New BCGBA Membership Application Form

  • The BCGBA will be making a number of changes to documentation in order to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).  The first documentation to change is the membership Application Form.
  • A copy of the new form is here, and this must be used for all new and replacement applications with immediate effect.
  • The new form explains why the BCGBA are collecting the information and also now requires a signature.
  • I should be grateful therefore, if you would please ensure that all club officers/captains etc. who are involved in the process of applying to me for new BCGBA Registration Cards, are made aware of this important change, and that all copies of the current form which may be held within the club, are immediately destroyed, and the new form is used from today.
  • Would you also please ensure that every new application form is signed, dated the applicant before it is sent to me. Failure to do this will result in the application being rejected and returned to you, thus causing a delay in the processing of the application.
  • Could I also remind you to enter the full name and address of the Club Secretary, or other club official responsible for submitting these applications, informing me where the card is to be sent to, in order to assist me, and to save time in not having to look up addresses on the SCGBA website.
  • Finally, we will keep you updated on any other changes to documentation etc. as they are notified to us.
  • Thank you in advance for your assistance and co operation in this matter.
Best regards. Brian Kitson County Treasurer/Registrar, SCGBA  

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