approved:
  • New player:  £12.00   (increased from £10.00)
  • Replacement card:  £4.00  (increased from £3.00)
  • These new rates are applicable with immediate effect.
  • I should be grateful therefore, if you would please ensure that all relevant personnel at your club, officers, Team Captains etc, are made aware of these new rates, and that all applications submitted to me, are at these new rates, as I don’t want to have to waste everyone’s time coming back to you asking for supplementary cheques for £2.00 etc.!
  • I have also enclosed for your information, a copy of the amended new player application form showing these revised rates, which must be used for all applications for new cards with immediate effect. A copy of the form will appear on the S.C.G.B.A. and bowling results websites for you to download as required.
  • Would you please ensure that you destroy any copies of “old” application forms which you may be holding.
  • Finally, it is a requirement in applying for new player registration cards, that the applicant signs and dates the application in the spaces provided at the foot of the form. Any application not signed, will be rejected and returned to you.
  • The card will be returned to the club secretary. Please ensure you write their name and address in the box provided.

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