First National Coach Course within Shropshire

FIRST NATIONAL COACH COURSE WITHIN SHROPSHIRE In Shropshire we have been lucky enough to get allocated the first ever Coach Level 1 course from the new coach provider. It will be held at Sinclair Bowling club on Tuesday 28 August from 9-5 with the follow up assessment day on 2 October. Both BCGBA & SCGBA as well as individual leagues are partly funding a substantial part of the cost of the course. Other local counties will soon have access to the course & the 12 available places are disappearing fast so if anyone is interested in becoming a bowls coach please contact Pauline Wilson as a matter of urgency. Many bemoan the lack of juniors in bowling but clubs & leagues need to make an active commitment to improving this. The first step is qualified & DBS cleared coaches so please put yourself forward. Pauline Wilson or 07746 224824

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