Shropshire out of 2018 Crosfield Cup

Shropshire are out of the 2018 Crosfield Cup after losing to North Midlands by 39 today. A 56 shot win wasn't good enough to overcome a challenging green at Coundon, where we suffered another big away loss for the second game running. We had started well at Pontesbury, going 33 up off 4 with Darren Wellings winning 5, and another single figure success for Kiah Roberts in the middle, 21-7, to win him man of the match, meant we were 57 up off eight. With the green quickening at Coundon, the games took a lot longer, with Darren Plenderleith's 5 win for them taking over an hour. Martin Lloyd did so well on a mark to fight back to go 19-16 up before his opponent ran out, while Dave Lloyd battled very well on his debut, coming in for the unavailable Clay Flattley, to get 14. Scott Harries played well to be 12 across before his opponent ran out across the middle. Into the middle and Darren Tring played exceptionally well to win 5 for North Mids, while Rob Roden had a very good game with fellow young gun Tyler Dewis, which he edged 20. Sam Millward battled to get 13 while Rich Lawson was well in his game before his opponent pulled away late on to win 13. Into the back and we only had one winner at home, Adrian Rowe 10, to win by 56 there. With Tom Roden just going on after the home leg had finished it would require a momentumal effort by the away side to win the game. But unfortunately only Spencer Clarke managed to win 19 as North Midlands kept up their relentless bowls to win by 95, which on Coundon isn't as bad as it sounds! So Shropshire turn their attention into getting into the Supplementary, which isn't going to be easy as we have to beat Cheshire by 57!
Section 2
Coundon No.2, Shorncliffe Road, Coventry, CV6 1GP Pontesbury Nags Head Green, Pontesbury, SY5 9QD
W North Midlands For Ag Shropshire L W Shropshire For Ag North Midlands L
1 Michael Warrington Man of Match 21 19 Martin Lloyd Callum Wraight 21 10 Dane Hopwood 1
2 Darren Plenderleith 21 5 Peter Grimston Paul Williams 19 21 Russell Prosser 2
3 Steve Pratt 21 14 Dave Lloyd Darren Wellings 21 5 Jordie Baddeley 3
4 Stuart Perry 21 12 Scott Harries Michael Beer 21 13 Lenny Fulleylove 4
5 Noel Bates 21 13 Sam Millward Wayne Phillips 21 17 Andy Gibbs 5
6 Darren Tring 21 5 Chris Worthington Kiah Roberts Man of Match 21 7 Matt Horton 6
7 Tyler Dewis 20 21 Rob Roden Glyn Herbert 21 18 Ben Percival 7
8 Anton Davis 21 13 Richard Lawson Derek Wright 21 18 Andy Parker 8
9 Mark Burdett 21 11 Josh Bradburn Rich Goddard 20 21 Peter Varney 9
10 Scott Horbury 19 21 Spencer Clarke Adrian Rowe 21 10 Paul Ward 10
11 Richard Mnr Burdett 21 8 Paul Reeves Colin Beaman Captain 16 21 Paul Lamb 11
12 Stuart Nash 21 12 Tom Roden Captain Wayne Rogers 15 21 Shane Day 12
10 Aggregate +95 249 154 Aggregate 2 8 Aggregate +56 238 182 Aggregate 4
14 Points 2 (+39) 431 392 Points 0 10

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