Midland Masters Qualifying

Shropshire have a 13 strong field of qualifiers taking their place on Sunday 16th September at Stretton BC. Only 31 of the 41 turned up though, which meant only 5 prelims and many players only having to play one game to qualify. At Monkmoor, and Jon Lyttle got through after beating Kieran Jones 7 and then Scott Moseley 13. Jon Palmer edged past Curtis Metcalfe 20 and then Neil Kershaw 13 to qualify, while former winner Callum Wraight got through beating Dave Evanson 13. The other two qualifiers were Tony Wall who beat Will Childs 13 and Phil Lyttle who got past Martin Middleton 19. At Allscott Heath and Clay Flattley was the only one to have to play two games, defeating Jamie Fletcher 20 and Dave Lloyd 17. Mark Taylor beat Martin Gaut 18, Stuart Rutter got passed Dave Brown 17, Jamie King defeated Michael Cooper 11, Dan Taylor beat team mate Josh Cotton 12, Lewis Scott hammered Chris Worthington 5, Sam Millward got past Pete Grimston 17 and Josh Bradburn beat his good mate Stuart Clee 15. Full results are here.

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