Prince of Wales Hotel Player Profiles

Thank you to Clair Barker for doing this Prince of Wales player profiles. Prince of Wales Shropshire cup final team. Tracy Ryan (Inch High) Former Isle of Man and All England Ladies winner, Champion of Champion finalist, speaks for itself will never give up and give anyone a good game, great season so far this year with some outstanding  bowling, coffee before the game and Plenty of white wine after! Darren Powis (Tiny Dancer! Or Dazzle) Will commentate his way through his game and is usually the longest game of the night, good job he plays in the front! Likes to travel away but has been known to take detours on his way home…hopefully his sat nav in his bowls will be set right tonight! Conrad Clapham (Clappers) Very experienced player had semi - retired this season but missed us all so much has made a return to the team cool and calm player. Nicki Hotchkiss ( Noodle or Noo) A great season this year so far, has played some exceptional games. Playing along side her dad tonight as well as her aunty a right family affair. Ian Smith (Boot) along with many other nick names! (PETE) Captain of the Prince team this year. League handicap winner 2018. Steady season and enjoying his first year as captain a man of few words until the strongbow gets flowing!! Paul Marshall (Marshy) Another family connection tonight with brother Swampy, Paul has had a good start to the season and found some form playing well. Graeme Wornell (Worm) Another very experienced stalwart Prince bowler for many years, Dad to Nicki so will be making notes from daughter’s game tonight in the first four, former Prince captain for many years. Nigel Ferrington (Fez) Big mates with Dazzle, a quiet team member has settled well into the team in the last couple of years has been a Shropshire champion many times before (only in chess instead of bowls) Reliable player never gives up. Ian Marshall (Swampy) Brother of Marshy, has played some exceptional bowls this year again for the Prince, and will battle his way till the end great supporter of the team. Rob Jones (No nick name just yet!!) First season at the Prince and has fitted in well, great back bowler with or without his glasses on!! Chris Jones (CJ or # KFL) depending on who you talk to!! His red and black bowls will run forever, vice - captain this year and having to deal with the captain after the strongbow has kicked in!!! Well done # Clair Barker (Belle or Ding) Another long time Prince player having a good season this year, the 3rd member of the ‘Wornell’ family making up a quarter of the prince team tonight, remains calm under pressure appears to like to be well down before her memory kicks in!! Reserves: Ian Payne (Mr P, Landlord of the Prince) ‘Mr Prince’ himself, has made the Prince bowls what it is today a great supporter of the team as well as player, chief measurer. Geoff Davies (Cater, ‘The Mighty Shrew’) Not played as much this year due to health, fantastic support around the green from Geoff Mikey Hughes (Mouth) A name given for obvious reasons, gets around the green, and offers brilliant advice to everyone.

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