Veterans dip out

The Veterans County team narrowly missed out on qualification for the national finals as they lost out to Staffordshire for qualification. We had lost by just two chalks in the 1st game against them despite having 5 out of the 8 winners, with Mark Thomas the best of them 16. We then won our next two fairly comfortably. We beat North Midlands by 19, with Mark the best winner again 7, and then Warwick and Worcester by 8, Cedric Bancroft the best winner 12 at number eight. Unfortunately though Staffordshire won all their three group game and so were top of the group and go through to finals day. Shropshire v Staffordshire
  1. K Owen 21-20 J Corbett
  2. G Dulson 20-21 R Stewart
  3. P Bound 21-20 M Brown
  4. K Walton 13-21 I Whitehouse
  5. T Roche 21-19 A Parsons
  6. C Bancroft 21-18 P Prescott
  7. M Thomas 21-16 S Davis
  8. M Jones 16-21 C Johnson
Shropshire 154-156 Staffordshire Shropshire v North Midlands
  1. K Owen 21-16 D Harvey
  2. K Walton 21-13 R Burdett
  3. P Bound 14-21 G Ward
  4. T Roche 21-16 J Callan
  5. G Dulson 9-21 B Shaw
  6. M Jones 21-16 R Beard
  7. M Thomas 21-7 D White
  8. C Bancroft 21-20 L Haylor
Shropshire 149-130 North Midlands Shropshire v Warwick and Worcester
  1. K Walton 17-21 D Clarke
  2. P Bound 21-19 B Jones
  3. I Smith 21-18 C Armfield
  4. M Thomas 21-17 G Hemming
  5. K Owen 21-20 B Hickman
  6. T Roche 21-15 T Freeth
  7. M Jones 8-21 B Kinchin
  8. C Bancroft 21-12 E Hall
Shropshire 151-143 Warwick and Worcester  

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