New BCGBA Registration Card

Just a reminder re the application firm to be used when applying for a new BCGBA registration card. Following my email sent all SCGBA affiliated Club Secretaries on 27th May re the above, I have noticed when processing recent applications, that some clubs are still using the “old” forms which were replaced by the BCGBA in May of this year, instead of the new version, a copy of which is attached, and which, in accordance with the new GDPR regulations, includes space at the foot of the form to conform with the requirement for the applicant to print and sign his/her name. This latest version of the application form (found here) MUST be used for all applications submitted to me for a new BCGBA registration card. Therefore, would you please ensure that you delete or dispose of all other versions of the form which you may hold or may have downloaded from the SCGBA website or the bowling results website, ie those which do not include provision at the foot of the form for the applicant’s signature. Kind regards, Brian Kitson SCGBA Treasurer    

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