Telegraph Shropshire Senior Merit Countdown: 4th Quarter Preview

  • 25. Josh Cotton
  • Club: Wrockwardine Wood
  • Mid-Shropshire Division One Record: 5 out of 11
  • Qualifying:
Josh is making his debut today, and after coming through the Junior ranks with Shropshire, has managed several games in the Premier League with his home club Wrockwardine Wood. However he is captain of the Division 1 side this season, but has struggled himself for form, although has done better on a Thursday night on the club's notorious new green.
  • 26. Adrian Rowe
  • Club: Castlefields
  • Premier League Record: 3 out of 11
  • Qualifying: Telepost
  1. Beat Ben Talbot 14
  2. Beat Wayne Rogers 11
Adrian is a former winner of the County Handicap and Meole Open and is looking to make his mark on this competition. He made the move to Castlefields last season after so many years at Meole Brace, and helped them win the league last season, but has struggled to form this season. However, he beat Andy Jones on Wrockwardine Wood in his most recent league game, showing that he can still compete with the best.
  • 27. Nigel Bound
  • Club: Meole Brace
  • Premier League Record: 5 out of 12
  • Qualifying: Bicton
  1. Beat Kiah Roberts 13
  2. Beat Colin Beaman
Nigel is an experienced competitor having helped Ford into the Premier League and remaining with them until they had to fold, then making the move over to Meole Brace. He helped them win the Alan Mayhew Trophy in 2016 and will look to inspire himself like he does with his team mates. He has been up and down so far this season, so will hope for more consistency in the competition, which he showed in the qualifiers after beating two former winners!
  • 28. Kane Beaman
  • Club: Sir John Bayley
  • Premier League Record: 5 out of 12
  • Qualifying: Sinclair
  1. Beat Michael Cooper 18
  2. Beat Ian Gaut 14
Kane has started the season excellently culminating in qualifying for this for the first time. He was a late starter to the game but still managed a season of Junior County bowls. Has played at Donnington Wood and the Abbey before having time out and then going to Sir John Bayley last season, where he broke through into the Premier League side, cementing his place in it this season after starting it well, although he has dipped recently.
  • 29. Callum Wraight
  • Club: Castlefields & Archibald Worthington
  • Premier League Record: 10 out of 11
  • Qualifying: Telepost
  1. Beat Nigel Ferrington 10
  2. Beat Danny Wornell 15
Callum has pretty much won everything in the game, including the Champion of Champions in 2016, All England in 2009 and this Merit three times. He will be the favourite today, and has already claimed the Meole Open down the road this season, as well as several other titles in a blistering start to the season, including the Pokerstars Invitational on Friday. He won his first 8 Premier League games too.
  • 30. Peter Farmer
  • Club: Newport & Childs Ercall
  • Premier League Record: 12 out of 12
  • Qualifying: Chester Road
  1. Beat Josh Warner 11
  2. Beat Alan Faulkner 15
Peter has won the Merit four times, including reaching another four finals, as well as winning other big titles in his many years at the top. Even after struggling with his knee he still reached the final, and has helped Newport win everything domestically since moving there. Won the Premier League Averages and Most Consecutive wins last season, and currently on a 26 match unbeaten run in the league, showing that he is in blistering form.
  • 31. Nick Davies
  • Club: Hanwood
  • Premier League Record: 6 out of 11
  • Qualifying: Telepost
  1. Beat Andy Duckett 19
  2. Beat Jon Lyttle 15
Nick is another ex-Ford player who moved to Meole Brace and now Hanwood, showing that he has plenty of experience over the years, winning 18 games in his best season of the Premier League. He helped Hanwood to Alan Mayhew Trophy glory last season, and has started the season steadily so far this season, winning the same number as his opponent.
  • 32. Craig Wilson
  • Club: Hanwood
  • Premier League Record: 6 out of 10
  • Qualifying: Bicton
  1. Beat Pete Nicholls 15
  2. Beat Derek Wright 20
Craig has moved to Hanwood this season after a spell at Meole Brace and earned himself a place in the Midland Alliance side last season. He started the season slowly but has got to grips with life at Hanwood, and is also a former winner of the Junior County in 2006, and a runner up in the Junior Merit the same year. He beat former winner Derek Wright to qualify.

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