Midland Masters 2018 Report

Stuart Rutter was our best bowler in the 2018 Midland Masters after reaching the Quarter Finals. He beat Shane Day 15, Andy Booth 8, Gary Owen 17 before losing out to Conor Chamberlain 15, who reached the final. Many of our other bowlers won just one game before bowing out. Dan Taylor beat  Nick Tideswell 11, St Georges duo Clay Flattley and Lewis Scott beat Tyler Dewis 7 and Andy Runham 19 respectively, while Bowring pair Jamie King and Josh Bradburn defeated Phil Clapham 13 and Ian Atherton 18. Newport captain Sam Millward got past Carl Wilkins 16 1st round, while Jon Lyttle got a bye. Tony Wall, Phil Lyttle, Jon Palmer, Mark Taylor and Callum Wraight all lost first game. Full results are here.

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