Newport Player Profiles

Thank you to Tom Langford for producing these profiles.
  1. Peter Farmer (“Lord” Mayor of Calverhall, Pedro, Crow Slayer) - One of Shropshire’s finest.Great season in the premier so far. Only player not to have the number 7 on his watch face!
  2. Tom Langford (Timmy) - Enjoying first season with the team. Won this trophy last year and hopes to repeat again. Will be focused on the challenge ahead.
  3. Russell Pegram (Elvis, Swagger) - one of the best players to come out of Staffordshire. Won a lot and naturally gifted at the game.
  4. Phil Emery ( Yorkshire) - Very consistent player for us over the years and usually seen with a wet knee or a pack of painkillers in hand
  5. Matt Fellows (No nickname provided) - Talented player recently got engaged and performing well in the games he has played this season. One of the best things to come out of the potteries that isn’t made of clay!
  6. Sam Millward (Enos, Milfward) Captain quiet. Playing well so far this season with calls up to the county team and competition wins. Always up for big games and inspirational talks help rally the troops
  7. Dave Rhodes (Chirpy) Infectious team spirit both on and off the green. Back this season after a year out and really looking forward to tonight. Holds the middle together.
  8. Mark Selley (Gnome) Will definitely be up for tonight following last week's game. Will not be one to be dragged off the green.
  9. Paul Reeves (Handsome, SlapHead) - Former Bayley man who has settled well with the side. Will want to make his mark tonight and can usually be seen with a coffee and some chocolate in hand!
  10. Peter Cookson (P.C) -Very consistent player for us. Played numerous games for Staffordshire and key quality member of the team
  11. Ian Whittington(Smoker) - Newport Stalwart would be playing more regularly if he wasn’t making yogurts.
  12. Dale Rudrum (RedRum, Rudders) - Hitting form at the right time and playing well. Knows what it takes to win this trophy.

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