Junior Inter League 2018 Report

Tanners have won their first Junior Inter League since 2005 and the first time in the new 6 a side format. They made use of home soil to beat Whitchurch A in the final by 25, having 5 winners out of 6 led by Charlie Hotchkiss' 5 card as only James Shepherd won by the same score for Whitchurch. In the Consolation final and the Ludlow league made it three trophies in three seasons as they beat Mid Shropshire A by 13. They fought back from 10 down after four after Tom Killen had won 12, with Camilla Parsonage and Toby Foxall winning 13 and 10 respectively in the last two games.
  • Tanners won their group with three wins, beginning by beating Whitchurch B by 44 with Kieran Jones best winner 8, and Austin Wilson best for Whitchurch 11. They then beat Mid Shropshire C by 42 with 6 winners, Kelly Price 6 the best of them, and then Mid Shropshire A in a winner takes all, by 27, Kieran Jones the best again 21-6. Mid Shropshire's best winners were Harry Church and Susie Lawson 16, after winning their previous two games. They started off with victory over their C side by 59, Susie Lawson the best winner 5, with Daniel Greaves best for the C side 18. Whitchurch B were beaten by 54 with Susie best winner again 21-4, and Zoe Fenwick winning 2o for the opposition. Whitchurch B won the other game in the group after beating Mid Shropshire C by 37, Charles Ford their best winner 7 and Lille Anne Clayton the only winner for the opposition 16.
  • In Group B and Whitchurch A won their three games to progress. First game they beat Mid Shropshire B by 34, Ben Hinton leading the way at number one 21-8, while only Jordan Millman won for Mid Shropshire 14. Then they defeated Tanners by 56 with a full house, Ben again best winner 3, and then finished it off against Ludlow by 3 despite only two wins by Ben 9 and Josh Warner 10. Camilla Parsonage's 13 win for Ludlow was in vain after their opening two wins. They beat Tanners B by 60 with Liam Dovey best winner 3, while Molly Harris was only winner for the Tanners 16. They then defeated Mid Shropshire B by 62, with Liam winning 3 again in a full house. Tanners B managed to secure a win as they beat Mid Shropshire B by 3 chalks, Molly Harris' last win of 6 securing victory after Daniel Corbett had won 4 for the opposition.
Full scores are here. Well done to the Tanners and Ludlow leagues on their successes.

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