Shropshire Senior Merit Whitchurch Qualifiers

Big names mostly get through

Big names galore got through in Whitchurch as three former winners all booked their place on finals day on Sunday 24th June. Four time winner Pete Farmer got through at Chester Road, beating Josh Warner 11 and Alan Faulkner 15, while Martin Lloyd and Charlie Weaver both qualified at Adderley. Martin defeated Tim Jordan 11 and Carl Preece 6 and Charlie got past Woore team mate Paul Latham 17 and Richard Proudlove 11. Former finalists Rich Lawson and Keith Wall both got through looking to go one better. Rich got through at Chester Road by beating Jamie Brookes 18 and Alan Boulton 10 while Keith did so at Adderley by getting past Steve Rogers 9 and Dave Ellison 12. Clay Flattley was the last qualifier at Adderley by beating Cedric Bancroft 7 and Liam Jones 16. Former county player Mike Dulson qualified at Chester Road by overcoming former two time winner Rich Goddard 19 and then Allan Bailey 15. The final qualifier was youngster Will Tyler, who defeated Matt Beeston 20 and Edward Proudlove 6. The full results from Adderley are here. The full results from Chester Road are here. Full list of qualifiers so far:
  1. Martin Lloyd
  2. Clay Flattley
  3. Keith Wall
  4. Charlie Weaver
  5. Peter Farmer
  6. Rich Lawson
  7. Will Tyler
  8. Mike Dulson

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