Junior Inter League 2018 Preview

The 2018 Junior Inter League takes place tomorrow in the Shrewsbury area with 8 teams looking for glory. Mid Shropshire have 3 teams in the competition, with Whitchurch and Tanners both having two, and Ludlow one. Ludlow have won it the last two seasons, once on their own patch and once in Whitchurch, and will look to follow in Mid Shropshire footsteps as the only team to win three in a row in this format. Mid Shropshire will look to regain the title that they last won in 2014, and will look to build on their consolation success last season. The Tanners haven't won this competition since 2005, and not at all in this format, but have reached the last two finals so will be looking for a win on home soil. Whitchurch won this last in 2o15 and will look to reclaim this competition. Group A at Bicton sees the Tanners and Mid Shropshire A sides as favourites to progress against Whitchurch B and Mid Shropshire C, while in Group B over at Oxon, it will be Ludlow and Whitchurch A seen as favourites against the B sides of the Tanners League and Mid Shropshire. The Consolation and main Cup Finals will take place on Hanwood after.
  • Live scores will be here.
Group A at Bicton (SY3 8EC):
  • Tanners A
  • Mid-Shropshire A
  • Whitchurch B
  • Mid-Shropshire C
Group B at Oxon (SY3 5BH):
  • Ludlow
  • Whitchurch A
  • Mid-Shropshire B
  • Tanners B
The finals will take place at Hanwood (SY5 8LJ). Teams to report by 9.30 at the venue above.

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