Shropshire Senior Merit Shrewsbury & Telford Qualifiers Report

The remaining 24 places were filled today by some familiar and not so familiar names. Reigning Champion Callum Wraight made it through at Telepost, but the guy who beat him in the Champion of Champions, Mike Beer, didn't as he was defeated by Julian Cooke, meaning that the finals will not be being held at Meole Brace. Callum had beaten Nigel Ferrington 10 and Danny Wornell 15 to get through, while Julian had defeated Graham Dulson 18 first game. Adrian Rowe is a former County Handicap winner and got through there too, getting past Ben Talbot 14 and 2016 winner Wayne Rogers 11. Nick Davies was the other qualifier, beating Andy Duckett 19 and Jon Lyttle 15. None of the former winners got through at Bicton with Meole Brace bowler Nige Bound beating two of them, Kiah Roberts 13 and Colin Beaman 16. Craig Wilson beat former winner Derek Wright 20 in the qualifier after getting past Pete Nicholls 15 first game, while Hanwood team mate Wayne Phillips qualified by defeating Doug Edwards 15 and Darren Powis 10. Adam Jones was the fourth to get through, beating Carl Bowers 10 and Bill Tarrell 16. The other qualifier in Shrewsbury was at Crescent, with two more Hanwood players qualifying. Mark Shore had to beat his team mate Glyn Wellings 5 to qualify, with Glyn's son, Ash, defeating another team mate in Sam O'Nions 16. Duncan Pressley qualified too after beating Peter Bound 17 and Paul Williams 18. Will Tarrell was the final qualifier after overcoming Graeme Wornell 18 and Harry Parsonage 5. In Telford and the only former winner Rob Roden qualified at Sinclair, beating Martin Williams 15 and Craig Baugh 10. Fellow youngester Dan Taylor beat Steve Burroughs 13 to get through, while Kane Beaman beat Sir John Bayley team mate Michael Cooper 18 and Ian Gaut 14. Stuart Rutter was the other qualifier by defeating Andy Morgan 10. Former runner up Spencer Clarke qualified at St Georges Bottom Green by beating Tim Cotton 11 and Aaron King 15. Rob Clarke beat young guns Rob Fuller 14 and Kieran Buckley 18 to qualify, while Nick Mullinder got through by beating Martin Gaut 19 and Liam Stevens 17. Sam Millward kept up his good start to the season by qualifying, beating fellow in form players Tom Roden 16 and Stuart Clee 13. Scott Harries got through at Albrighton by defeating James Blair 13 and Ryan Mills 18, as well as former semi finalist Tony Rhodes who beat team mate Dave King 11 after getting past Chris Worthington 18. Andy Stevens qualified again despite not playing any league bowls so far this season, beating Dave Rhodes 15, while Josh Cotton qualified for the first time after getting past Peter Grimston 16 and Rob Jones 15. The full results are here. The draw may be carried out at next Monday's County Handicap, possibly live. The new venue should also be released this week. Full list of qualifiers:
  1. Martin Lloyd
  2. Clay Flattley
  3. Keith Wall
  4. Charlie Weaver
  5. Peter Farmer
  6. Rich Lawson
  7. Will Tyler
  8. Mike Dulson
  9. Wayne Phillips
  10. Craig Wilson
  11. Nige Bound
  12. Adam Jones
  13. Will Tarrell
  14. Duncan Pressley
  15. Mark Shore
  16. Ash Wellings
  17. Callum Wraight
  18. Julian Cooke
  19. Adrian Rowe
  20. Nick Davies
  21. Josh Cotton
  22. Scott Harries
  23. Tony Rhodes
  24. Andy Stevens
  25. Sam Millward
  26. Rob Clarke
  27. Nick Mullinder
  28. Spencer Clarke
  29. Kane Beaman
  30. Dan Taylor
  31. Stuart Rutter
  32. Rob Roden

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