Shropshire Referees Society AGM Report

6A potential crisis has been averted for Shropshire Referees Society – for 12 months at least writes Malcolm Fletcher.

Two key officers agreed to carry on in their roles for another year and a successor to long-serving secretary Shirley James was elected at Friday’s AGM.

Wrockwardine Wood stalwart James, now 82, stood down after 29 years in the post at the meeting at Meole Brace BC – and was thanked for her service by Society chairman John Coxill.

Ludlow-based Coxill, the BCGBA’s competition officer, agreed to carry on as chair and county referees delegate while treasurer Allan Gaut committed to one more year in that role.

Louise Cotton, competition secretary of the Shropshire Ladies association, is the Society’s new secretary, being familiar with the position after acting as a stand-in at some recent meetings.

But the Society has no vice-chairman or delegate to the British Referees Society, although Rob Ellison – a life member of the national body – will attend meetings when his health permits.

“The Society is still a bit short of official officials,” lamented 82-year-old James as she prepared to compile her last minutes of an annual meeting.

“There were 11 members at the meeting, but loads of apologies, and there was a general discussion about behaviour and ignoring of the rules, but most think the situation is not so bad in Shropshire."

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