KGK Insurance Shropshire Cup Final Pairings

Please find pairings below for the KGJ Shropshire Cup Final between Highley and Prince of Wales Hotel taking place at Sir John Bayley bottom green on Saturday at 6.30 p.m. Dress code applies.
Highley v Prince of Wales Hotel
1 Andy James v Tracy Ryan 2 Andy Jones v Darren Powis 3 Ben Dixon v Conrad Clapham 4 Geoff Wylde v Nicki Hotchkiss 5 Dave East v Ian Smith 6 Steve Wright v Paul Marshall 7 Ray Bishop v Graeme Wornell 8 Darrell Handley v Nigel Ferrington 9 Ian Thompson v Ian Marshall 10 Bill Staite v Rob Jones 11 Mark Jones v Chris Jones 12 Stuart Gittings v Clair Barker Highley Reserves Greg Carr Jess Hurst John Walsh
Prince of Wales Hotel Reserves
Ian Payne
Mike Hughes
Geoff Davies

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