The Telegraph Shropshire Senior Merit 2018 – LIVE !

Over the course of the day, updates of this years 2018 Telegraph Shropshire Senior Merit will appear. Please keep returning to this feed for live updates.


I will be live for the whole final on the Facebook group.


Spencer pulled away to win 14 Callum also pulled away to win 15


  • Ash got back to 14 11 down but Spencer got a good two
  • Callum and Wayne are neck and neck 12 across


Spencer was 10 4 but Ash is not coming back into it at 10 7. Spencer just back in now at 11 7 up Callum was 10 5 against Wayne but Wayne has had two 2s now.


Spencer playing very well against Ash he is now 6 0 up. Callum and Wayne exchanging ends at 3 across.


Quarter Finals
  • Ash Wellings beat Will Tyler 12 in a quick fire game
  • Callum’s Wraight went from 6 3 down to 18 7 up and held off Kane’s late resistance to win 11
  • Wayne Phillips fought back from 11 0 and 16 3 down to win 19 in the corners mainly
  • Spencer Clarke was always up on Mark Shore who got back within 2/3 before Spencer pulled away to win 14


  • Callum got over the line 17 after a late rally from Craig
  • Wayne came from behind to win against Adam 19
  • Kane was always comfortable against Ade Rowe winning 13
Quarter Finals:
  • Spencer leads Mark Shore 9 4 on a longer mark
  • Ash Wellings has had a couple of 2s to lead 12 8 on Will Tyler
  • Tony Rhodes raced 11 0 up on a round peg but Wayne Phillips has got in
  • Kane Beaman led Callum Wraight 6 3 but Callum now leading 7 6
The 4 winners and highest scoring loser goes through to the All England finals.


  • Will Tyler beat Julian Cooke 16
  • Tony Rhodes played well on 25m round pegs to win 12
  • Adam Jones had an early 10 5 lead but Wayne Phillips is now back at 10 9 down
  • Kane is playing very well at 15 9 up on Straight Marks
  • Callum 14 10 up with Craig keeping on his coattails


  •  Craig Wilson beat Nick Davies 13
  • Spencer Clarke beat Rob Roden 15. Was 8 2 up over the middle before Rob got back in and got back level. Spencer then virtually ran out in the corner
  • Mark Shore always a few up on Keith Wall winning 16
  • Ash swellings 14 10 up before Dan got back to 15 14 down in the corners


  • Adam Jones beat Mike Dulson 15, mainly on straight marks
  • Wayne Phillips beat Scott Harries 16 in a good quality game
  • Adrian Rowe always comfortable against Josh Cotton 11 desire a couple of good strikes
  • Kane Beaman beat Nige Bound 13 on straight marks
Callum Wraight raced 10 0 up and Pete tried his best to get back but Callum kept it tight and played some great bowls at 13 5 up and 16 8 up when Pete was starting to play well


  • Julian Cooke beat an out of sorts Will Tarrell 9
  • Will Tyler came back from 17 12 down in the corners to win 19
  • Tony Rhodes struck the jack off and then Clay Flattley’s bowl to win 20
  • Duncan Pressley beat Charlie Weaver 18
  • Callum Wraight was 10 0 up and Pete Farmer has just got in.


Welcome to the live blog of the 2018 Telegraph Shropshire Senior Merit. Story so far:
  • Nick Mullinder had to withdraw due to illness.
  • Rob Roden played very well up to the crown and back to win 9
  • Keith Wall was exceptional on his old green to win 9
  • Mark Shore led 17 4 against Stuart Rutter on a round peg and finished it off 9 in a great performance
  • Dan Taylor was comfortable against Rob Clarke
  • Ash Wellings fought back from an early deficit to win no win 12 on a round peg
Will try and keep this going when I’m not live.

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