Mel Evans MBE Trophy Preview

The first ever Mel Evans MBE Trophy takes place tomorrow at Owley Wood Bowling Club with a who's who of bowls taking part. Both sides have quality and it will be difficult to call the first ever winner of the event. It starts with the men's doubles, followed by the ladies singles. The Ladies and Mixed Doubles follows, then the Triples and concludes with the men's singles which has 16 top quality ties to finish. The Presentation follows featuring John Parrott MBE, which includes a meal, charity auction and then a disco. We have two players in the event, the Castlefields pair of Mike Beer and Callum Wraight, and SCGBA wishes them the best of luck. There will be some live streaming on the Crown Green Live page on Facebook. Details of the event are below:
THE INAUGURAL EVANS TROPHY 2018 SATURDAY 27TH OCTOBER 10.00AM AT OWLEY WOOD RECREATION CLUB, WEAVERHAM CHESHIRE CW8 3LS This special weekend has arrived. A weekend for players and spectators from as far North as Cumbria to as far South as Coventry to gather together in celebration of our sport and of a gentleman who gave so much of his time to try to make Crown Green Bowls the best it can be.
The draw is made. The betting odds are done. Plans are in place for a superb day and evening to honour not only a wonderful gentleman but also our fantastic sport. We are all proud to be part of a wonderful community that looks after one another. We have a golden opportunity to once again promote our sport in the best possible light. The itinerary for the day is below:- 10.00am - Opening Ceremony 10.30am - Play Commences with Mens Doubles on Greens 1&2 5.00pm - Play concludes following completion of the Singles Matches on Greens 1&2 6.30pm - Drinks Reception 7.00pm - Presentation of the Evans Trophy and Player of the Match Trophies made by John Parrot MBE 7.45pm - Meal Served 9.00pm - Charity Auction 9.30pm until late - Disco All players are kindly requested to arrive at Owley Wood for 9.30am to allow sufficient time to get changed in preparation for the opening ceremony. Players changing facilities will be made available in the Club. Dress code is county trousers please. The dress code for the evening Sportspersons Dinner is smart. The opening ceremony will be a lovely way of involving our darling granddaughter. It would be fabulous if supporters could also support this part of the day by arriving for a 10.00am start. Please support this event if you can by simply giving your time to come and watch the first event of its kind in our sport. Hot and cold food and drink will be available all day and is kindly being provided by Owley Wood Recreation Club.
THE INAUGURAL EVANS TROPHY 2018 SATURDAY 27TH OCTOBER 10.00AM AT OWLEY WOOD BC WEAVERHAM CHESHIRE The draw for the Mel Evans Trophy:- Mens Doubles Green 1 North South 1 G Cookson & T Vickers v G Smith & R Prosser 2 J Hanson & J Dyson v P Lamb & D Plenderleith 3 W Ditchfield & J Hargreaves v M Beer & A Hughes 4 P Lee & M Gilmore v J Bailey & M Fellows Green 2 1 I Nicholson & M Gilpin v G Herbert & R Goddard 2 A Hayes & W Speed v C Wraight & L Roberts 3 M Leach & J Derby v A Spragg & J Kennish 4 S Coupe & C Mordue v S Simpson & P Evans Ladies Singles Green 1 North South 1 N Boulton v R Bennett 2 J Green v K Coulthard 3 K Galvin v C Pugh 4 L Gorman v J Alderman Green 2 North South 1 A Buckley v A O'Loughlin 2 D Talbot v L Williams 3 L Ollerton v M Herbert 4 A Lunn Gadd v S Murray Ladies Doubles Green 1 North South 1 A Buckley & D Talbot v L Williams & S Murray 2 K Brown & A Lunn Gadd v M Herbert & J Alderman 3 K Galvin & L Ollerton v K Coulthard & C Pugh 4 N Boulton & J Green v A O'Loughlin & R Bennett Mixed Doubles Green 2 North South 1 M Leach & D Watters v A Hughes & H Bishton 2 A Cairns & K Brown v J Melvin & L Williams 3 W Ditchfield & J Green v C Fielding & M Herbert 4 W Speed & K Galvin v D Petcher & J Moore Triples Green 1 North South 1 G Cookson , T Vickers & N Boulton v P Lamb , J Bailey & H Bishton 2 J Hanson , C Mordue & D Talbot v M Fellows , D Petcher & J Moore 3 A Hayes , R Meese & K Brown v R Prosser , M Beer & R Bennett 4 A Cairns , J Hargreaves & L Ollerton v P Evans , L Roberts & C Pugh Green 2 1 S Coupe , M Leach & D Watters v A Hughes , C Fielding & A O'Loughlin 2 A Thornton , I Nicholson & K Galvin v R Goddard , D Bradford & L Williams 3 P Lee , M Gilmore & L Gorman v C Wraight , S Simpson & M Herbert 4 J Dyson , J Derby & A Buckley v G Smith , D Plenderleith & S Murray Mens Singles Green 1 North South 1 T Vickers v G Smith 2 J Dyson v L Roberts 3 C Mordue v P Evans 4 R Meese v D Bradford 5 G Cookson v J Bailey 6 W Ditchfield v P Lamb 7 J Hargreaves v M Fellows 8 M Gilpin v M Beer Green 2 9 C Brown v J Kennish 10 P Lee v D Plenderleith 11 M Gilmore v J Melvin 12 A Hayes v D Petcher 13 S Coupe v C Wraight 14 J Derby v S Simpson 15 A Thornton v A Spragg 16 W Speed v G Herbert The North Team will be led out by David Watters and the South Team by Anthony Bracken. The odds are below as done by Duncan Reeves.

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